2018-11-03 23:36:25

The Unity game engine is still not available for the blind. But there is the monogame game engine that we can use.
Question: how good is the monogame engine? Is it possible to use this engine for audio games? Does it make sense?
Who worked this? what you can say?
Thanks in advance!

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2018-11-07 10:40:22

Hi there:
I used monogame for some little projects and, yes, it is usable and powerful enought for audiogames.

You can use it to handle input, play sounds (3d sounds aren't exactly the best experience, but for basic games...), and even manage some pysics, collision detection etc.
You would need a screen reader output library and you are ready to go in most cases.

The only disadvantage perhaps is that the content procesor only works with 64bits windows editions, anyways, you could choose another audio library for managing sounds or use the appropiate methods from monogame itself to play sounds from wav files (with some limitations).

Other advantages include:
-Everything is well documented
-THere is still a large community of active developers.
-It's easy to get samples and examples.
-You can easyly extend the build in game components for your needs.
-Included templates are good enought to start with.
-(almost) Fully compatibility with xna code, so more examples available.
-It is suposed to be cross platform (windows, both desktop or udp, iOs, Android) but not tested by myself.

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