2018-01-24 19:54:33 (edited by BigGun 2020-03-29 09:09:22)

There isn't one single username I use anywhere, but here are some of the usernames I do use.

*Lastrador on Alter Aeon
*Rayman on Materia magica
*Regentron / Ferrumite on the forgotten islands
*Ranjeni orao on crazy party
*Ferrumite on playroom, RS Games, and so on.
*Nocplusten on undead assault, all servers
*Regnum on erion
Please note that I might forget to update this post, so don't be surprised if you see someone with a username not mentioned here claim to be me. It's most likely me.

If life gives you communism, become a communist dictator.

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2018-01-28 05:25:46 (edited by mata 2020-08-05 04:02:42)

Here are mine:
Alter Aeon: Chariot, Mata, Artus, Vider, Sereas
Cyber Assault: ManiMata, Artus, Vide, Randi, Koten, Rydo, Gantini
Clok: Artus, Vide, Sereas
Frandum: Sereas, Chariot, Mordicus
4d: Sereas
playroom: Mani_Mata
Rs: Walker (I think)
Puppet nightmares: Mata
Kingdom of Loathing: Gantini
Fs: Morda
Inferno: Chariot
Awakened world: Chariot
Empire: Artus, Kenzin, Vide, Ryten, Mordicus

Other than these, I usually go by one or more of the above names.
All of my names are from my character novels who I embody (even Chariot is).

My sskype : mars.bhuntamata, add away buddy. If you think you are crazy, I am as well. I may be even crazier, who knows.

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2018-02-15 02:54:16 (edited by haily_merry 2020-03-13 11:57:06)

I generally use the names Haily or arqeria depending on the game and / or service. Arqeria is usually the username of choice though, it's what I use on twitter and most other modern accounts.

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2018-02-24 19:02:48 (edited by Jeffb 2019-12-12 07:24:46)

BlindKnight on Swamp, Hearthstone on Alter Aeon, BlindNinja91 on Crazy Party, and JB77 on Kingdom of Loathing.

Kingdom of Loathing name JB77

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2018-02-27 23:22:27

Hi, my name in Second Life is: CeleneHighwater

That's pretty much the only one I play with a user name. smile

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2018-03-08 22:52:37

Hi. I mostly go by either brendan3248, dagger or daggerixur.
So let's see: Redspot =daggerixur, rs games =daggerixur and QCGR =Brendan3248.

That's pretty much the extent of online/multyplayer games I play right now since I have started playing A Hero's Call a few weeks ago, but that's a topic for another time.
Please forgive my rambling, it tends to happen sometimes. I wasn't raised that way, it's just that my mouth runs ahead of my brain some days...
And I'm shutting up now, I prommis.

"It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
      I am the captain of my soul."

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2018-04-06 08:21:22 (edited by Tristan04 2019-02-10 17:34:26)

I'm Tristan in all games, Sometimes with numbers after.
It's usually either Tristan, Tristan14 or Tristan04.

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2018-06-14 00:52:52

On Alter and Clok, it's Uair. I forget what it is on Cosmic Rage. On Arion its Devin.

Devin Prater
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2018-06-16 06:41:17 (edited by austingrace 2018-06-16 06:42:12)

I'm Austin Grace. I'm austingrace on different things. Not sure what though. LOL I never have been the best at making user names or anything. Also I'm TheBlade on redspot

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2018-06-16 23:32:13

I now use x0 primarily when I can, trouble is that most things don't let you have a name that short. So some other aliases are: Ultron, ultrasound, omega, or if it's a really old account Colton or coltonhill01. Also if I ever log onto alter it's zehnomore. Other places if there's a number in my username it'll be 1372.

An anomaly in the matrix. An error in existence. A being who cannot get inside the goddamn box! A.K.A. Me.
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2018-06-18 11:05:13

aarush here.
well, i am not quite an experienced guy on games since i came on in only like early 2017s. still, i  plaly quite a few multiplayer audio games. and these are the names i remember keeping.
Quent in sea: Hardy_boy_aarush
RS games:aarush
crazy party: hardy_boy
in most FPS's, i usually use the name godfather, or godfather aarush, or in some more gangster based games stuff, i use mob leader godfather aarush.
That's all of the names i remember keeping for now.

"Diversity and inclusion, which are the real grounds for creativity, must remain at the center of what we do." ~Marco Bizzarri
This inclusion is what I endeavor to promote on my YouTube channel, drop by, we'd all love to have you there.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoRd6q … 4RYbg31SoA

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2018-07-03 22:36:10

In most games I'm known as SLJ, or other times Soren.
XBox Gamertag which I just have got up and running:

Best regards SLJ.
Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Facebook: https://facebook.com/sorenjensen1988
Twitter: https://twitter.com/soerenjensen

2018-07-20 09:21:19

i'm mahdi abedi
in lot of games my name is mahdi
and in some of them its mahdi-abedi, or warrier

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2018-08-01 05:42:04

I play by the name of jedi, I mean redspot. But for other online multiplayers I go by my real name: Gaurav. That's my request to the admins.... Can you change my username from jedi to Gaurav, or better GauravSharma? Thanks a lot. That username changing topic was closed so I thought I should bring it up here. The world should know me by my real name, not the one I fancy, after all.

When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.-Clark's first law.
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2018-08-08 21:07:01 (edited by giorgi elbaqidze 2019-09-01 19:18:07)

hi! my names are!
redspot: zafer-yaman,
survive the wild: gamer2004,
constant battle, gamer2004,
the killer: gamer2004,
road to rage i fires of war: gamer2004,
scrolling battles your world: gamer2004,
scrolling battles pro online: gamer2004,
crazy party: gamer2004,
eurofly online mode: gamer2004,
humans vs robots: killer,
playroom: giorgigamer,
rs games: gamer2004.

if you like what I said, press that Thumbs up button below of the post.

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2018-09-28 04:36:15 (edited by staticmaster 2019-04-23 06:53:25)

here is the list
s b y w=mike
allter ion=yoshyman
tiflo space=yoshy; but I never loggd in since feb
and I use mike for the most games I play

my new youtube channel. click subscribe if you like my stuff
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzL-l8 … YCkjOm3FIg

2018-10-26 15:56:57

Hey guys. My name's usually Majoz or Erick, I don't use many others. I'll update if i will. smile
Will be glad to see you around, tare the cake!

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2018-10-26 22:09:02

Well, i'm quite a complicated person if it's about names, i can say. big_smile big_smile On playroom it usually changes so it wouldn't have sense if i wrote the current one, but if you are lucky and find me one time then there you go. big_smile On Cosmic Rage and Alter aeon i can be found as Eravin, though i don't really play Alteraeon that much these days. I used to be at STW as Thrasea_Licorus, but since it doesn't wanna start on my computer, i can forget that for a while. big_smile I also have a 3scapes, and a 3kingdoms character as well, although i don't use them that often, but i'm Eravin there as well.
And well, best regards, and good luck finding me on playroom lol

May the force be with you!

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2018-11-15 18:54:54

I'm not the most creative person when it comes to names as some of you might have realised. I usually go by either Lauren97 or Lauren_Downie. I think the name I'm using on here is the most imaginative one I've come up with, and that's saying something... smile

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2018-11-15 19:04:17 (edited by mazen 2018-12-30 15:51:38)

my names are

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2018-11-15 19:07:31

I go bye redfox for the most part, some times redfox-the-stoner, and if I'm sad then sadfox-the-stoner, lol

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2018-12-30 15:34:42

I either go by Muslima, or my actual name which is Ameena although you might find it spelled differently but it should tell you that it's me. Sometimes I put fun usernames if my friends challenge me though. big_smile

Beware! If you know me it will be mischief around. I want my peace, your peace and our happiness.
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2019-01-05 11:35:08 (edited by SightlessWolf 2021-01-18 01:24:52)

In 2021, my names have changed quite a bit.
I usually go by something related to wolves or a username with  the word rory in it, but you can occasionally find me as either assassin or aurora blade still.

My sample packs and resources can be found in the "website" link below this post.
Sightless Wolf, AKA rory-games

2019-01-09 22:11:10

I'm currently Anorak in playroom.


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2019-01-17 14:40:30

You'll mostly find me on online things as Veljko. Sometimes I can be creative and choose a more interesting nick, but it's Veljko, my actual name most of the time.


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