2017-10-15 19:55:59

So since this map can seem very confusing and impossible at first, I will try to make it a bit easier to understand. Just a note, camera and look commands do not always work at the beginning for some reason.
When you first start, there is a hasard to your right at 4, 0. Jumping it is impossible, so don't try. Instead, go to 2,0 and jump. You should then land on a platform at aproximately 2,7. I can't remember the exact numbers but as long as your y coord is above 0, your good.
Now, jump 1 square to the right. The camera won't show anything directly to your right, but there is a platform slightly above you to the right. If you jump right, you land on it. Then, jump 2 left, and 2 right, and 2 left, and 2 right. Keep that up until you reach 3,33. Then start jumping 1 right repeatedly. You should reach a platform that says "Jump right again" or something. Keep going 1 right. After that square with the message of encouragement, you will jump 1 right and will hear sounds of screaming as if your falling. Just jump right or run right to get away from that, its just a sound source from  what I understand. Once your passed it, its a straight run to the right til you reach the door that takes you to the next level. Enjoy and good luck.

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