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Quality Site Hosting: What is it? Putting it a little better, its not a question of what, but of who.
  We are a small group of visually impaired folks stepping into the business of hosting. Our primary focus is web hosting, with quality and reliability as two key values. Not only should there be quality, but a good price. That is why QS-Hosting aims to have affordable pricing to suit any budget out there. From the customer with minimal requirements to the customer with high demands, we have a price to fit any kind of budget.
  Web hosting is our focus. That is not to say that we have other solutions out there, for the customer with other interests. A simple email with an explanation of what you specifically require is always welcomed. Take it like ordering your favorite meal, only with a few changes, or a very specific kind of order. We can sit down and talk about it and get you situated without a hitch. After all, the customer is always right.
  As we enter this business, what exactly are we doing to ensure that quality and reliability gets achieved? Let's list some:
* Up-to-date technology. Each web site is powered by nginx, complimented by the latest web technologies, such as PHP and MySQL. Those are just a few though.
* Amazon Web Services, or AWS. Your web server will definitely not be hosted from some unheard of area, but a reliable data center. Amazon Web Services ensures that reliability.
  If you need guarantee, our entire web site is powered by the AWS platform, because we would not want you to feel like we use something totally different to advertise the quality and reliability of a web site. Our entire web site is powered by the Amazon Web Services platform, and you, too, get placed on that platform. Reliability and quality for all, and all at an affordable price.
  If you have some questions, or do want to contact us, let's talk. Our email is visible for all to view on our profile, and our site is even listed there. For convenience, though, here it is:
Email: [email protected]
Web site: https://qs-hosting.com
  Of course, posting here is always nice and easy. Feel free to post all the comments, positive and negative. Don't even hesitate.

Talk soon!

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I can highly vouch for this service. I have been using them for a number of months now. They provide amazing technical support, minimal downtime and can adapt to a variety of scenarios.

Feel free to give them a shout and see what they can do for you.

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