2019-01-17 14:40:30

You'll mostly find me on online things as Veljko. Sometimes I can be creative and choose a more interesting nick, but it's Veljko, my actual name most of the time.

I have been your host, Veljko Sabo.

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2019-01-21 13:44:22

I'm CheekyMonkey on most online games, CheekieMonkey on RS Games because someone had already taken it. Also CheekyMonkey on Crazy Party.

I use various names on muds, but don't really play them as much as I used to. I've used Xyra, Xuara, Xantyr, Solara, Lunari, Zyrgad, Lyssra, and a few

I love RPG's specifically and have just beaten Paladin of the Sky. Currently playing Manamon and A Hero's Call. Need to go back to Airik the Cleric because
at the moment I've only gotten past the first boss but I bought it ages ago cheap in prerelease and never bothered to beat it.

I used to have more vision than I did now and one of my favorite games was The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES, so I gravitate to games
similar to that. I'm not super big on the hack'n'slash games though. I like the ones that have more to them than that, other activities, puzzles, deeper
plots, etc. The turn-based combat games are pretty cool though because they're more relaxed and don't require quite as much concentration, except perhaps
Paladin and it's complicated scrolls. I like Castaways 2 for its relaxing nature and being similar to Sims games, but found a major bug that precludes
me from continuing which is annoying.

Okay, so I've gone off on a bit of a tangent, but if you do know of other games similar to those mentioned above, feel free to make suggestions. You might
see one of the afore mentioned names around.

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