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Hi all.
So while I was browsing github I came across "game off" annual ame jam hosted by github
It's basically a competition where you have 1 month for providing a game developed on a certain theme that will be given.

game hoster wrote:

Game Off is our annual game jam, where participants spend one month creating games based on a theme that we provide. Everyone around the world is welcome to participate, from newbies to professional game developers—and your game can be as simple or complex as you want. It’s a great excuse to learn a new technology, collaborate on something over the weekends with friends, or create a game for the first time!
We’re announcing this year’s theme on Thursday, November 1, at 13:37 (PDT). From that point, you have 30 days to create a game loosely based on (or inspired by) the theme.
Last year, the theme was “throwback” and over 200 games were created—everything from old school LCD games, and retro flight simulators, to squirrel-infested platformers—built from scratch, or with game engines like Phaser, Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, and more!

How to participate
  • 1. Create a game based on the theme over the next month.

  • 2. Sign up for a free GitHub account if you don't already have one.

  • 3. Join the Game Off on itch.io. If you don’t already have an itch.io account, log in with your GitHub account.

  • 4. Create a new GitHub repository to store the source code and any assets you’re able to share for your entry and push your changes before December 1 13:37 PDT.

  • 5. Submit your game through itch.io.

You can participate by yourself or as a team. Multiple submissions are fine. And of course, the use of open source software is encouraged.


This year, voting will open shortly after the jam ends and is open to everyone who’s submitted a game. There’ll be plenty of time to play and vote on the entries.
As always, we'll highlight some of our favorites games on the GitHub Blog, and the world will get to enjoy (and maybe even contribute to or learn from) your creations.

Will you guys join? I believe I will because this can improve my skills.If you guys join, which language/game engine are you going to use?
We could create a team and join as well. I'm really curious what do you guys think about this.
PS: I am not actually sure whether this is the right section to post in, so feel free to move my topic elsewhere if I failed.

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2018-10-24 22:42:33

so, you want to make an audiogame then?
you (or someone) should design the graphics for you!.

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2018-10-24 23:19:13

@2 I'm not actually sue if graphics are strictly required. Problem is, that other people will get confused when playing an audiogame in which they can't see nothing.

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2018-10-25 13:00:02

There is also going to be another audiogame jam this year, I forgot where the topic went.

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Well, well. It seems the theme is "Hybrid", so maybe an audiogame might not be a bad idea afterall, heh.

Tempted to join, but i'm not sure why a github account is necessary if your pushing submissions through itch.io. Kind of irk's me that some platform's use gamejams as a way to bait user acquisition. Oh well, anyone else getting in on this with pauliyobo?

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2018-11-02 00:46:39

yeah that's indeed a good way to get new users, because You either need an itch.io account, or a github account.
Still... Thinking if I should get in... Well.

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