2017-10-04 00:44:09

Hi all. So this topic is mostly addressed to the people who no longer play redspot or those who have complaints about the game. There is a huge update for redspot in the works right now that is nearly ready for release. Most things in this update I will hold until release, but I will post a couple of things here as they are some of the biggest complaints I receive about the game.

1. Team OP: In redspot, it is now very hard to get your base up to 150 million health. There is now a diminishing returns system so that once your base is above like 20 million health, wood and medal start effecting it less and less until 1 wood or medal only adds like 110 health to a base. All bases in redspot that currently have 150 million health or very high numbers of health will have there health lowered considerably.
2. Player OP: Tired of players with 670K HP and 2000 shielded shots coming after you when you just logged on? The following things have been done to address this issue. A. A diminishing returns system has been put in place for health and shields. Once you get high on health, health items will start effecting you less and less. B. A newbie timer. When you log onto the game, you have a few minutes to go around and collect items. It's not perfect, but it gives you a chance. When in this mode no one can hit you with bullets. Only bombs can hurt you, mainly so that a newbie can't go blow up barricade bombs.
3. Item grabbing: They have been changed now. No longer can you get extremely powerful by sitting and grabbing. Grabbers now grab in a radius. This means that you have to move around to keep grabbing.
4. Bugs: This update fixes at least 20 bugs, loopholes, exploits, etc. Including but not limited to the team system, linkdead, afk, etc.
I hope these things show you that I'm trying to steer redspot into a better direction. The update release time is classified but set, so anything huge may not be added, however I am making this topic because I am intrested to know your experiences and why you no longer play the game, or dislike the game. If it's something I can do that is reasonable, I will most likely add it into the update. Note that answers written in a bad way will most likely be ignored, however all answers wrote in a calm constructive way will all at the very least be considered.

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2017-10-04 01:22:19

One thing that I've noticed is that when launching the game for the first time and using items, I'll get 2-4 seconds of lag for the first sound. This means activating an item of my own, or hearing any sound in the game whether I'm being hit, or whether it's another player that is using an item near me. Once that first time is done, it's fine however.
I've also noticed that I cannot set my favorite items anymore with control+alt+arrows. I've tried on two different keyboards, thinking that it's because I had to do some rearranging of my keys for a keyboard I have, but nothing I do will work. 
Should you need an audio sample of these problems, I'll be happy to make one for you.

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2017-10-04 01:28:48

The reason for the control alt arrows not working is generally intel's graphics. By default, Intel sets control alt arrows to flip your screen. In order to fix, you need to go to intel graphics in your tray, right click, go down to graphics options, hotkeys, and disable them.

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2017-10-04 01:37:56

I think that:
1. Robots should not exist anymore. They just cause a bunch of lag
2. The favorite items thing, shift + arrows should set and alt arrows use.

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2017-10-04 02:05:10

Well back when I played it for a bit, there was an issue where sometimes you'd walk into a base with your stuff and the game would hard crash, as in, not give the BGT traceback screen thing, but just crash and give the windows app stopped working thing. That was annoying, but maybe its no longer an issue. Another thing is when someone is decked out, they're nearly untouchable, which I guess is good, but it makes it harder when people like that go for you.

My main complaint, and the reason I will never play, well frankly, any of your games ever again is the drama surrounding them. Right or wrong, there is just too much ridiculousness going on and that's a turn off for me. While I've not had any problems, I kinda have a distrust of the admin team now.

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2017-10-04 02:24:43 (edited by blindndangerous 2017-10-04 02:29:36)

As requested on twitter, here's the link for the lag bug. I can try and get more instances of this, it's just a little tough to grab as it's only happening on first use.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/6e1cczw6vh8ci … g.wav?dl=0
One thing that Goldfingas recomended was to have the map refresh every hour or so like Quake and Halo did. This way it would break the endless cycle of people getting huge stockpiles of items.
Two other things I would like to see is another way to get rid of barricade bombs, apart from concussive grenades and parachutes, and item grabbers not taking everything and leaving only item grabbers to spawn on the map. Though I guess the radius item grabbing might fix that second problem.
Going on the robot comments, I'd like to see the robots be able to climb, if not the towers, then the mountain.  As it stands now, you can jump up on the mountain a bit, not even all the way up and be safe from robots. Or, have the robots circle around the tower waiting for you to come down.  I also don't understand why robots will not set off the bombs. Unless it's only thermal heat signatures causing them to activate, I'd like to send robot scouts around and have them start the bombs countdown.

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2017-10-04 02:53:07

Some things I don|t like about the game are.
1: the open map.
Thing is, you have a lot of climbable surfaces, but not really a place to hunker down and observe the battlefield to start your approach.
I am not a person who goes in guns blazing, I am liking the tacticle approach better, getting an idea on what's going on and reacting appropriately.
What you could do is implement a building for example with different rooms and corners where you can get behind and work from there so that the brute force approach is not always the only one.
2: Unlimited magazine size?
I don't know if you might have implemented it by now, but during the times I played the game, it was so that when you had like 100 bullets for the rifle, you could just shoot and shoot and shoot without any problems till your bullets ran out, same for all other weapons.
What would be good if clip sizes are added so you have to reload your weapon from time to time, giving for example newer players a better chance on recoordinating them selves and start an assault.
For example, a machine gun, if we for example talk about SMG's like a Uzi, Tek9, or H'K U M P 5 you have a clip of 30 rounds, bigger ones like an m16 or similar, calculate 50 rounds.
just some ideas from me.
Greetings Moritz.

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2017-10-04 03:02:19

The biggest thing for me is that a lot of times when I start the game, i'll play for a bit and everything will be fine, however at some point all weapon sounds, checking health with the h key, and chatting well no longer work. After a few seconds, the gme simply crashes with out warning and returns me to the redspot folder.
As for robots I don't think they should be removed, however I think making them more intelegent would be nice, like if you could select an order from a menu when you first launch one or something. Also they should be able to attack each other, because right now its weird how they can only attack players.

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2017-10-04 03:13:00

Heh that's cool actually, like if you have a robot after you, you could send your own robot to try to deal with it. Maybe you could also have software updaters as items. You use one, and if you have a robot, it becomes an upgraded robot. Upgraded robots could be just a bit faster, a little more accurate, and maybe they could climb. That way, if you had an updated robot, you could send it out.

Also another thing regarding those is maybe you could get a remote item, it is like a usable device for issuing orders, you could have orders like seek and destroy, basically what they do now. Follow me, a mode where it sticks nearby and tries to protect you if other players get too near, but the drawback is if you start moving too fast, you'll easily outrun it, and it'll have to trundle behind you a ways. You could also have stand and guard, a feature that puts the robot on your position, and scans 360 for threats.

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2017-10-04 03:35:17

The main reason why  I haven't played is... well it doesn't seem to work with JAWS anymore, lol. I really don't want to have to switch screen readers every time.

Also it seems to lag out horribly on my machine now. Not server lag, it makes my whole machine lag.

The main menu music is also holy cow loud, making it difficult to hear speech.

Hopefully those new changes make gameplay better. Good luck!

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2017-10-04 03:39:29

I also second the idea for magazine clips.  Then we have to reload our guns so we can't just fire constantly.

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2017-10-04 03:42:15

Hi. I'm liking the feedback. A lot of the suggestions have already been implomented actually. I won't say what ones, but a lot have. I'll let you know if I add your suggestion. smile

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2017-10-04 04:03:16

drac. For the main menu music, hold down page down to turn it sown. As for game lag, try turning off the 3d sound system in the options menu. I can't wait to see what yall think of this upcoming update. I can tell you a lot of the suggestions in here are already present. smile

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2017-10-04 04:17:18

Ok, here's my opinion on robots. Yes, they suck right now. They're pretty much useless. In order to make them a somewhat useful item, they would need to have their damage raised considerably, be a lot more intelligent, and yes, to not be able to fly like iron man. The second and third of these are both extremely irritating to code. In order to make robots be worth using, they'll need to be smarter. This means teaching them about different types of bombs, their distances and how to avoid them. Drop a mass bomb, it's gotta run 50 tiles away. A pipe bomb, it's gotta side step a few feet, etc etc. If you want them to climb realistically, it means they need to know where to climb. What if a player jumps off a tower to escape a robot? Right now, since they plot the shortest possible distance to their target, robots can float down to meet you. That's hardly fair, so they need to be able to fall. But then you could just jump off towers to escape robots and send them plunging to their fiery deaths. That's not ideal either. So they need to be able to climb. But how does a computer know how to climb. By plotting a path from where it currently is to the ground without crossing any air tiles. That's hard to code and takes a lot of computing resources. And that's just climbing and basic survival guys. Making robots set off bombs and target each other shouldn't be hard, but accepting orders? My head hurts for Sam just to think of it. Do you guys really want all this time devoted to AI development in an FPS? I really don't think it's worth it. I'd rather just see robots join jets in the item graveyard. As they are right now, they're nothing but lag tools for players. Since they're fairly cheap in the store, base owners will use them to cause horrendous sluggishness for people and kill them off while their net is staggering. To make them worth having around, they'd need the updates listed above, and probably more that isn't clear right now. I honestly don't think it's worth having that kind of AI in a pure pk game, as it would further discourage players from actually practicing and getting better.

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2017-10-04 04:50:58

Agreed with 15. Imho, robots did in fact use to be fun things to mess around with, but now even if you launch 3 or 4, they cause the game of the victim to just flat die. As in, the only way the victim can get their ping back is to go link dead, and come back into the game hammering the control key. You can lose thousands of hp and all your shields from just 3, 4 robots maybe, because even after you've been steady jumping for two minutes and have made it some odd 300 tiles from your previous location, they're still some how hitting you.
I speak from experience when saying all this.

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2017-10-04 05:01:42

Somebody said they stopped playing because jaws didn't work? That's weird, it works fine for me.

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2017-10-04 05:05:18

My biggest thing I want to see in Redspot is a more interesting map. Right now, it's so huge, but not very many landmarks to fill up the area.

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2017-10-04 05:54:29

I agree with the last post. Not to bring up old wounds or anything, but the thing I liked best about games like Ultra Power was the ability to explore and find new things. This game sort of has that, given the face you can climb a mountain, but that aside, there really is just a lot of open space and not much else. My one suggestion, I think, is a less grounded combat system and faster jump speeds. I know this game isn't meant to be run away from your opponent, but I feel very locked down whenever I'm trying to dodge, as if it takes wayyyyy too long for my character to shift positions. I know that candy bars help this slightly, but I think what could be cool is every time you log on, you can choose a LOCKED (Note: Locked in all caps) Stats configuration that better suits your playstyle. What I mean by locked is, you cannot upgrade these stats, thus at least somewhat diminishing balance issues.
  For example: If you are a very grounded, shoot and shoot kind of player, have a configuration that starts them out with say ten shielded shots and 1200 health with the speed we have now. But if you are the chip damage type, who likes to jump and pop off shots at strategic times, give them the default stats with a slightly higher speed.
  I understand this might be tricky to code and could slightly disrupt the balance of the game if not done right, but that is what I think could work. Also, I think there are some issues for me with the inventory. I think it would be nice if you could have two separate pouches for your items in a menu: One for your building materials, the other for your destroying materials. I might just get back into Redspot to check out the new update. Best of luck to you, and I am pleased to hear you are addressing these balance issues.


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2017-10-04 07:40:57

Hey Sam!
I am really happy you have done something to know you are listening to us, players:
So the only problem I have is the unfair administration: some of my friends were just banned without an obvious reason.

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2017-10-04 07:51:07

The main reason for I don't play is because I think people can be way too much overpowered. It's great to see that you're doing something about this. I think I'm more into quick matches when it comes to pvp. I mean, games where your health only goes up to 100% and where you are ment to die quickly. In Redspot, you can kind of keep building your character if you are good enough, until you die. If you have worked for hours to get items, get more health etc. and you die, you'll really feel you have lost a lot of stuff. I would like if the gameplay changes to more like a quick match, where you are ment to die fast, but you could for example work to get rewards, points or other things to keep playing. But that would be an extreme change of the gameplay, which a lot of people might not like.
Then, I wish there was a kind of savezone where you could stay and rest, chat with the other players etc. I don't like that you are trying to communicate with other players, and suddenly, someone sneaks up on you and boom...
I'm glad to see that you are actually listening for any feedback people might have, and I look forward to see what changes and new things there will come in the update. Keep up the great job. Remember: It's impossible to make a game which fits everyone. smile

Best regards SLJ.
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2017-10-04 08:15:32

That is an interesting topic. Now, the biggest reason, why I stopped playing RS is, that it is very unbalanced so far. It is nice to see that you are trying to do something about that. Maybe the current health limit is set a bit high, but that needs to be seen.
Another thing, that may help balancing the game out more, would be maybe removing some of the explosives. I mean, there are timebombs, massbombs, suicide bombs, grenades, rockets and probably many more items, that make things go boom.
And here is another suggestion, that will probably make a lot of players cry out in rage :-). Maybe it would be good, to not have all the weapons when you log in. Maybe a close-combat weapon and one gun would be enough for starters.
Now, regarding the robots. I agree, that it might be best, to take them out of the game completely. Coding in updates for them would make them a bit too powerful in my opinion.
A map with more details would be great too. Having buildings for hiding in would be nice...

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2017-10-04 08:59:24

The main reason I stopped playing was the attitude of the admins, on sevral occasions I saw players asking for help and would just get abused and called a f*cking newb or something like that

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2017-10-04 11:21:22

just drive on, Sir Sam.
Robots should really be allot faster/ inteligent, like someone said follow me or stand on my position, etc. And, robots can climb,but they don't climb, they more like rize into the sky to get you, witch kind of stupid, because robots, like any other living thing with out wings, cant just fly in the aer. big_smile
I don't see anything problematic with the map, but it would be allittle bit more interesting, or maybe like on stw, have more maps so you can kill someone in menny areas, that would be very, very interesting!
This decreasing of points that wood/metal or health items give is fantastic, but I think that mutch better would be the health shielded shots and base health limit, because then with this it would only be slower, and after a few hours they will still get items. About radias Item grabbing, yeah, If you buy loads of grabbers and you can just sit on a tower and there you just press enter like every 30 seconds, I meen, everyone can do that.
and, are going to return the jets back into the game? I meen, those jets in earlier versions, Yes, we have propoltion jets, but it would be mutch better having a jet with missiles and stuf. BTW Are we going to get some items like bidkoins when we kill a player? Or get all of his Items, I meen, if you kill someone, they should be corpses, should there be? big_smile@slj I agree that we should have some kind of quick match, Maybe like on RTR where you just, shoot and kill, and try not to dy. I meen, if you are building up your character, shouldn't it be a strategy? lol off corse not but, I think that's what most people expect from an FPS.
and, here is something else. I think that we should have bidkoins, that we should get normal koins and just use them to buy items at the store, so nobody can steel them. using bidkoins in the store can be allittle bit problematic, For example you put them in there, someone blasts you with something, then uses it all to get for him self loads of stuf.

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2017-10-04 15:41:29

Why I don't play redspot, in no particular order.  NOte that all or some of these I could handle on their own, but the combination is the key, here:
1.  Players are immature, spamming, children I don't have time for.  Let me also state that there are, or were, some pretty awesome players on there.  This doesn't apply to everyone.  But the atmosphere of the playerbase, I just don't care for.  If I turn off chat, I'm fine.
2.  There's too many items, not enough point to most of them. Grenades/pipe bombs, kinda the same thing.  bullet bombs/mines/claymores/sat bombs/barricade bombs/...  To me, the 5000 items is a little overwhelming and makes it feel, messy.  Instead of let's make what we have awesome, let's keep adding stuff!  #cosmicRageProblems.  It's starting to detract from the game.
3. No objective. No way to have little minigames or a winning objective.  It's fantastic to run around and murder, but Call of Duty, Halo, etcetera, all have some sort of end goal in their games -- capture the flag, capture the base, etcetera, after which it starts over.
4. Introduction of bases just turned the game into imma grind, just like everything else. 
5. I just....got bored, moved on.  Not your fault, just....needed another game for a while.  It just turns out that, after that while, I didn't miss Redspot.

I'll probably check out the new update, why the heck not!  I might even play for a while.  But those are the reasons I don't log in to redspot as often as I used to.

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2017-10-04 17:04:13

I hate to say it, but with robots and things, you can't develop an AI intelligent enough to do what you all want it to do. That takes a hell of a lot of mathematical algorithms and machine learning, ad while BGT just might be able to accomplish the mathematics part (albeit using incredibly difficult workarounds) the machine learning is out of the question. It simply isn't possible in BGT, and if BGT is never updated again -- which seems to be in evidence -- then it never will be. This is why I promote real programming languages -- if this game had been written in a programming language then intelligent robots wouldn't be impossible, just difficult.

"On two occasions I have been asked [by members of Parliament!]: 'Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out ?' I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question."    — Charles Babbage.

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