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A clicker game is a type of game which is played by clicking a button or icon to increase a counter. This may be a form of currency, something that must be turned into currency, or another type of increasing number. Many clicker games have ways to automate this clicking down the road by buying some form of auto-clicker or production unit.
A clicker game is idle if auto-clicking or waiting for processes to finish becomes vital to the game's progression. Some of these games have multiple things you must increase or do, some of which can be automated, some requireing extra work till their automation is unlocked, and some being manual all the time.
Finally, an idle or clicker game is incremental if it includes a mechanic that resets some or all of your previous progress, but awards you with a new form of currency, upgrades, or stat/productivity boosts for the game's various processes. Such mechanics are known as "prestige". Many games such as Evolve or Distance Incremental offer more than one way to prestige, which are often layored. A second layor of prestige may remove all of your previous progress, including the effects of the first prestige layor, but contain even more specialised upgrades that effect different areas of the game.
list of idle or incremental games that I've found are reasonably accessible. Most of these are taken from the Broken Mouse Convention subreddit, which is a centralised place to discuss games of this nature.
Water company: In this game you must provide water to an ever growing city. To do this, you must aquire water pumps to get the water, treatment plants to remove harmfull waste, storage tanks to store excess water encase of shortage, and pipes to deliver the water to the houses that require them. Later, you may want to invest into hot water by buying heat pumps, heating plants and heat pipes. The bank allows you to put your money into an investment account to earn interest, or to take out lones. Later you can also buy upgrades to further increase production and other stats. Access wise the game is quite simple to use. You have one large list to get to different game areas, and if you're in the water or hot water pages you have another list under that to select what you wish to buy. When buying things the relevant information and buttons are in a table at the lower end of the page. The most important information like your water usage and money are shown at the top.
Site: https://dimitar5555.github.io/WaterCompany/
Town center: This game is quite weird, but fun at the same time. You start in a generic town center and must kill enemies. You can increase enemy level by going further away from the town center. Battling is done automatically. You will often get knocked out by enemies meaning you have to click the heart graphic to increase your heal rate. However by letting enemies beat you up a bit, you can get a lot of heal rate and then sacrifice some of it to get auto-clickers for the healing button. You can also taunt enemies to make them hit harder thus making you lose more health. Why would I need this, you ask? Simple, on higher levels, the costs of healing upgrades get very high so using rage you can get more injured thus giving you more healing rate. Body upgrades are another unique aspect of town center, as you have the standard head, arms, torso and legs to upgrade. However if you select a part to upgrade you will be brought to a tree of litterally hundreds of mussles, bones, body parts, organs and other things to upgrade. Everything in those menus can be superficially upgraded, and you can then zoom into a part to see even more details and upgrade even smaller segments of the body. Upgrading different parts gives you better stats. You use microachievements to buy body upgrades. You gain these by doing combos while fighting. There are many, many of these combos so you won't run out of micros any time soon. Going to different areas helps to get other micros as enemy types are different for different locations. If you manage to loot them, you can equip implants in exchange for cash. These do things such as increase damage. When it comes to access the game can get a bit cluttered up so make sure you use quick nav commands to get from place to place. Moving from graphic to graphic easily gets you to the buttons to taunt and heal, while information relating to upgrades are at the bottum. Directional buttons are located nearer to the top, between your main log and combat log. The combat log shows actions done by you and enemies while fighting, and the main log shows actions such as upgrades or implants.
Site: http://semitrivial.com/
M13N: Miniaturization: This is one of the few congrigate games I've found to be accessible which is quite a surprise, given that most games on there use flash or unity. Unlike other idle games, your goal is not to increase something to mythically uge proportions, rather to size it down to the smallest size you can possibly get it to. To do this, you must first gain money by selling shipments, and then you can start making the object smaller thus increasing the number in the shipping container and in the end giving you more money. However, if you reach the minimum size, you will have to do some research to decrease that minimum diameter or you'll be wasting your money. As you move through the dimensions, new ways to downsize your product will become available and you will soon be able to hire sailspeople, engineers and researchers to help with the different aspects of progress. The game, like all congrigate games, is imbedded within their main site so does take some getting used to. If you navigate by heading, you should see two headings with the game's name. Depending on if you're signed in or not, in between those headings you will also have a sign in heading. However, the game's main interface is also located between those two headings, and is inside a frame just under the facebook like button.
Site: http://www.kongregate.com/games/aaaanto … turization
Arcane incrementalist: A smaller idle game about summoning demons. To first open the menu, press enter on the blank spaces between the game's 1st heading and the small info thingy. Conjure different demons of varying levels to gain forbidden knowledge. Use that knowledge to unlock more powerful enteties. Buying grimoires with knowledge will give you more max knowledge to store. However, these infernal enteties also take from your sanity, so you'll have to buy foci to keep your sanity up. That's really all there is to it.
Site: http://deathraygames.com/play-online/ar … mentalist/
Click: An unusual but still kinda fun game, its sort of a blackbox puzzles for pc. The minute you arive on its site, just about everything you do will be tracked. Try to unlock everything that's there. I recommend you check it out yourself as talking about it too much can spoil stuff.
Site: http://clickclickclick.click
Fill the oceans: The Name says it all, but its a little fiddly when it comes to getting it to work. If you want to play this with nvda and chrome, you need to enable image descriptions. That should make the graphic visible. For reference, my Chrome describes the graphic like this: "Appears to be: black and white abstract background." The helper and upgrade buttons are labeled with immages, but if you press b and shift+b you can hear what they are none the less. Hitting clouds or storms is only possible in Chrome with immage descriptions on. The cloud graphic appears on the very top of the page. Be sure to enable the cloud ping sound in the options. Know-how and experience, which is the main prestige mechanic, is unfortunately not labeled at all, so you won't know what you're spending your experience on.
site: http://filltheoceans.com
Lagstaounce: This is, of all things,  an instagram simulator. At the top you can cycle between the tabs you would normally find on the instragram app but you'll mostly be spending your time on the home tab. Here, you try to earn as much money as you can by getting people to follow you. You do this by publishing posts. In the beginning your income from these posts will be very low, so you'll want to get sponserships as soon as you have the required number of followers to get them. Use the cash you earn to buy new cameras that will give you followers faster when you post, or buy followers from the black market to increase your income. It may seam like a very slow game at first but things speed up very, very quickly at higher sponserships, and you'll be finding yourself getting behind on your camera purchases faster than you can spend the money you're getting!
Site: http://lagstaounce.pnrxa.com
Build a spaceship: This one's kinda slow but if you've got something to do on the side, it can get quite fun. You have to reach exoplanets which are ever increasing distances from earth. To do this you have to build a starship. You 1st have to buy a rocket and ship, then you can take off. For every meter you travel, you get slightly more money. Each component can be updated a max of five times before you have to replace it with a better one. You can upgrade components while in space, but you have to return to earth to buy new parts. If you reach a planet, you can restart and will gain colonists which give you slight boosts when it comes to money and speed gains.
Site: https://rawgit.com/IvarK/BuildASpaceShi … index.html
Camcat clicker: A fairly straightforward incremental game in which you have to make money. Start by clicking on "money go up", with that money you can hire different classes of workers. Having a lot of one worker class increases their productivity. You can also increase click power giving you more money per click, or make the game run faster by decreasing the time for one tick. Depositing money in the bank gives you interest rate which can  also increase over time. Lastly, on the charity screen you can donate and receive karma if you donate enough. This karma will boost your income when you reset. There are upgrades you can unlock after your first reset which give you better stats in exchange for karma.
Site: https://ajott.github.io/clicker/
Tour of heroes: A little different from usual rpg clickers. You have a character, which starts as a peasant class. Over time you will unlock different areas to go, and zones within these areas. All these areas have you train in a particular skill from combat to farming, to charm. Later, you can also reincarnate and try other classes, the more you reincarnate the more powerful you become, this meanign you get better starting stats and faster leveling for future incarnations.
Site: https://colinmorris.github.io/tour-of-heroes/
Streamer: A twitch simulator. To earn cash, you have to start the stream with default components. The shop opens in a popup dialogue, so use tab and shift+tab to navigate it. If you buy better hardware, your stream must be offline but you will gain more viewers per second. Sometimes viewers donate, too. Having more viewers also increases followers and subscribers. Subscribers get you money each month. If you have old components, you can host giveaways and thus increase your follower and subscriber count. You can also ddos other streamers to gain a viewer boost. A cool thing here is that in the ddos dialogue, the streamer names actually link to their twitch pages so its also a good way to discover content on twitch.
site: https://streamer.pnrxa.com/
Author simulator: A game in which you have to create books. To do this, start by writing letters, then words. Use words to hire monkeys that write letters for you. Buy staff members and assign them to speciffic tasks such as writing words, sentenses or whatever you need. Its basically a game of progression where you have to work your way up from letters to entire books.
Site: http://authorsim.github.io/
Poke: There really isn't too much to this. You start with one of the starter pokemon and must defeat and capture others. If you turn on "try to catch" and select one of the three pokeball types, you will attempt to catch the pokemon you fight. There are multiple areas you can take pokemon too, but that's about all this game offers. You loot pokeballs from fainted pokemon.
site: http://worms.io/poke/#
Spaceplan: A game with a weird story that you can play through. To generate power click on the blank line over the "thing maker" heading. The thing maker is the place to buy automated units, while the idea lister is your upgrades section. The word outputter shows the story.
site: http://jhollands.co.uk/spaceplan/
Insane idle: Don't even ask me what this is, because I have no clue. All i know is the four price clickables add something to a hidden equasion, which, when increased lets you get more of... whatever the currency of this game is.
Site: http://keinniemand.github.io/InsaneIdle/
Antimatter dimensions: You start with 10 antimatter and have to buy dimensions to increase it. Only the 1st dimension produces actual antimatter, while higher dimensions produce lower dimensions. Use antimatter to buy new dimensions. When the criteria for one of the two soft resets has been fulfilled, you can use them to reset the game to get a higher dimension teer, or to get a bonus in tickspeed. You can upgrade the game's speed by spending antimatter to buy reduced tickspeed. The upgrades will unfortunately get less and less affective because the tickspeed boost always takes away 10% of the current tickspeed. Eventually, you'll reach infinit antimatter, which will cause the universe to collapse back on itself, unlocking... stuff. Stuff that I won't spoil. Trust me, this game's pretty huge and it's still getting updated, too.
Site: http://ivark.github.io
Medieval markets: A simple game where you must buy venders to get money then upgrade those vender types to be more productive. At the top of the main frame you can select between the producers view and the upgrades view. If you get demons you can atempt to unlock new markets.
Site: http://www.kongregate.com/games/Halitho … al-markets
The incremental table of elements: A game in which you have to convert hydrogen and turn it into the heavier element helium. However, this is harder than it sounds as it has to do with several factors. Its hard to talk about it without spoiling anything, but here goes.
site: https://angarg12.github.io/IncrementalTableElements/
ddosClicker: Some random dungeon crawler. You start with a dagger and no passive units, but can unlock some and upgraing the ones you have by spending gold. You have to go through all the floors killing ever more powerful enemies. To manually attack an enemy you click on the enemy's name, for example fly or rat. You can upgrade your weapons in various ways, like increasing its main damage or critical hit chance.
Site: http://konk353535.github.io/dist/index.html#/main
Idle company: Sell drinks, hire employees to auto-sell drinks, get upgrades to enhance productivity, buy licenses for more streets to hire more employees, destroy compeditors to double income and become mayor of cities to further double your income, finally make prices as high as you can afford to max it out some more!
site: http://idlecompany.1apps.com/
Fish game: Some random game about catching and seling fish, getting fishers and office workers and doing research. I didn't spend too much time with it, because this one really didn't pull me in.
site: http://coshxx.github.io/fishgame/#/tab/fish/fish
Space company: For people who enjoy games such as nanno empire and a dark room. You must build up a space company to conker the stars. This however means starting from rock bottum, mining the basic resources metal, gems and wood. In time you will unlock research fasilities that allow you to studdy different forms of energy gains, resource efficiency and other things. Soon you will also unlock machines, which are much better at gaining resources than teer 1 resource gatherers, but require a steady supply of energy to function. Building a rocket and launching it into space will be your primary objective, but that is only the beginning. Planets wait to be explored, special space resources to be found, and a mysterious alien power waits to grant you great powers over technology and the universe in return for large amounts of resources...
Site: https://sparticle999.github.io/SpaceCompany/
Pony clicker: There might not seam to be too much to this, but its not that much of a bad game. You press the blank line at the top of the page to get smiles, and then use those to get units. The first of these are ponies of course, but you must buy friendships to have those start auto-generating smiles. In a similar way, future units may depend on previous units to generate smiles faster.
Site: http://blackhole12.github.io/PonyClicke … icker.html
Tea clicker: Another congregate game in which you have to build up  tea production. You do this by clicking on the tea cup graphic, getting production buildings and getting upgrades. Here's one downside, the upgrades aren't labeled. Under The upgrades heading, there are usually at least two blank lines. Those two lines both show achievements. Any blank lines over those two are upgrades. If you want to see what the upgrade is, root the mouse to the line (I asoom you use nvda), then use flat review to look at the screen to see how much it costs and what it does.
Site: https://www.kongregate.com/games/Potato … ea-clicker
Fairytale: This is another game about resource management. You have to gather magic dust, get coins, and later make bread, wine and other things. Through a tutorial story about exploring a forest you'll find different units to add to your kingdom and after it is complete are left to your own devices.
Site: http://alaynamcole.com/fairytale
Pikachu, I choose you: A weird and simple little game about pikachus. You start with one, which creates a new pikachu every three seconds. You can fight in gyms to reduce the time it takes for a new pikachu to be created. To do this effectivly however you also have to sacrifice all your pikachus sometimes, to increase their level and give you a larger winning chance.
Site: http://ophunt.github.io/PikachuIChooseYou/
c(ode): It can't get any more generic when it comes to idle games. Its a game about creating a game. At the bottum section you can see your code, while at the top you can create units and buy upgrades.
Site: http://seiyria.com/c/
Meme clicker: Here, the goal is to get lols. You do this buy getting memes,the more awesome ones give you even more lols!
Site: http://sixbytesunder.com/memeclicker/
x=infinity: If you want to, you're welcome to try and figure this out. You have a value of x, which goes up constantly by 1. Your goal is to make x equal to infinity by inputting characters into the edit box. However, you have a character limit, and to get more characters you must use some of your x value to get them. Some characters aren't allowed, and they won't do anything if you input them so have fun trying to solve this.
Site: https://jsfiddle.net/qmmc8mpr/embedded/result/
Net clicker: This is a fun one. Its a game about hacking, in which you must make your way through several levels trying to hack into things, while at the same time trying not to get hacked yourself. Be prepared to act quickly though because this is a very realtime game. Fortunately, if you enable sound effects, you can quickly hear if its you or the enemy who is losing the network battle. Basically, you're going to need hackers to steel info. You can sell this info for money. Developers keep your nodes running, and trolls destroy the enemy's nodes. You can upgrade a lot of aspects of your operation, from security to attack power.
site: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-3 … ;uid=17861
Clickpocolypse 2: You have a party of adventurers that you customize, then they basically walk around dungeons, kill monsters, loot items and defeat bosses. If you have the money, dungeons that are cleared can be set up as a farm which gives you continuus gold income. A game is won by taking all the castles, and all the dungeons offiliated with that castle. After that's done you can reset and do it over again with some bonuses and the chance to unlock new classes. Note that treasure chests are a thing that doesn't make noise, and the button to loot them appears somewhere else on the screen, not on the top  where all the clickables are. The good thing is there are classes in the game that, if they have the required skills purchased, auto loot chests for you. There's lots of achievements for this thing, so you can try getting them all if you're feeling up to it.
Site: http://minmaxia.com/c2/
Black market: Straightforward game about selling drugs. Shoot to earn money, reload to replenish your ammo. Spend your money on upgrades that increase the reward from shooting and your ammo copasity, and decrease your reload and shoot times. Buy buildings for weed, meth, and coke to produce drugs, and get dealers to sell your wares. Once you've played enough, use your experience points to reset.
Site: http://totominc.github.io/blackmarket/
Universal Paperclips: Build up your paper clip factory. First of all you have to buy wire, to make your clips out of. Then manually make the clips. Adjust your prices so your demand is balanced with the highest revenue you can possibly get. Get auto-clickers to automatically use wire to make clips. Later, start computing operations for research, buy extra processors and storage to enhance computing power. Eventually you'll probably find a way to turn the entire planet and/or universe into great, holy, sacred, incredible, unbelievable, amazing, astonishing paperclips, like the good paperclip maximiser you are.
Site: http://www.decisionproblem.com/paperclips/
Power leveling rpg: Train power, increase some random multiplier, level up your enemy levels. That is all.
site: http://makiki99.github.io/lvlup/powerleveling.html
Shark game: Its time to build a shark society! You are a shark, alone in the sea. You might want to eat some fish, get some sharks to join your school. Perhaps, there's some things in your environment you can find, and other ocians are definitely out there somewhere. Maybe you'll get some smarter sharks to science for you so you can figure some of this stuff out.
site: http://cirri.al/sharks/#
Swarm simulator: Turn a pile of meat scrap and some unhatched larvy into a huge swarm of buzzing, crawling and rather unpleasant kreepy crawlies! This concept of game should sound familiar to those having played invisible dragons. One focus of your swarm is the production of meat units. These begin with drones, then queans etc, all producing the unit one teer below them to enhance meat production. All these units can be upgraded to produce more or you can sacrifice some higher teered units to hatch more of the same from one single larva. Larvy are the things your meat and teratory units come from, and they are produced in hatcheries. You can build aditional ones or upgrade the production of those you have. Gaining teratory however is also something you might want to accomplish with your swarm, by hatching more combative insects to expand. You can also use crystals to cast strange spells, doing things such as turning time forwards or doubling the amount of larvy you have. Later, you also have the possibility to take your swarm to a new planet. Only the strongest of larvy will survive this transition, but the ones that do will be better building blocks for your next swarm! Its been a long time since I've played this game so I'm probably missing out on some things.
Site: http://clickergames.net/pl/swarm-simulator/
Widget factory: The description  on the site sums it up perfectly. Press the Make Widget button to get Widgets. Spend those widgets to buy workers to click for you. The more workers you have, the more widgets it will automake for you. Workers will make 1 widget each per second, Skilled Workers will make 5 each per second. The game will keep track of how many widgets you have spent in total. Supervisors add efficiency to the entire manufacturing process, increasing efficiency by 2% per supervisor. The click multiplier will increase the number of widgets you and your workers get for clicking.
Site: http://shwiggy.com/clicker/
Dope slinger tycoon: A game about selling drugs. First you have to buy canabis plants to grow weed, which ironicly goes for $4 and 20 cents at the beginning of the game. To sell it, you have to hire dealers. Each dealer has their own stats, such as how much they can sell per second. You can also buy gear for them, such as transportation and weapons. This will boost their productivity. Mussle allows you to gain respect, which you must use to expand your teratory. More teratory means more dealers. You can also research new drugs, which have their own production units and upgrades. Eventually, you'll be able to deligate your operation to a dealer captain so you can start over with bonuses.
Site: http://dopeslinger.gti.nz/
Progress bars: A lot of resources, and a lot of, you guessed it, progress bars. The resources are supposed to interact in weird and wonderful ways, but that remains for you to be figured out. Basically, earn money, buy workers, and then distribute them with the plus and minus button for each resource.
Site: http://polatrite.github.io/progress-bars/
Hero ville: While most rpgs involve you being a mighty hero traveling the land, slaying monsters and spending your hard earned gold at different towns and villages, here you are that town or village trying to atract heros to fight in dungeons near you and most importantly spend their gold for your services. This includes building up areas for your heros to stay, getting more and harder dungeons so they level up, and crafting items and buying mounts you can sell to them.
site: http://herovillegame.com/
Crushing defeat: Another random game about selling random products. You have to pay to unlock any products other than the starting one, but once you do, you can press the sell button for each to get cash, and use that to either buy new products, purchase an auto clicker for that product, or upgrade either the selling speed or cash you gain when selling.
site: http://www.hamiltondraws.com/scripts/counter2.html
second derivative clicker: All I know is this has to do with programming. Please no questions, I probably don't know the answer to them!
site: http://jamuspsi.github.io/second/
Rebuild the universe: Does what it says on the tin. You start with one atom, and must buy increasingly powerful units ranging from the quantum level to the universal, all giving you greater atoms per second (aps) to spend on things. Each unit has a tree of bonuses that you can gain for certain amounts up to 1000. Buying these slightly increases their aps. Specials are powerful investments. Every unit owns one special, and buying it will increase aps times 100. To reset, you have to feed the black hole. Doing this deletes all your progress in the current universe but also increases your total aps depending on how much you feed it. Every unit also has a brief description. To see it, for some reason you have to buy some of that unit, buy a bonus for it, then come back to the units screen, then you'll see it. If the music you hear gets anoying, press the submit button at the top of the page, though I do like it.
Site: http://jamuspsi.github.io/second/
Particle Clicker: Here, you are running a laboratory containing a particle accelerator and you have to make new discoveries. Click the detector graphics to generate colisions and get data, use that data to find new things. Making discoveries gets you reputation, which in turn gives you funding. You use funding to hire staff and get upgrades.
Site: http://particle-clicker.web.cern.ch/particle-clicker/
Realm of decay: There's a pretty good description once you start, but I'll talk about it anyway. Its basically another idle dungeon crawler, but requiring a little more action from you- depending on how you play it. Basically you fight monsters and loot weapons, armor, and seeds which are a form of currency. These weapons have limited uses so they have to be repaired once in a while. You can spend sp to improve your character or pp to buy powers which give you various advantages. There are several teers of weapons and armor, and both can also have a debuf attached to them if they are powerful enough. I haven't played far enough to confirm this, but I think the prestige mechanic was never implomented, unfortunately. For people who don't want to fight manually there's an auto battle system you can turn on in the options, even though battling is fairly automatic, the only thing you can control is when to use a burst attack or when to flee. Note, if you want to fight the boss for a zone you first have to turn off auto battling, because you don't enter the boss laire automatically.
Site: http://psychemaster.github.io/RealmOfDecay/
City clicker: Build up a city in the form of an idle game. You have headings for your comercial, industrial and residential districts. You can upgrade their level, or build new ones. Residential increases your max population, while comercial directly increases your daily income. I don't exactly know what industrial is supposed to do. Nearer the bottum, you have buttons to upgrade aspects of the city. Building roads and transportation means people will arive faster, and then there are upgrade trees for all of your districts. You can also raise taxes for more income, or read the news, though that always says the same things.
site: http://johntoopublic.github.io/cityclicker/
Zombie apocaclicks: Kill the zombie to get blood drops. With these, you can do things such as getting survivers, which are your auto clickers. You can upgrade your blood per second by buying better surviver weapons. You can also buy add-ons for your own weapon doubling the amount of blood per click, or buy a better weapon altogether for a percentual increase. Scouts can also be hired to find survivers automatically, and those can be upgraded in their own way. This game unfortunately does not appear to save between sessions.
Site: https://codepen.io/Xxt0NyCxX/full/oFHcp
Drowning in problems: I've considered actually advertizing this seperatly on another topic, but I'll put it here none the less. I can't say much about it, other than it tells you a great deal about today's life cycle.
site: http://game.notch.net/drowning/#
Pizza presser: Build a pizza empire! To generate pizza, click the pizza graphic. You have to sell those pizzas to get dollars. Workers, which are the lowest teer units, need no resources, but anything up from that does. What you need depends on the unit in question, so for example a pizza cart needs you to buy both a cart and a slave to operate it, while a parler requires 3 slaves, a cleaner and  manager to run it, plus the parler itself.
Site: http://pizzapresser.com
Incremental rpg: Seams like another of these incremental build up type games. Resource buttons, workers, buildings, upgrades and such.
site: https://codepen.io/samuelbeard/full/KwGCl
kushify: Another weed seller, farm units produce it, and dealer units sell it.
Site: http://cetigo.github.io/kushify/
Time waister: Yes, this only waists your time. Press "click" to create, "sell" to sell. Producers make stuff, and sellers sell it while coders make auto clickers and sellers automatically. There are of course upgrades, and probably the best feature of the game is the fact you can turn up the speed up to 4 times normal if you want.
site: http://timewaster.nj-tv.net/
Conspirecy clicker: Dominate the world and news with your own new world order. Of course, you have to build it up from scratch. This works by increasing both votes and minds. You need a lot of those to actually win. The three sectors are industry, which is mostly for money, politics for votes, and media for minds. There are things you can do such as tax cuts or ads, that shift resources from one sector to another. Each sector has its own money and income units, and different units can give you bonuses in various sectors, not necesarily the ones you bought them from. To get money for one of your sectors, click the blank line under the heading for it. There's some nice 8 bit sound effects when you click, buy units and stuff.
site: http://deathraygames.com/play-online/miniLD48/
Doge miner: Mine dogecoins to get to the moon and beyond! To do this, click on the blank line under your game stats with things like your dogecoin counter and such. In the store you can buy helpers to auto mine, and there are several types of upgrades. You can upgrade your own pickaxe to increase your clicking power, every unit has its own upgrade tree to make it more efficient, and there are also global fortune upgrades for a percentage increase in income. A few notes to this game, the start process is a bit fiddly, there are probably going to be things such as the intro screen blocking your clicking access, which you need to get rid of first but once you do that it should be smooth saling. There's some alright sounds and music, too. Please be advised though that doge miner 2, a second installment of this game, isn't accessible so don't try to play it.
site: https://dogeminer.se/
Periodic alchemy: I don't really know what your goal is here. All I know is that you can make up quarks, down quarks and electrons, have them auto synthisized if you wish, and use them to make protons and neutrons. Then, you have to go to the atoms tab and combine different combinations of protons, neutrons and electrons to make different isotopes of hydrogen, helium, and other elements.
site: http://jsfiddle.net/whizzball1/X6YVY/14 … ed/result/
Ideler: The important resources here are weapons. You have to idle to get them, craft them into metal, then sell that metal for money. With money you can buy infrastructure, which are basically auto clickers for idle, craft and sell, plus upgrades to enhance clicking power and increase metal price, among other things. There are also crates, and keys you need to unlock them, problem is I don't exactly know what those do.
site: http://bazaar.tf/crystal/idler/
Godville: People might know this, because its been in the site for a long time. But for those newer people, you create a god or godis, and that divine being creates a hero or heroin. This heroic person goes out to adventure, bash monsters, build a temple to worship at and generally do stupid crap in your name! You have the ability to encourage your hero (heal him or enspire him to do more damage), or punish him(strike him or his enemies down or give him a surge of strength to attack). There actually is a lot more to this than meets the eye, like quests, auras, temple construction, dungeons, boss raids, arena duels, arcs, sailing, and the eventual owning of a shop and retirement. This is a lot more than I can talk about in this one post, so you'd do well to read the db entry if you want to play, and there's a huge amount of info in godville's wiki.
Site: http://godvillegame.com/
Progress quest: This is a game in which you, past the setup process, have to do literally nothing. Role your character's stats, select name, race and class, then go once you're satisfied. After that just watch the textual carnage.
Site: http://progressquest.com/play/main.html
Civ clicker: This is in the db, but I'll list it anyway. Here you build a civilisation. You click for resources and get workers. Note that these workers do use up food quickly so its best to employ them as farmers at first. Of course, as you get new buildings and upgrades, new options of farming will be available to you and thus you can divert more people away from food production to get other resources. Later you can build an army and loot other lands, worship a god and receive powerful bonuses.
Site: http://dhmholley.co.uk/civclicker.html
Word clicker: Ok, I have no idea why this is even here. You have to click the cookie to create words. The output is shown under the heading, and you can sacrifice some words to get cursers. All that you really get is the cookie clicker wikipedia page, so I guess if you want to find out about that...
site: http://tiffzhang.com/cookies/
Clicking bad: This one's actually quite fun. Its about building a meth empire. Your producers make meth and distribution sells it. However, be careful, because if your operations get too high profile, you might find yourself the subject of a d raid, which will make you lose some of your powder, or an IRS audit which will cost you a lot of money. This is why you can launder some of your money through businesses to avoid things like audits. There are all sorts of upgrades, to do things such as increase the productivity of certain units or increase the purity of your meth, thereby increasing its sell value. A real gem for those who watched Breaking Bad. Lots of references to the show in here.
Site: http://clickingbad.nullism.com/
Trimps: Well congradulations. You've crashed on some planet and have no idea what to do now. Luckally, there's these little things called trimps, and they'll work for you. And that means you can go tell them to mine, cut wood, and science for you, among other things. They can also fight, so just how fun is that! And maybe go into space too...
Site: https://trimps.github.io/ScreenReader
Evolve: You might be forgiven for thinking that this is just another short time waister. Wrong! Here, you first evolve a bit of soopy protoplasm into sentient life. Then, in the fassion of any self-respecting power gamer, you get to tell that sentient life to conquer the world for you! And, well yeah... they just might also be able to go into space. Seems like a popular thing to do these days. There is a lot to this game that I don't want to spoil (the wiki does a good enough job of that). Needless to say that there are (currently) 7 different ways to prestige, and the game is still getting frequent updates.
Site: https://pmotschmann.github.io/Evolve/
Distance incremental: As the name implies, your main goal is to travel as far as possible. You do this mostly through various forms of prestiging. First through rank upgrades, which reset your distance traveled but give you some form of boost, then through teer upgrades, which make you lose your previous ranks but give you some other form of advantage. Soon enough you'll unlock rockets, bots for ranks and teers, a way to reverse time and lots of other cool stuff. Most of these things reset all your previous progress, but ultimately make you go faster in the longrun. To top it all off, there are a bunch of different difficulty modes you can play in, from the easy mode which speeds up progress a lot, to the hiker's dream mode which compounds the difficulty as you play meaning you'll slow down a lot towards the end game, to the absurd mode which is... absurdly hard.
Site: https://jacorb90.github.io/DistInc.github.io/main.html#
Calculator evolution: This one's even more about numbers than all the other ones on this list! You basically have a line of numbers and a few programs on your machine to do things with these numbers.
Increment will try to increment the number +1 per cycle. To start with, your machine can only go up to 1, and only has support for one number.
Miner will use the power of what you've computed (the higher the number the better) to give you money that you can spend in the shop.
Memory will reset your numbers, but will save the previous highest number you computed, allowing you to make use of another didgit on your number display, which in turn makes the miner process more powerful.
Finally, base increaser will remove everything you computed, but will let your numbers go one number higher. Example: You've used increment and memory to get to the number 11111. Base increaser deletes all of this but will let your number go upt to 22222 in the next cycle.
You have to optimise this whole process by buying upgrades for your processes and CPU. Eventually you'll be able to increase the number of didgits you have, run more than one process at the same time, allowing for automation of the computing process, and you'll have the option to reboot, giving you research points that can be spent on, you guessed it, more delicious upgrades!
Site: https://spotky1004.github.io/Calculator-Evolution/
Incremental adventures (steam): When it comes to rpgs you don't get more simple than this. You have a generic hero, going through generic dungeons and slaying generic enemies. What class your hero is is determined by your distribution of stat points. As you go, you'll unlock new heros up to a maximum party size of 4. These heros can receive weapon and armor upgrades. Even the prestige mechanic is really generic. Each layor of prestige compounds on the previous one, making your heroes more and more powerful. There are also microtransactions you can buy to make your game run faster, if you so desire, but since this is an idle game, you can reach ridiculous levels and numbers even without those purchases.
Site: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1371 … dventures/
Perceptron (IOS/Android): Here you must build a neural network. First, collect data for your network, then spend that data to buy various models that grow your reputation. With this, you can unlock hidden layors to upgrade your model's power. Your model can be trained to work on new problems, and soon enough you'll have to buy new processing machines in the shop to increase your compute so you can keep up with the demands. Prestiging is done by creating ensembles, which unlock special tasks and research upgrades.
Site (IOS): https://apps.apple.com/app/perceptron-a … 1537908817
Site (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … perceptron
The idle class: Get ready to unleash your inner capitalist on this one! You have to make dollars, then buy ever more hapless workers to earn money for you. The omnipresent upgrades are also here to support you in your world domination efforts. Every now and then, you'll experience a windfall which will let you earn a lot more money by clicking, and thankfully, there's no special icon you have to click like in other clickers. There are several things you can unlock, such as mail (unlike in the real world, reading your mail is actually productive here), R&d, and you can even go into politics if you so desire. Prestiging is done through Bankruptcies. The prestige button is in the menu, which is collapsed by default, so remember that when looking for it.
Site: https://www.smallgraygames.com/the-idle-class
Ethereal farm: An idle farming sim with a bit more strategy involved than most idle games. You have to plant various crops on your field. These crops have different conditions under which they can receive a production bonus. The idea here is to place them in such a way to produce seeds, the game's main currency, in the most efficient way. This game loves pop-up dialogues, so remember this when playing. Most things, such as planting crops or checking how well a given crop is doing, will open in separat dialogues you must navigate to. The dialogues are located at the end of the game log.
Site: https://lodev.org/etherealfarm/
Prestige tree mods: Under this entry, I'm going to list all the games I've found which are mods or analogues to the prestige tree game. Mods of this game are becoming pretty popular these days, and there are a few that are very playable. All of these work in layers. At the bottom of the page, you will find a button that pops out a layer when clicked. Resetting using this layer gets you some form of currency, which must be used to buy upgrades for the layer. Once a layer is complete, you can open the next one, which contains new upgrades, often with a different prestige currency which can also build on previous layer upgrades. I've found the following games that work with screen readers>
Prestige tree: https://jacorb90.github.io/Prestige-Tree/
Game dev tree: https://www.thepaperpilot.org/gamedevtree/
Plague tree: https://raw.githack.com/c0v1d-9119361/T … index.html
Have fun, And if I find any more games, this list will receive updates!

I used to be a knee like you, then I took an adventurer in the arrow.

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2018-04-24 02:42:22

Interesting connor and thumbs up for providing a great list.

Several of these are already in the db under the new clicker idle games category  (I hadn't considered godville a clicker idle game but I might change its genre).

I tried rebuild the universe but had problems figuring out what the table of elements at the bottom of screen was for since its not really clear what is what on the page.

Universal paperclips is actually far more interesting than you'd think, since it actually completely changes gameplay several times, once when you release hypnodrones, and once again when you've converted all matter on earth to paperclips, and each phase takes a slightly different strategy.
Access can be a little weird on a couple of parts of the game, in  particular quantmm computing since quantom computing depends upon seeing an image of chips going steadily dark or light and predicting the way they'll go, where as what you need to do with a screen reader is click the quantum computing button twice, and if the number of operations your getting is going up click a few more times, while if its going down stop.

Its not necessary to use quantum computing finish the game, but if you look for strategy guides of universal paperclips they'll rely on it pretty heavily, so what you need to do with a screen reader is basically buy 30 processors at the first phase of the game, though not  not more than  which will let you buy enough operations to get all the upgrades to progress onto the next phase.
The stock market is also a little odd but basically its  a similar process, to quantum computing, fill in the amount of money you want to chuck into the stock market and wait until the figure at the top of the stock market listings gives a higher value than what you chucked in (easier with the medium or low risk investments), then hit sell, though note its very esy to lose money that way.

Fortunately the second two phases of the game are far more accessible, since in the second you manage factories according to power consumption as you turn all the worlds' matter into paperclips, while in the third you send out fleets of probes to convert the universe, though the third is rather easy to bugger  game up if the rogue probes multiply more  and have higher over all combat value than your regular probes  still its the actual game that's hard here not the accessibility.

I tried cookie clicker but I couldn't find the actual cookie to click ironically and I'm less sure random mouse clicking works for a game.

Rebuild the universe I had little luck with, because while I could buy random stuff the tabular information got a bit strange in terms of what did what, especially with that table going up to 1000 so any explanations of the game's layout might be helpful. I do like the idea of the game in principle, I just wish I could work things out better.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

2018-04-24 07:59:02

Wow. Thanks for this huge list.

Best regards SLJ.
Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Facebook: https://facebook.com/sorenjensen1988
Twitter: https://twitter.com/soerenjensen

2018-04-24 08:52:11

hi dark, I can tell you the screen layout of rebuild the universe if you want, to clear that up. on the very top you have the button to turn the music on and off. Next you have a strange tutorial screen which seams to cy cle between random pieces of information, i usually just ignore it. Then you get to the main list of game screens like units, specials etc. After that you can see universe stats, such as atom content, size and stuff. Under that is the current unit description, then the table you were confused about. I think its supposed to show how many aps you get if you own that many of the current unit, but don't quote me on that, I usually also jjust skip over that. On the unit screen the buyable units are at the very bottum, and you can use your screen reader's quick nav command to jump from graphic to graphic to quickly get there, or just use find to search for the unit name if you need a speciffic one. Screen reader navigation skills and some patience are a requirement for this, because there are I think about 75 units you can get, so particularly in later game when you don't feed the black hole as much, you'll see the screens getting very long.

I used to be a knee like you, then I took an adventurer in the arrow.

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2018-04-24 17:50:39

Thanks conor I think I've figured out rebuild the universe now, though I do wish the achievements pannel had some propper labels as currently the only way to know your achievements are to pay attention to the alerts, and in this game there isn't a long alert history once you change tabs, actually this game is like Junction gate in that  it would be a major pain if you didn't have a screen reader/browser combo  which didn't auto read alerts.

Btw, you don't have to actually leave the unit panel to see a unit's description, just click on it's name, EG quantum foam, neutrino etc, then go back up to the top and read.
This is ironically one clicker idle game where it helps to have Nvda announce the "clickable" element since it tells you A, when  special is available, since usually if it says "clickable" you can buy it, and also where to click on the texts of the different units in the units tab to get the description, though I admit it is a trifle confusing since the first set of units you get are all of the "quantum" type, and manifestly quantum foam is the first on the list.

one thing I found helpful was to use the "i" key in NVda to go to the  list element which let me skip through the tabs, I then went to the tab labeled "space monster" that for some reason contains more options and disabled all the unit buying buttons accept for the one that says "next" which buys the next amount of that unit type in order to get the next bonus.

This means I could be really lazy and just abuse my B key until I found the button that didn't say "unavailable" Ie I could buy it big_smile.

Another rather confusing thing about rebuild the universe as compared to other games is that only the specials actually seem to decrease your total amount of atoms, yet you can't get atoms per second bonuses until you go to the bonus tab and hit that "buy now" button.

This made the game a bit more of a literally idle game and less strategical than most since once I got my head round what was happening basically I was just alternating between kewing bonuses and reading unit descriptions, and going onto the "bonus" tab  to cash those bonuses in, occasionally dropping into the "specials" tab when I had enough atoms for the next thing on the list.

Then again with the calming music and beautiful descriptions, I gather this one is more of an experience than a seriously challenging strategy game and I appreciated it as such (I could do with a calming experience in my life right now).

Expect a db page in the near future and thanks again for the initial description there Conor.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

2018-04-24 20:24:08

Is Clickpocalypse 2 supposed to have sound? Someone tried teh iOS app and there were music and sounds, but whenever I go into firefox or chrome and launch the game, there doesn't seem to be any sounds playing.

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2018-04-24 20:50:49

@aaron I don’t think so, though it would be a nice thing to have, if only for appearing treasure chests so you didn’t need a fully skilled rogue in the party all the time.

I used to be a knee like you, then I took an adventurer in the arrow.

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2018-04-24 23:30:53

I believe that Godville is indeed an idol game, one of the first actually.

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2018-04-24 23:32:28

Thanks Connor .I also have a question concerning town center.
I thnk the stats help file is either ot of date or bugged, because if I type stats head, it says no stats on that. Yet I can type stats attack to get a bit of info, but I wish I could get a bit more of a breakdown of what updates what, for isntance as you said, if I go to update my head there's lots of different options, such as the head proper, or the face, and am wondering what these do.
Also, how does the "upgrade buy" command work? If I tried upgrade buy autoclicker it didn't seem to work, although maybe at the time could have been I didn't have enough heal rate.

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2018-04-25 08:14:04

@aaron the different body parts in town center are all for a speciffic atribute. Every upgrade on the head increases intelligence, arms is strength, etc. Upgrades of more detailed parts of the body also increase that stat, but less than if you were to first upgrade the main, so its advisable to work on that first.

I used to be a knee like you, then I took an adventurer in the arrow.

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2018-04-25 22:36:40

Okay gave tour of heroes a try.
the principle is interesting but I noticed a few odd things.
Firstly and most critically, each of the locations doesn't actually tell! you what skills are required in that location, you sort of have to guess from the numbers and what your respective skill levels are, since I'm guessing that those particular skill images aren't labeled.
Also I found the only way to read the information on your character's perks, including your current "heroic ancestry" rate is to use the "aditional focus information" key, that is Nvda numbpad 5. This is pretty important actually.

My main problem with this game is I really! wish there was a log, since i'm fairly sure I miss events sometimes unless your specifically looking at those two lines of text describing your actions. since a few of these actions are actually the important bits of the game and unique events and the closest thing to flavour text you get, its nice  to  what is actually happening, hmmm, methinks I should go back to land of livia big_smile.

Lastly the table of classes is sort of odd.

Each class is clickable to get info including a hint on how to unlock which is fair enough. Less helpfully however once you've unlocked a class there is an actual link to it below, and since that link uses an image it might not have the same name.

For example the mud crawler class is linked as "blob"

What is even confusinger, is that the first class you play, though its called "peasant" in the game, is actually listed as "ruffian" on the class list, but after you've played it the link below says Peasant and the max level you got to (assuming you check the box).

So for example if you played to level 10 with peasant, then it would say "ruffian" and then below that "peasant 10" Just to compound the confusion, the "farmer" class is called peasant.
So what you actually see is "ruffian" and then below that "peasant 10" and then "peasant" below that, which is actually the farmer class, and then "farmer" and your farmer level if you've played as farmer.

yes this is nuts!

All that being said, its nice to see the location text and see what is where and some of the unlocks can be rather fun, I was quite amused at unlocking the white mage by playing through an entire encarnation (that's 10 levels), without doing any fighting at all.

Some I haven't quite worked out yet, for example I'm not really sure what you need to do to win the tournament and unlock the  lancer and I don't really get how the mage unlock works, but hay its fun to tinker around and see what does what.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

2018-04-26 22:40:03

Tour of Heroes is quite cool for a while.
Ddosclicker is interesting. You start unlocking passives, after the first couple the next unlock costs 50000, and then when I realized what the game calculations started to do, well it's interesting and actually makes you feel quite powerful.
Also, would anyone be interested in contacting the town center dev about, perhaps, putting some headings on the page to quickly jump to beginnings of the main logs? I think Town Center's one of my favourite incrementals.
I've tried out Drowning in Problems as well. I don't really want to spoil it, although I did stop after a while but what the dev is going for, is quite interesting, in fact I would like to put my thoughts as a spoiler. But before I do that, I'd just like to say I'm loving these games so far.
OK, drowning in problems.
I like how this is definitely something to be experienced with knowing as little as possible, and, judging by the way it's going, it is going to be something you do once and probably never again. It's one of those whereby do you go for an incremental stle, or do you try to find out what happens next. It's clever.

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2018-04-27 11:59:39

Town center you can use the two lock graphics to find the start and  of the two logs fairly easily, though I've not worked that game out myself as yet.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

2018-04-27 18:41:40

@Dark which part of the game are you having trouble with? I might be able to help you out.

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2018-05-02 23:55:34

Wo, is it just me or are Realm of Decay's ideas a little bit like Diablo, what with the loot, item and quality upgrading, etc? It's interesting. I still don't really know how to figure out what my enemy is using, but I can see their hp. I am also wondering how to get elite monsters to appear.

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2018-05-03 06:07:30

Do you mean the bosses? If you reach an area’s max level, a new link will appear on the battle screen to enter the boss lair. Note that you have to be outside of combat to see it, so turn autobattle off once you’re ready.

I used to be a knee like you, then I took an adventurer in the arrow.

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2018-05-03 20:09:29

Aah ok. Can you give me any general tips for fighting? At the moment I can see enemy hp, but what else should I be looking for/doing? I also like the repair mechanic. Is ie better to level up items, or keep equipping new ones? I have sort of been doing a mixture of both.

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2018-05-03 20:21:14

@aaron: I also do both things. I upgrade both the item's quality and the level. I also equip items when I think that my current one is not good anymore.
One tip for all of you: it is good to level up a bit more than the level of the boss of each location so yu don't loose that often.

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2018-05-07 05:02:38

Okay I tried realm of decay. 

one thing I sort of wish is that you could view the combat before doing the next one since by the time I discover I'm fighting an enemy  a ranged weapon I've already lost before I've had time to put on my range resistant armour.
This one really should have a way to see fights before they happen or at least pause the fight while you switch tabs.
Its an interesting game though, i love the fact it has actual description and almost wastes style random weapon generation, so if there is a way around the speed text problem I'd like to know.

I sort of was having a similar problem with town  center, though there things were a bit more complicated with the fights, plus of course in town centre it didn't seem to sort of matter as much if you lost since you just had to hammer click on the heart I believe, although I never really got how the auto clickers vs you clicking on the heart actually worked. I did get the idea that taunting enemies made them stronger, though again how this translates to clicking multiple times I'm not sure.
Arcane elementalist is disappointing, since you can see all the stuff to buy at the start, which means no discovery grrrr!

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

2018-06-11 12:52:28

Okay I fancied trying a new one of these, so I gave swarm simulator a try.
this one is very accessible, I particularly like the way each unit description has its own little box. I did miss a lot of the tutorial since I couldn't find  some of the alerts (though for future reference they appear just above the unit description). One thing I really like in this one is the achievement layout and the fact you can select which achievements to show or hide, so its easy to either look through the achievements you already have, or those your working towards. I also like the fact that each of the top  tabs for meat, larvi etc tells you when an upgrade is available, whether a new unit or a production increase,  makes life rather easier.

My only problem with this one is much like invisible dragons, the numbers of units get sort of meaningless after a while which means your just clicking for the sake of clicking, also repeatedly going down the train of meat producers first buying drones, then queens,  nests etc can get a little monotonous, and producing more territory units such as swarmlings doesn't really do much other than get you achievements, since this is one game where resources don't tend to interact much. That being said, the energy and spells are rather cool, and the interface is waaaaay less annoying than invisible dragons, so I might see if i can complete one ascension just to see what happens. I also like that this one actually has a login system to save stats, though I will add the cookie as an exception as I usually do with incremental games.

edit: Okay, the fact that you actually continue earning while off line makes this one a bit less grindy than I thought, since while you get more from buying by clicks than from producers, at the same time the producers will keep producing off line which means that say  into stupidly high numbers necessary to earn some achievements isn't as bad as it could be.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

2018-06-14 19:48:47

oKay tried a couple more of htese

Swarm simulator really" slows down, also your rates of teretory and required upgrades don't stack up too well and in the end your just waiting on resources producers, indeed ironically  is an incremental game where it seems the further the game progresses, the less you have to actually play. of course spells can help, but then again, since upgrades also take energy you might as well wait for those.
maybe it'll pick up in a day or so we'll see.

then I tried heroville. One really irritating thing here is that you can only assign a couple of workers of a given type, ie you can just have one smith and two apothecaries and everyone else is on gather. It also seemed that I stopped getting paid gold after a while even though heroes still seemed to be progressing through the dungeon. Whether this is because I'd bought enough smith upgrades for the heroes to be mowing down all the monsters I don't know, but it did seem a little odd, also I didn't like the fact here that there is actually only one clicker button and you still need to keep clicking like a madman as the game progresses.

Okay drowning in problems, and yes, spoiler spoiler spoiler!

I have completed it and yee gods this game is bleak, even for me!

I love the premise, but I'm not quite as sold on some of the philosophy, about life patterns, love and integrity, but hay I appreciate what the author was going for even if I don't exactly agree, though just to repeat by gumfrog the premise behind this one is bloody depressing!

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

2018-06-15 08:19:44

Well not sure if anyone is still checking this topic, but amusingly enough I finished spaceplan.

It was actually funny since basically I got to the point where I was just waiting for stuff to increase, and so left the game running in another window, then heard the rather nice @[email protected] of it updating.
Actually though, the game was particularly cool  especially with the sounds etc, then again I'm probably the sort of oddly sad person who would find the idea of a future spaceship trying to power everything with potatoes rather amusing, and not to give any spoilers but the scifi concepts in this  are quite hilarious and reminded me of red dwarf big_smile.

I don't suppose the Ios version is accessible, though I might give it a try at some point since I do like the idea of expanded gameplay and if it were accessible it could make a very interesting game to try out.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

2018-06-15 15:07:10

At the moment it seems the iOS version is not accessible, unfortunately.

Thumbs up

2018-06-15 19:41:43

That is a shame. I would suggest emailing the developer and adding accessibility, accept that I imagine this is one that uses canvasing with all the videos and such so it'd take a total rewrite as opposed to just labelling a button or two.

Sadly the other day I gave clicker pirates a go on Ios, which sounded amazing, but yet again despite this one being a self proclaimed text game, no real text at all.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

2018-07-24 07:25:17

I have a question about Cookie Clicker, and not sure if it deserves its own topic.
I've learned how to click the cookie graphic, and buy buildings.
I am steadily gaining achievements.
But upgrades confuse me.
Does anyone know how to purchase upgrades, or do they just unlock as you gain achievements?
I want to play all of this game, because it has kittens and cookies.
Could there be any better combination for me? *laughs*

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