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Huboodle 3.0 released today with the addition of Hangman and a friend wall.  Huboodle sets the bar for accessible social gaming! Play Simon says, Ludopalooza, Hangman, Battle Cats, Word Builder, Pirate Poker, and Barracks Blackjack! Huboodle 3.0... more games, more levels, more fun!

Download from the app store today: http://bit.ly/agnhuboodle

Thanks for your support!


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2018-01-03 20:26:43

Thanks for the game, I'll be checking it out my iPod Touch 6th Gen later on.

If there was enough demand for it, would an Android version be viable to do?

Thanks for creating this awesome gaming platform!

2018-01-03 20:54:58

An android version is in the pipeline as well as 2 additional games we hope to have added to huboodle in the next 90 days.  Let us know what you think. Thanks!

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2018-01-03 21:01:25


I noticed this release a few days ago, but since the battery on my Iphone 5 has been dead playing Ios games has been a little difficult.
I'll be glad to check these out and also add them to the db as well, as indeed I should've done earlier, appologies for the delay.

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2018-01-03 22:11:12


So far, my favorite games are "Blackjack," "Word Builder," and "Battle Cats!" (Considering I I love and have lived with cats.) smile

The interface is quite easy to navigate around, and I am sure the Android version will be just as good.

BTW, once the Android version comes out, please be sure to announce it on the "Eyes-Free" Android list, since not all Android users frequent here:


2018-01-03 23:20:29

Seems like PC gaming is really going downhill. PC version of this game would be awesome.

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2018-01-04 05:29:48

i will wait until this comes to android for i am boykotting apple and IOS  all together.  so if it hits android awesome but if not, oh well.  its time i support my platform verses supporting what everyone else espect for blind and vip users.  thx.  will be waitiong.

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2018-01-04 07:29:12


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2018-01-04 11:50:59

please release an android version

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2018-01-05 18:09:51

The android version will be great.

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2018-01-05 19:07:55

Hello there.

First I have to say that your commitment to accessibility while trying to keep games as mainstream as possible so everyone can play is a great thing.

I'm not a huge word-gamer and I don't like casino games either. I do like Trivia though.

I look forward though to what you put out in the future, so my question is, will all App A11y games be connected to Huboodle or just the next 2 that you want to release soon.

I think maybe having your games all on Huboodle might be a good idea, just continue to tac them on as you get more and more, sort of how Audio Games hub works. I'm probably gonna get huboodle but I hope even beyond the next 2 games you continue to add to it as you branch out and  capture more players  with  a wider assortment of games.

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2018-01-05 23:14:36

Hi Bookrage,

I am glad to hear you like trivia because we will be adding a trivia game to Huboodle in the next month.  Our hope is to add all future games as part of Huboodle and are planning to add at least 6 more Huboodle games in the next year.  If you have any other game ideas or suggestions of any kind we would love to hear them.  Thanks for the feedback too.

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2018-01-05 23:36:27

damn right its good.    and though i too am one who haven't really hit the world of word games, it will be interesting to try.  gotta cat battles, we need a dog battling game add now or a thug life battle.  or a music battle.  hah

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2018-01-06 04:51:26

hello, got Hubital and got some good things and bad things to say about it.

First the good things. I like the game and I found Word Builder surprisingly addictive and really went to town on it. I think if I figured out how to get medals I'd go back to word war as well, but for some reason no matter how much I played the single player mode, I could never get one. And as far as I could tell I was actually pretty fast. So If you could tell me how you get medals and stuff, that would be great. and I figure it is a little different now that everything is connected and medals don't seem to be specifically connected to word war/battle cats alone.

Second: the bad thing. I kept having trouble with the game freezing my system when I was playing Word builder. I found that if I left the app running and came back, it would work as though I was still playing but the image on the screen would still be frozen. it didn't interfere with gameplay though. I'm running the latest IOS and was playing on an Ipad pro as with word war, I found it easier to play the word searches on a larger screen. Also navigation is still a little clunky, but I'm probably going to try word war again, not a cat fan so probably not going to play that version, and might even step into the black jack room a bit. I also once thought that making my system sleep and coming back might correct the freeze, but it actually froze everything except Voiceover Seri. I could not enter my pass-number, could not play music, open other apps, or do anything other than talk to her. I had to do this crazy cold restart to fix it. Huboodle was still up band I got back to playing but it was a real scary 15 minutes while I wrestled with it. I got a couple of freezes in Word Builder and one on the main social screen.

II suggested this on Applevis when you were working on word war way back when, but I was thinking something more like a virtual city/zoo/kingdom game like township or stuff like that might be cool. With add-ons both for game money and real money, you could make a killing, and as the blind are mostly unable to play these sorts of games on mobiles, you'd have the market cornered.

Also perhaps a game where you can gather up memorable characters and battle/quest, again with periodic content updates both for real and fake money would also work. For an example of what this game is like, look at DC Legends, the upcoming Idle Champions of the realms, or many others like Eternal Frontier or idle heroes, or godlands RPG. That might be a little large for you guys but as there is nothing even remotely like it for the blind that is accessible and the games rock, you could go much smaller. Basically a game of some sort where the players collect and battle heroes in some sort of turn-based combat or something. I don't really care if it's superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, or a whole bunch of stuff but I'd pay a lot of dough to get a game like that.

Also perhaps a risk-like game, virtual checkers/chess, maybe with a silly alternate theme like the chess pieces make fantasy noise or are space vehicles or something. Maybe something that was a cross between a music game and space invaders, or something like madlibs..

Just throwing stuff out there. If you do use any of that at all, I don't want or need anything, just wanted to tell you of some stuff I've seen do well in the general community. With that collectable hero game idea mentioned above. I love that one so much that I actually backseat game while someone else plays DC Legends for me. because it is so much fun getting stuff. If straight-up hero stuff is too hard, make a card game, ccgs are pretty neat.

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2018-01-06 14:41:53

I love Battle Cats, although I may be the slowest player ever!
Also really enjoying Word Builder.

Let me second the above poster in saying that I would love a virtual building game.

Thanks for the accessibility, and especially for making this a game that is playable by sighted and visually impaired alike.

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2018-01-06 20:31:50

another idea for you guys to get more out of us and also give us some more stuff to do.

One thing that can be super-addictive is achievements. You kind of already have that, so that might not be an issue, but I've got more.

Consider adding virtual toys/collectables into the game in a sort of coin shop. I'm actually not one to spend my gold much on game aids like letter bombs in Word War or hints in word builder, so you're gonna have to find other things for me to do with my gold. Perhaps besides the building game or something if you make it, have us have a virtual toybox/collectable room where we can buy little virtual knickknacks and cute things.  or neat things to look at/listen to, perhaps even selling them to us in random packs, giving us bonus prizes of special edition stuff when we get all of a certain set. For example if you had a dinosaur collection of some stuff, we get a golden volcano or caveman collectable when we get all the dinosaurs in the set or something like that.  Perhaps even to sweeten the social aspect, if we get them randomly somehow, either by buying blind packs or by maybe just getting a reward every now and then for playing, introduce a system where we can trade them. I've got two t-rex and my friend needs one, they have a Halloween skeleton that I need. We have played to get these things and we trade them so he can finish his dinosaur collection and I can finish my Halloween collection.

I'm just trying to think of other things you can have us do with our gold. Your determination is admirable and I want this platform to kick butt. So I'm trying to think of things I'd love to see in this sort of social gaming but also would be willing to pay for. You're in this as a business, not a charity, so You're gonna need cash.

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2018-01-07 03:33:20

sorry but got to post another bug.

I was invited to a live match of one of the wordsearch games and I accepted. Instead of taking me to the game, the screen flickered black a couple of times and then sent me to my home selection screen. Huboodle was still open but when I got back and tried to get in to play the game was utterly frozen and crashed my iPad again.. Just thought you ought to know.

Also, as I noticed we level up somehow just from playing, maybe find something other than just bragging rights for us to do who rack up levels. I don't know what. Maybe for every level we get we can make that much in bets in the casino games per day. For example a level 3 player can make up to 3 gold worth of bets in the casino without touching their gold. Or maybe after a certain point, the free gold videos give you more per watch when you are higher up. Or you simply get your level in gold per day?

I'm wondering also if you could do something to make a multiplayer something for word builder. That is my favorite game you currently offer. And again, other than testing it out, the casino is not for me and I don't use the aids in Word war or Word builder so I need something cool to do with my money.. I eagerly wait to see what word war and Word builder have in store for me as they grow along with your unrevealed games (I'm especially eager to see word builder grow of what is out now.)

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2018-01-09 01:55:40

Thanks for the feedback. We will continue to monitor the freezing and hopefully get to the bottom of it.  In the meantime, if you reopen Huboodle after leaving open in the background it should prevent it from freezing.  Will also look into a expanding the virtual store.  We have a trivia game, another casino game and a two player dice type of battle game in the works.  Keep taking updates and thanks for your patience!


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2018-01-09 03:02:28

I'm afraid i'm  getting rather frustrated with the account creation.

I did try word war back on my Iphone 5 a few days ago, but barely played, so I don't care whether I have the same account or not.
However I can't get the account details to stick. I enter all the information, hit save, but when i go back to settings it's still saying all that generic guest  info.

I  tried new player, I tried returning player, I tried  log in with facebook (which carried me around in a continual loop and kept
returning me to the "login with facebook" parge rather than actually logging in), I tried reset password, but the game gave no messages or errors or anything, indeed I thought it had worked several times but clearly not.
i'd like to be registered on the game as "dark" which is what I usually use and the email is dark at x g a m  org.

I don't know if it is that the ap itself is  not giving information about what in the account is or is not  working, or whether there is a  bug somewhere (I got an error message when i tried
reset password after all), but if you could look into this that would be for the time being I'm probably just going to say "bugger social gaming" and play single player with no   account set.

edit: okay above stated operation "bugger social gaming" actually works quite well.  though obviously if I do decide to try a multiplayer game having a random guest id probably won't be friendly.

I  also am not sure on a chat function using the on screen keyboard, though admitedly I might dig out my bluetooth keyboard for this one.

The games hwoever are rather fun, I quite enjoy  word builder, though was a little disappointed when it g gave me the letters d n and a, and yet didn't recognize dna, the acronym for Deoxyribonucleic acid, the name "dan" or indeed the word nad, the  singular form of nads (though in fairness I don't know if that is a  completely cromulant word).

I rather like pirate poker, though have only tried word war and not battlecats myself, which is very hard on old  Heman big_smile.

Sory for the frustration in the  above message, I do admit I have a cold and am not feeling  great right now, though  hopefully I'll be able to add the game to our database  the very near future.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2018-01-09 04:04:01

keep us posted on this one and make sure we hear of your updates here. Not everyone gets on Applevis, especially since  Android is getting better for us.

Also, a couple more ideas for things you could sell us, some for real money and some maybe to get us to use our gold for more things, which I think is lacking right now.

1. soundpacks: these packs would alter the sounds some games made, for example, you could purchase hiss sounds for battlecats or other artillery sounds or bugle calls to sometimes sound in word war or other tool sounds for word builder. Also for the visually inclined, you could sell alternate skins to the decks of cards for your card games, maybe have a spooky one around Halloween, make the cards look like they are woodcuts or made of papyrus, or something like that.

For the dice game, allow players to buy other dice. These would not be different mechanically but would make different sound effects or, again for the visual players, look different.

Also, depending on how your model is going, maybe even sell the same item for either gold or real money. The gold option would take much longer and the price would be relatively high for what the item is. The money price would allow much more immediate gratification and a lot of people might go for that to get something really cool they wanted. With sales or other things that would reduce the price in real money for a time, you could get people excited. Also, even if they go the gold route, they'll be playing a lot more or watching videos to earn gold so you still win.

Lastly, people might want to make their user page their own so you could sell customized player screens to them. For example, a cat lover might want their screen to reflect that and so you could sell them a template that makes their user profile screen battle-cat themed. Likewise, someone might want the pirate casino thing going and you could sell them a pirate poker theme that they would apply. Also, you could  do other things like sell titles to people. Basically, when you had just Word War, the levels were named based on military rank. Do that with all your games and people could turn on instead of saying level 4 alone in their information, it would say level 4: junior contractor, or something like that for someone who bought a word builder set of titles. If you have a fixed level cap in the game where you can't get any more experience, you'll have to make up new names for what you have when you create higher levels, and if it is open ended, just create new categories up higher with wider ranges every now and then.

lastly, earlier I said I thought that there should be more to do in Word Builder that might bring in a multiplayer element. I have a few ideas.

1. The players are given a moderately-difficult randomly-assigned puzzle and are timed in how long it takes them to win.
2. The players are given a randomly assigned puzzle (both the same one to be fair) an given a limited amount of time to get as many of the words as they can, not being allowed to play any farther when time runs out and should some player finish first, they win if they complete it.
3. the players are each given 3 puzzles (the same to each) and are supposed to work in a set amount of time to complete them, overall score at the end of the three puzzles matters, so even if one doesn't finish all of them but the other does, that first one might still win because they found a lot of hidden words.

I just think playing word builder completely by oneself wastes some of its potential.

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2018-01-09 08:33:19

I have briefly looked at the game, and I'm really impressed about the Voiceover accessibility.
But, is it just me, or are those 5 games only word games? I must at mid that word games is not my cop of tea in english, since english isn't my main language...

Best regards SLJ.
If you like the post, then please give it a thumps up.
Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D

2018-01-09 15:52:01

3 of the games are word games, the other two are card games that play Casino style and this is only the beginning. Soon there will be Roulette, a trivia game, and a dice game of some sort. So there ought to be things coming up you'll enjoy.

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2018-01-09 16:53:16

I'll be looking forward to that trivia game myself though  thus far I do enjoy word builder.

If we can sort the login issue, it might  also be something Mrs. dark enjoys since she like s anagrams and word games.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2018-01-09 18:47:25

login isn't a big deal for me personally, but I have to report another bug.

I've been doing a lot of PvP from word war this morning and when I got back to the homescreen to check on my progress. Activity feed and "Their turn" got mixed up somehow. When I pressed, "Activity Feed," it brought up the fact that there were still games in progress where it showed what people were doing, and when I hit "Their Turn" button, it brought me to the activity feed.

Also, not sure if this is a bug but when I got done doing a 9-word timed game and went back to the possible opponents list, when I selected a new opponent, it wouldn't let me actually challenge them unless I went back to the base home screen for word war (where you select single vs pvp games) and selected multiplayer again.

One time I didn't know about having to do that and got on someone's user page and couldn't leave so I had to close the app.

lastly, another thing I'd like to see in the game is something coming up where we can play together. and not just against one another. co-op gaming for me is far more fun than PVP..

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2018-01-10 01:31:30


A few things:

(1) First I wanted to say thanks for the support.  We are a two man shop and appreciate every user we get. Thanks for playing!

(2) For those finding bugs, for the best response please use the feedback button on the settings page. It sends us your device info to help us speed up the debugging process.  Also on the topic of bugs, please keep in mind that this is a first version and there will be bugs.  We will get them turned around as fast as we can, but there will be bugs so please be patient.

(3) Login issues.  If you have played (and still have installed) Word War or Battle Cats you will need to delete before opening Hubboodle if you want to log in with social media.  Facebook and Twitter will open word war or battle cats instead of Huboodle if both are installed.  We have retired Word War and Battle Cats since both are included with Huboodle.  Also the password reset is only for those using email to login, you can't reset your social media password from our game.  If you have never played before and want to use email you can play as a guest and then go in at anytime to the settings page and update your email and password.   If still having issues, please use the feedback button on the settings page and let us know what you are experiencing and we will get you set up.

(4) We will be releasing regular updates so keep taking updates to ensure you have the latest and greatest.  In fact, the app store should have our latest release with several bug fixes in the next 48 hours (waiting for Apple approval). Future Huboodle releases will also include new accessible games such as Trivia Trail, Roulette, Oregon Zombie Trail, and a dice battle game that are all in the works.

Thanks again for playing!

-AppA11y Team

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