2020-05-13 10:07:35

I actually agree with that, until it is made accessible, this should moved to general game discussion. The topic kinds sticks out here, and I'm a little surprised it hasn't been relocated yet.

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2020-05-18 20:35:48

Ghaith wrote:

Hello, how can I play the game using voice over, whenever I launch it, and try swiping right and left, nothing happens, even the voice overs edge signle doesn't play, what do I need to do?

all you need to doo is turn off your screan reader and keep tapping anywhere on the screan, until you hear an intro sequence. lol

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2020-05-19 00:50:27


@Indonesian Gamer so is the game playable now?

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2020-05-21 08:57:08

@Indonesian Gamer, stop hyping up that the game has accessibility because it does not yet.

The TTS mode does not exist and it reads things that the MC writes down on paper, reads you choices, etc. So no, it's not playable yet.

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2020-05-21 23:25:28

yes, the game Is not accesible, and I'm not saying it's playable. I only said that this was a good game, and you can play it if you want, well, if you don't mine clicking a random, and, sometimes, wrong choices, over and over again.

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