2017-10-30 18:13:03

oh yes i want ff8 when i know how it works i want try to make it accessible

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2017-10-30 18:20:04

@pulseman45 Yeah, I want to play these as well, it is actually my dream and I hope someone will figure it out.

The battle system could be a bit tricky but doable I believe, what about exploring the maps etc?

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2017-10-30 18:31:51 (edited by pulseman45 2017-10-30 18:39:48)

About exploring the maps, I guess it would already be fine if SoniFight can do what's done in Pokemon, that's to say play a sample when the player can't advance more in a certain direction, and play another sound when entering a new area. Then more details might be added like in Braillemon and Manamon, such as playing a loop when close to a new area, etc. I don't know how much of it can be done but I guess it's essentially that, except for some specific puzzles and sequences. I wonder how frustrating the opera sequence of Final Fantasy VI would be if it ever becomes playable, unless the time window for choosing the right lyrics isn't as small as I think it is.

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2017-10-30 19:38:42

I return with an update for my situation. The PointerChainTester thankfully does not crash anymore, but when connecting it to the Street Fighter process and inputting the chain to the menu text, no text (or any other data for that matter) is returned. Is it possible that the chain is not pointing to the menu text in my instance? I'm going to try and use CheatEngine to see if I can find some chains.

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2017-10-30 22:59:44

Hello, sorry about my question, it's not realy the topic... but someone would like to explain Killer INstinct's différents menus to me ?

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2017-10-31 01:11:05

Pulseman, I wonder if their is something like in ffx2 for the older games?  That is, go to options, and change the battle system to wait. It won't wait while on the main options list, but if you go into skills or black magic, everything freezes.

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2017-10-31 03:30:53

I still don't get how the menus were able to be spoken. I really don't get it at all.

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2017-10-31 04:17:11 (edited by blindndangerous 2017-10-31 04:18:18)

So we've got mk9, how hard would it be to get started with Injustice/injustice2 when it's released for Steam, or MKX?  We've got the watches/triggers, I don't think that they've changed too much for mkx, all we need is to find the new values and go from there. Same with Injustice. Also, I think we might wanna make a new github repo for configs, or at least a new topic. I don't know if you want to add all the configs that people add into the official release? Or maybe that would be the best, I'm not sure. But my suggestion would be to make a separate github repo for them. Then just merge.

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2017-10-31 07:35:08 (edited by cj89 2017-10-31 07:36:53)

If the plan was to eventually try something like Final Fantasy, I wonder if 7 would be a good one to start with? Just because it's on PC (pretty sure there's a steam version). Actually, I just checked steam and there definitely is. That sounds like a looooooot of work though, that thing is a huge game, especially for it's day.


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2017-10-31 09:50:27

Given FFVII's popularity, I wouldn't be surprised if there has been some memory mapping done already. Then again, given the nature of the beast, I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't the case, especially since we'd be talking about the PC version, and I expect most information to be for the original console versions.

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2017-10-31 10:02:03 (edited by pulseman45 2017-10-31 10:02:57)

@56 I think the "wait" option you spoke about was also there in older Final Fantasy games, and that's indeed something to consider.
Also almost all the FF series is on steam, but I don't know how popular these versions are, probably not as much as on console. If I go back to Final Fantasy VI, making a profile for the steam version would probably be the most interesting choice, as it's essentially the GBA version with SNES audio, but I'm not sure this version is very popular and how much has been done with it, so doing a profile via emulator may become the easier choice when it becomes possible.

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2017-11-01 01:37:07

@49 - SoniFight doesn't do anything with saved key bindings for games. I assume you're talking about changing the buttons in SF4 - to do so, go to the Options menu then Button Config, then navigate to the button you want to change, hit enter and then press your new button, then hit escape to exit back to the options menu. The new key should be saved. If the key you choose is currently bound to something there will be a pop-up menu saying this, which unfortunately is not sonified yet. The default option is No (don't change), so you'd have to press up once and then enter to select Yes for the change to be made.

@54 - I'm not sure why entering the chain does not show any data in the values field when browsing the main menu. Please be aware that you have to actually be on the main menu for the main menu 'submenu text' to be available - you can't just be in a round or on a different menu or such.

2017-11-01 06:24:20

Is there any free games I can get to use this?

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2017-11-01 08:02:07

hurstseth405 wrote:

Is there any free games I can get to use this?

Killer Instinct is free to play, but the KI (Windows Store edition) config is only proof of concept at the moment so you wouldn't get much out of it.

The other two games currently supported (SF4 and MK9) have much better configs, and aren't particularly expensive. If you were interested, Ultra Street Fighter 4 is $5.74USD at Gamers Gate (deal lasts for another day or so) and Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition can be picked up for $4.99USD directly from Steam at the moment.

2017-11-02 23:15:18

I've tried this program out with Ultra Street Fighter IV, and I've only got a few things to work. Pretty cool overall though. The only thing that is really annoying to me is the really loud wind sounds you hear, when playing arcade mode.
Things I gotten to work:
1: When I'm on the character select screen, the characters do read out. I can also get the color number, costume number, and quote numbers to read out as well.
This next thing isn't the fault of the config but, I'd like to put it in here anyway. Because I've purchased extra costumes for all the characters, the config does not read these out to me, and I understand why.
I can't however, get the ultras to read out so, I still don't know which ultra combo I've selected.
2: The meter gain, and life bars all read out fine. But, as a long time player of street fighter, I'd rather not have those in, because they are a bit distracting.
This brings me to my next point.
There is a really loud wind sound when I'm playing arcade mode, and I'm not sure what it is. I can confirm that it's not a part of the stage ambiance. I'm guessing that it tells you when you are close or far away from your opponent? I'm not too sure on that though. Anyway, good work so far.

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2017-11-03 01:31:06

If you've read the manual, which I recommend you do, you'd know that any triggers you don't need can be disabled (i.e. the health bars, wind sounds etc).

Just saying.  Did the menus and such work for you as well?

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2017-11-03 04:15:49

No, no menus worked for me. I just remember what they are, and have a few menu guides.

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2017-11-03 19:05:11

With regards to folks wanting to create configs for Final fantasy games, this is a very long way off.  But if anyone really would like to start I would suggest using the PC versions of the games.  Emulators force you to figure a great deal more in order to determine memory addresses.  It would therefore take a long time before emulator support is added to the application.  Furthermore, most of the values that are important, such as which menu item the cursor is currently pointing to, would never be documented on the PSX versions memory mapping simply because no one wants to manipulate that value. 
Also, if we are talking about FF7, most of the values, not addresses, for items and materia are the same as the PSX version.  In fact, there is a whole guide to all the different values in the game on gamefaqs.  The guide includes health values, limit bars, item slots and numbers, materia and character stats.  If you had the time and could figure out the pointer chains for the menu items I think it would not be hard to label every single menu item in that game.  It would take a huge amount of work though.

There are limitations and issues which have to be taken into account though.  Some values in those games would be very hard to track and even harder to create triggers for.  In fact, I think it might be impossible to create triggers for them in the program's current state.  For example, the amount of damage one does when hitting an enemy.  This is very important and without a sound or reading out of the value there is no way to tell if your magic or physical attacks are even doing any damage or even healing the enemy.  Well, that is assuming the damage value is an integer and not a string which merely displays the result of a calculation... I have never messed around with memory addresses with this kind of depth before and I am not sure how a value like that would work.

I don't have the game on PC and I can't see the values anymore, otherwise I would have tried it.  With all the resources available on FF7 it is a good candidate, but I think anyone who wants to attempt working on it should wait for some updates to Sonifight first.

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2017-11-04 11:13:44

I would agree with 68. I think that some of us are jumping way ahead of the projects current state. Having goals that huge is great, but let's start with something smaller before tackling something like FF.

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2017-11-04 12:47:56

Oh absolutely, I think people were just getting excited about the potential for such things, however far down the road that may be.


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2017-11-04 14:38:09

I'm trying my best to learn how it works to make a game more playable, but it's very difficult for me...
I have downloaded a game, where my first goal is to make such I can check the players health. But I don't get how to search for the health number, which I assume is 100.
I open the games process into the game cheater engine, and then I get stuck. When I choose first scan, I'm told to fill in some information. But what information, and where?
If I manage to search for data from the game, how do I then know if I have found the right number? Simply by getting hit, scan again and see what number has changed?
The documentation is very well written. It's just me who find it very difficult. I think, as soon as I have get started and got the basics, then I hope I'll get how it works, and learn by reading the documentation.
So, if I manage to find the health number, do I then need to create a watch, then a tricker which speaks out the health when pressing a key? I just wanna start by making something simple and then move on to something more advanced. Or maybe it's easier to make a tricker which says health low?
Damn I can't wait to see what information the cheat engine is able to get from the game so I can see what's possible to make more playable... This is the first time I'm playing with a cheat engine, so I have no idea on how much data it can get from games etc.

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2017-11-04 19:48:14

@70: Exactly, <of course I didn't mean it should be done here and now, and it may be indeed better to wait for updates, but from what I could understand it at least has the potential to make it happen. And yes, getting all useful information to be spoken during a battle in FF is probably very tricky even without considering what tensoon told us about, needless to say it's going to be a lot of work.

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2017-11-05 02:51:01 (edited by r3dux 2017-11-05 03:54:04)

@65 - Hi Deng, The likely reason that menus don't read out is because to identify the active menu option that's currently highlighted a string (i.e. series of characters) comparison is performed against the text that shows up when that option is highlighted, and the comparison is against the english version of the strings, while your menus are likely not in English. I'm afraid I don't have a workaround for that at the moment because I can't find a numerical value that keeps track of the current menu option at present.

In SF4 the costume triggers are 361 to 364 which correspond to outfit number 0, 1, 2 and 3. I didn't have any costumes further than this so left it there. If you went to trigger 364 and then clicked the "Clone Current Trigger" button, then that trigger will be cloned and selected, so you can simply change the Value that trigger looks for from 3 to 4, and then change the tolk output to say "Alternate Costume 4" etc.

Ultras are not sonified in the present config, but there are only 3 options - you start on ultra 1, pressing down will take you to ultra 2, and then pressing down again will take you to "ultra combo" where you have both ultras available but they do less damage when you land them. I'll be adding these ultra triggers in the future.

The wind sound is a continuous trigger that indicates the distance between you and the opponent, and it will also play at a faster rate when the opponent ducks. To disable this either disable trigger 342 and the related modifier trigger 348 (just untick the active checkbox on each then save the config). Alternatively in the first node of the config tree (called "Game Config" - right at the very top of the list of all watches and triggers) you could simply change the "Continuous Trigger Master Volume" to 0 and while the 'wind sound' will still be there, you won't hear it. You could even just put the volume very low like 0.1 so it's still available but not loud enough to annoy you.

@68 - Yeah, I'd say FF7 would be a difficult one to write a config for. Not impossible, but certainly difficult.

@71 - Every game will be different in the initial health value and perhaps even type of value it's strored as (integer, float, short, double, byte etc). I've created a couple of videos which demonstrate using cheat engine which are linked from the documentation (Section 8 - Finding and Using Watches and Triggers - the links are on page 20 of the documentation).

To start finding a pointer chain, you launch cheat engine, connect to the game process, then enter the value to search for into the "Value" textbox (just below and slightly to the right of the "First Scan" button), then select the data type to search for from "Value Type" dropdown (just below that Value textbox - the "4-bytes" type, which is the default, is a reasonable assumption for something like a health value).

I don't know what the initial health value would be for your game and I don't think you can just assume it's 100. If it says the value on the screen then perhaps you can ask someone sighted to tell you what it is, then you search for that, then maybe take a little damage and get told the new health value, then filter down the values that were previously 100 or whatever to only those values which are now the current health value and so on. Once you've repeated this process until you've found the memory address of the health value you pointer scan for it, then close down the game, repeat the same process until you have the new memory address, then filter your pointer list for only those pointers which now point to the new address. This process is repeated until you only have a single, or just a few pointer chains, one or more of which can be used in a watch to consistently locate your value of interest. I'd recommend checking out the videos I made which go through and discuss the process.

Triggers currently don't speak out the health value when you hit a key (although there's no reason I couldn't make the program do that, if it was a feature people wanted) - they typically only play a sample or output something to the screen reader when the trigger's criteria is met, such as less than some value, or equal to a specific value - it will all depend on how you set up the trigger. You can also have multiple triggers that use the same watch, so for example the SF4 config has three triggers which all use the clock watch, and they say "clock 50" when the clock is 50, clock 25 when it's 25 and clock 10 when it's 10. The matching criteria i.e. 50, 25 and 10 is stored in each trigger.

Hope this helps.

2017-11-05 04:07:37

I'm definitely excited by the potential this can bring to mainstream games.

r3dux, would it be possible to add in speech for the audio/sound settings in Street fighter 4 as well as when you press left/right arrows in button config to change layouts? Also, I think adding a key to get info such as health would be helpful. Even though the health might be told once in a while, it can be distracting.

SLJ, one thing that might help in determining health is using NVDA or your screen reader's OCR to figure out the timers that appear on screen. I was able to read a bit of that as well as the menu options  that didn't talk in Street Fighter 4 with NVDA OCR.

Game Man

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2017-11-05 15:39:34

Hey there.
@post 73: I'm sure my menus are all in English.
I also only asked about the ultras being read out because although there are only 2 ultras plus an ultra double, that menu does wrap so, it's sometimes difficult to remember which ultra you are currently on.

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