2018-10-06 07:34:55

these are some tips for aliena adoption agency:
note: these tips assume you have created and verified your account.
tip 1: always set your strength split to 10% of attack. trust me it does not make much difference when attacking but a huge difference when defending attacks.
tip 2: always get the best weapon for your level as soon as it becomes available to you.
tip 3: use allocation points only for life fource and confidence.
tip 4: turn on autoheal after battles it can be very helpful.
tip 5: if you fight a level 9 player and win, you will get 9 alignment if that player is evil, or -9 if that player is good.
tip 6: if a player has a really long alignment title, or the unspoken, or the unnamed, do not attack them. they are either game staff or have trained a lot in the galaxy gym.
hope these tips help you!

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