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People probably are most familiar with "castlevania" as the name of a series of games by nintendo in which members of the Belmont family attempt to beat count Dracula to death with a big heavy length of chain.

Well, thanks to forum member Pelantas and his new development team None vision games, Castlevania now has another meaning (and nobody will have to get beaten with anything, well not apart from beta testing of course).

People may recall None vision games posting a couple of early betas of their first major audiogame title Your adventure, a turn based adventure game with rpg elements and a heavy emphasis on harvesting, building and crafting.

As of the recent Beta 3, None vision games now welcomes you to castlevania, the large residence of the duke of Dalgrim, a truly huge new game area with new harvestables, new monsters and even new combat attacks to learn.

Pick various sorts of fruit to be used in all new recipes, try your hand helping out in the castle stables, enter the general store where any item can be sold, and help in a hole load of new quests from looking for the lord's lost son, to filling in for the castle cook at an important banquet, you might even run across a vampire or  two lurking in the castle's cellars.

The main portion of the game has also received several major upgrades including new recipes, new items, chance to tangle with some ghostly goings on in the Dalgrim graveyard, a fishing minigame  and some changes to random events.
with high quality music and plenty to do, this is the ideal treat for anyone who wants a free form, open world to explore at a casual pace.

Just be aware that the new addon isn't free. To enter Castlevania you'll need to get the key, which can be obtained for five euroes Here on the none vision games website

Those who want a sneak peak at the game can Check out this promo on youtube

and of course Yonder topic awaits your commenting pleasure.

Its not just Windows which is getting the love today though. Telequest is a group creating voice based games for Alexa and google assistant.
Their latest title, Chaos quest is a richly detailed interactive story with sound and music available for google assistant in which you must journey through distant regions of the multiverse from steampunk to scifi to reassemble your world, making choices at every turn.

Find out more in Yonder topic and best of all its free!

Happy gaming!

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