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So hello everyone, i don't know why, but i decided to write a review of i believe the most amazing audio game, a hero's call. So this is my first article, and my knowledge of english isn't really vast, but someone has to start with something, right?
Ok, so i have to say this is only my view on things and i'm sorry if i offended anyone or anything with my points.
Let's start!
Should you buy a hero's call? my answer is absolutely yes, you should. It's not overpriced, and it worths the price. It's really interesting to play, so go ahead and buy it.
So the second thing is the sound quality. It amazes me, the sound is rich and cool made, so to say i'd rate the sound design as 10/10!
The third thing i'd like to say is the plot, in my opinion it could be larger. No, seriously, it's a small one, the only thing that makes it look bigger is the playtime you have to spend wandering around locations, like the silvershade mine. I'd give a plot 8/10, only cause it could be bigger and more interesting.
The voice acting is done really well too, 10 out of 10.
The next one i'd like to mark is the replayability, it's just cool you can multi class and have a huge huge huge amount of skills in the end.
I like that almost all characters in the game can give you quests, although i'm not a fan of completing quests.
Also the thing i don't like, really, you have to spend 20 minutes wandering in the mines, although you have a beacon but still it takes a long time to get back where you were after you've healed your party in the temple.
The skill set of various classes is amazing, too. The thing i like also is you won't have to grind levels, like, say, in manamon. I'm not a fan of grinding that's why. The game get's boring after i grind levels for 2 hours non stop, and i really don't want to come back in to this game anymore. Note: i ment that you don't have to grind in a hero's call and that amazes me, not that i don't want to come back in a hero's call, if that confused someone.
Well, i guess i don't have anything more to say. Overall rating, 9.5 out of 10, cause of the plot.
Thanks for reading my first article. If you like the review, hit the thumbs up button and don't forget to write me e-mails about my stupid spelling and grammar, i'm more than willing to read your feedbacks and learn english a little more!

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