2018-05-15 10:49:46

I have just recently seen this and for all those who haven't yet played any of the smugglers games or other games in this package, this should be a good offer.
Till may 21, you can get smugglers 5, smugglers 5 invasion, smugglers 5 invasion, the warrior within, smugglers 5 DLC the smugglers guild, dead but alive and of love and sorrow for a reduced price.
normaly you would pay about 50 dollars for all the games, but now you are just paying around 5 bucks.
I don't know if all of these games are accessible, but maybe someone can tell a bit more, I know that at leased the smugglers games are doable, haven't yet tryed out the others.
Here is the link to the sale.
https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/1 … es_bundle/

Greetings Moritz.

Hömma, willze watt von mir oder wie, weil wenn nich, dann lass dir mal sagen, laber mir kein Kottlett anne Wange und hömma, wo wir gerade dabei sind, dann iss hier hängen im Schacht, sonns klapp ich dir hier die Fingernägel auf links, datt kannze mir mal glaubn.

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2018-05-15 15:11:39

Wow. Thanks for sharing. I think I'll buy them and look at them in the future.

Best regards SLJ.
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Happy gaming... :D

2018-05-16 15:50:08

I have issues with the Smuggler's DLC, mainly that I don't know how to get to the places it tells me to go to.
I really don't know how to make a route to them either.
Also, not having really beaten a Smuggler's game to completion, I will probably get this bundle, even though I have some of it. Is it okay to start out with Smuggler's Invasion first or do regular 5?

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2018-05-17 00:13:38

do these games still work with the latest version of NVDA on win ten?  I installed the standalones the other day, but I couldn't get to the menu to turn the compatibility mode on.  maybe I did something wrong.

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