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What has been created in the laws of nature holds true in the laws of magic as well. Where there is light, there is darkness,  and where there is life, there is also death.
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2019-06-24 09:06:01

SpaceX is set to launch another Falcon Heavy rocket carrying the STP-2 Mission, which is set to deploy a cluster of 24 satellites for the US Air Force. One of those satellites will be the Planetary Society's Light Sail 2 spacecraft, a prototype Solar Sail that will deploy to test the feasibility of booting around the solar system on the solar wind, which you can learn more about [here].

The Falcon Heavy is set to launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the two previously flown boosters will attempting landing at Landing Zones 1 and 2 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, with the center core attempting a landing on the drone ship "Of Course I Still Love You" in the Atlantic Ocean, here's hoping the drone ships anchoring systems have been upgraded this time, and the core makes it safely back to shore. The launch window is set for June 24th, 11:30 pm EDT to June 25th, 3:30 AM EDT, with a backup window set for June 25th, 11:30 EDT to June 26th, 3:30 am EDT.

The webcast is set to being in 20 hours as of this post, which you can watch [here].

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