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IN the latest version of Audio Game Hub, now titled Audio Game Hub 2, there is a new action game called Animal escape. In this game, Farmer Joe is taking animals to a farm, but while he is driving, a crate slips off his truck, and a small chicken escapes. This chicken doesn't want to go back to the farm, so now you, the chicken, have to keep away from Joe as long as possible.. It won't be easy though, since while you are trying to escape, you'll have to avoid being run over by cars and trains.

IN this article, I will be discussing some tips for survival in this game. I will not be discussing how Audio Game Hub works; It's assumed that you are already acquainted with the app. This is probably my favorite game in the app, so if you like arcade games, this one is definitely worth some time.

Game Description

When you start the game, you will hear a cute little intro sequence of Joe driving his truck and the crate coming loose. While it's nice, it does get annoying after the tenth time smile. To skip it, hold your finger on the screen for one second. This also works to skip the intro for any other game in the app.

The object of the game is to run as far down the road as possible. To do this, swipe your finger up to jump forward. You can also swipe your finger down to jump back if needed. Swiping your finger left or right will switch between the five lanes, which you will need to do to get around obstacles (the beeping sounds) and to grab coins (the chiming sounds). The more you walk forward, and the more coins you collect, the higher your score is. Not only that, but collecting coins also will unlock your superpower, so try to collect as many of them as possible! IF you go too slow or go back too much, Joe will catch you. If Joe catches you, or you get run over, your game will come to an end and your score will be announced.

Most of the time you'll be walking on grass, but you can also walk on the street or on metallic train tracks. While you are safe in the grass, you are not safe on the other surfaces, so you must be careful while standing on these. Cars travel from side to side down streets, and trains behave similarly on the tracks. So to cross these surfaces safely, you must  avoid being run over by the cars and trains. Otherwise you will be a lifeless chicken and the game will be over.

That's pretty much it without giving anything away! However, I do have some spoilers which may help if you find yourself getting killed too quickly. If you don't want these secret spoilers, stop reading this article now!


First spoiler is some tips for getting over the train tracks. They're pretty easy, but I'll describe them in depth. If you're close to train tracks, you'll hear the crossing bell, then the train will come. Trains have three cars, at least it's always been that way when I counted them. I'm not sure if these are separated in the game, or if it's just one long moving object. In any case, the trains don't take that long to pass, so waiting for the train to pass is highly recommended. There should be plenty of time once the train passes to cross the track before the next one comes.

Roads can be a little harder for me, but before I talk about those, I've got to touch on...

Second spoiler: avoiding Joe. If you're like me, you're going to think that your priority is getting as much distance from Joe as possible, but that will get you killed by traffic most likely. His running mechanics are odd, and knowing how they work will give you a big advantage.

So here's the rundown. If you start the game and stand in one place, Joe's footsteps will eventually be heard, and if you continue to stand in one place, he'll get you. This takes about 30 seconds total to happen. Now, every time you step forward, Joe's pursuit seems to be cut off and restarted. So if you hear his footsteps really loudly, which would imply that he's close, and you step forward, just a single step, the footsteps will disappear and you'll have another 30 seconds or so before you have to take another step. It's weird. Running fast doesn't buy you that much time, so only do it when the coast is clear. Joe's pursuit does quicken as you advance. On the games where I got the farthest, Joe's footsteps seemed to become audible much sooner than in the beginning.

The catch though is that if you take just a few steps back, Joe will get you no matter what. So take your time going forward, and avoid going back as much as possible. You can go a step back, maybe two, but I wouldn't advise any more than that!

So with that knowledge, I would advise to take your time for streets especially. Walk until you hear that traffic is close. Don't be afraid to pause for a few seconds and cautiously approach. If cars pass by and they aren't too loud yet, then you can take a step or two forward. Once they are sufficiently loud (and with practice I have begun finding this easier to determine), then you are close to a street. Listen for a break in the traffic and dash a couple of steps until you are across the street and hear your footsteps on grass. And whatever you do, try to be careful of obstacles in the street, as they do show up and can easily get you killed, either by getting your path blocked and getting hit by a car, or by going back too much and having Joe catch you. And there's also nothing stopping you from having to cross multiple lanes of traffic right next to each other, so in effect having a few streets in a row. I remember once having 6 consecutive streets! I don't have any advice for those situations. A small consolation though is that the sounds of objects behind you are cut off. So if you hear traffic, chances are you're coming up on a street; it's not from the street behind you which you just crossed. That may help some.

Finally, biggest spoiler of all. I didn't count how many coins it is (I plan to do that in future), but when you get enough coins, you will become a force to be reckoned with! You'll be invincible for about 10 seconds and you can run out into roads fearlessly. Every car that touches you will be smashed to bits. I'm not sure if trains are the same or not. I sure hope so. In any case your invincibility only lasts a short time. Don't run carelessly or you may get yourself killed when the invincibility wears off.

Okay, that's all I think. I hope you've found this article helpful. Have fun!

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