2019-08-06 00:45:54

Hello! I'm finally able to play the game and would like for my character to start a colony. I'm trying to do everything by myself.. I assume I would need to epecialize in exploring planets then find a planet to colonise?

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2019-08-06 01:03:56

you can't do everything by yourself. the game is designed with cooperative play at the core.

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2019-08-06 01:08:22

I wish you can have multiple characters. I like solo play for the most part, but it seems this game really depends on the whole faction thing, even if you're an only member.

Also, if you're not good at marketing your faction when players probably have their groups, promoting may be an issue. That's why I wish that, should you choose an option, the game can select an open, recruiting faction that has a low population or maybe a faction that needs members for your character at the beginning of the game.

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2019-08-06 01:25:12

yeah i must admit i like solo play. that way if there's a screw up then you only have yourself to blame. the faction i was in had a couple rogue elements which ended up in costing all our ships including an advanced tanker of mine which i brought to the faction i might add but i worked really hard to get to the point of having that particular upgraded ship. took me weeks of work and because of a couple spotty nose kids i lost weeks of work in a matter of minutes because all our technology was impounded by transgov. as a result, respected members of our faction left because we looked like a joke, the 2 who caused all the shit left as well leaving 3 maybe 4 of us to try picking up the peaces. well after a while i became so disheartened i left the game. it's a shame because it is a good game with tons of potential but all it takes is 1 stupid moron to spoil it for the whole faction.

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2019-08-06 09:58:43

@caio Indeed, if you want to be a colonist you would need to specialise in exploring and then unlock the colonist master skill and purchase the colony ship.

@orin the game will sometimes suggest 'lonely factions', these are factions that are active but only have one player. You can also view these visiting computer > faction > switch faction > lonely factions, this will provide a list of lonely factions closest to you, which you can request to join (or message the leader).

@darren I remember that spectacle with New Dawn Corporation, that is an outlier for sure, but having factions mates you can rely on is a must. On the bright side NDC seemed to have bounced back - they have far more members now and have rose to be the third most powerful faction in the game, josling for second spot with another.

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2019-08-06 10:59:16

really? are they still with OEC? yeah that whole thing with ndc really did put me off sadly.

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2019-08-06 11:07:24 (edited by TextSpaced 2019-08-06 11:14:21)

If you mean are they allied, yes they are. OEC are still number 1 with continuum in number 2 and NDC number 3.


Your faction was also very worried about you, they thought something terrible had happened to you, like you died or something.

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2019-08-07 15:36:55

Oh, another thing.. In other ships like specialised ships and larger models, I notice that it takes really, really long for them to move to another point in space due to the drive only charging one point per hour. Is there a way to wait less? One point per hour makes things really, really slow.

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2019-08-08 18:48:21

@caio Yes, you can purchase or craft overchargers which are a type of port. This increases how many light years you recharge each cycle.

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2019-08-13 06:12:14 (edited by Caccio72 2019-08-13 06:16:55)

Are you using, or have you tried using the mobile version of Facebook?

I am not saying it's fully screenreader-accessible either, but it is much easier for me to use than the "normal" one.
(except when I wish to post to its message-wall, or however it's called with the question "What's on your mind?", that I cannot access, and must do it from the "normal" FB version instead, but this indeed is the only one exception)

And if any, then TextSpaced is a game really worth familiarizing us with the usage of mobile FB and its messenger, as much as we can, even if we intend to use them only to play that single game, believe me, it's way worth the effort!
(and I am writing this while not being allowed to even play it :very, very sad face)

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