2018-09-17 10:43:20

hi, how about some sort of trading comodity computer that can check the best prices for comodities either bought or sold? the docking computer would check:
1. known sectors.
2. sectors in a specific range IE you could set a range of your max drive range?

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2018-09-17 11:15:19

Hi Darren, you can check the current exchange rates for commodities by selecting Computer > News

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2018-09-17 13:22:32

ok cool, but i was more thinking of perhaps buying and selling from station to station. doing more traditional trading more so than mining and selling for example.

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2018-09-17 16:04:37


to anybody especially those that are using nvda.
i'm using messenger with crome to play the game. for whatever reason nvda keeps jumping about, i can do the necessary on the game but it's most annoying to have to keep fighting with messenger to keep it from trying to enter in on the message too field when i simply wish to click on a button.

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2018-09-17 21:14:06

@darren you can do this if you like, different merchants will give you different prices based on the availability on the commodity in the local area, but the best places for this you’ll have to discover. Moreover, if you choose to specialising in a mining master skills or terraforming you’ll have access to ingredients as well, which there are many more of and have a much more volatile and localised exchange.

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2018-09-17 21:43:50

hi text space,
that's why i was thinking along the lines of a trading commodities computer. if the econamy is supply and demand driven then it will keep you on the move anyway. make it a crafted item only that can go onto certain ship types. so you would focus on that way of living whilst on that specific ship.

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2018-09-18 08:35:27

Hi darren, I think a computer would make it too easy - where players should discover for themselves the best things to trade and craft. Indeed, if you wish, you can craft weapons and equipment both specialist and not to sell. Some merchants will prefer certain types of weapons and equipment, certain damage types etc and it's all based on both a local and galactic exchange based on availability, grade and surplus.

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2018-09-18 21:04:00


the local and faction maps are they screen reader accessible?

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2018-09-18 22:26:17

Hi Darren, they should be yes.

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2018-09-18 22:31:19

when looking in dynamic destinations, what's the difference between uncharted and unexplored? is unexplored systems that you yourself haven't been too and uncharted that nobody has been to? if so then what's the purpose of the frontier? also is there going to be a way of telling where you are in the universe? like a set of universal coords? if there's a center and a frontier then why not a set of coords to denote this?

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2018-09-18 23:00:55

also is there a way you can charge your ship any quicker?

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2018-09-19 07:59:28

Hi Darren. For the maps, I know sometimes the views in game are not always accessible, but you can view them directly by using the dashboard at https://www.textspaced.com/dashboard

The passcode can be found within settings > preferences and following the promots.

TextSpaced is actually one dimensional, the centre of the universe is to the left in the negative direction and the outer reaches to the right in the positive direction, so I’m not sure a coordinate system is needed. This being said, you can move in relative units by typing FTL followed by a space and the number of light years, e.g. “FTL 1” or “FTL -1” using any number you like of course. If you have waypoints set you can also see the distance from them by typing waypoint, the waypoint number and the word distance, e.g. “waypoint 1 distance” typing just waypoint and the number will take you to that waypoint.

For the dynamic destinations, uncharted are planets you personally haven’t fully charted by landing on them and charting them. Unexplored are sectors you haven’t personally been to yet. The frontier are sectors no player has been to yet.

If you are after speed increases for you ship you can purchase or craft overchargers which increase the number of light years you get each charge cycle. If you have faction mates, a faction carrier can also fast charge your ship and their are consumables that can also instantly increase charge.

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2018-09-19 09:53:22

hi textspace,

i didn't know you could type in commands. is there a file that can point me to a list of commands or can you post them here? also is there a way to search for various consumables? i'm assuming that they aren't available at every station?
right now i'm a faction of 1 which i do like.

oh and for the record, i've finally found a way to play textspace on my iPhone that 95% works. i say 95% because i've only flown to places and mined. if people use the firefox browser which is on the app store, you can go to messenger.com and log into messenger that way. the likes of safari just do not work for whatever reason but firefox does. it's a little bit quirky in that you have to put up with it dropping you into the message field every time you perform an action but you can get out of it by clicking the done buttone which you can find easily enough by flicking right of the edit field. i'm not sure if there's a helpfile relating to how to access the game with a screen reader but if there is then you may want to put this little titbit in there.

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2018-09-19 11:04:31

Hi darren.

Yes, the list of macros you can type can be found here: https://textspaced.zendesk.com/hc/en-us … art-Macros

For consumables you find these while exploring or gathering on a planet - you'll have to discover for yourself the best planets for this, for what you need. You can buy them at bazaars but they are very expensive.

And thanks for the info about the screenreader, we'll note that down.

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2018-09-20 11:36:35

ok so i thought of a coords based system that would work. if we're going from left to right then it's an x y axis. well just an x axis. so all we need is a singular set of numbers. the posative numbers increasing going to the right and the negative going to the left. each coord could span x number of sectors. say 10 sectors perhaps. coord 0 is obviously the center which you could then designate. negative coords are going away from the center towards the left which means in essence we could have 2 frontiers.

oh in addition to my earlier message about firefox. in order to get to the login screan of messenger i forgot to tell the steps as to how to do this. at the top near the address bar there is a menu button. click that. then flick down to the (request desktop site and click on it.) this will allow you to get to the login screen. for some reason voiceover won't display the mobile version of the site properly which is why the likes of safari won't work because they won't let you use the desktop version of the site.

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2018-09-20 12:47:16

Hi darren, every sector is measured as one light year. There is no frontier to the left, as players have been as far as they can go. What problem are you trying to solve with the coordinates system, knowing this could help come up with a solution.

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2018-09-20 13:24:47

well apart from solving anything it would just add something to the game. for example, how far away from the centre are you? how far have you realistically travelled? also secondly mission locations. it would be good to be able to know how far you are away from a mission destination.

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2018-09-20 16:09:18

Hi darren, that's interesting. If you want to see how far you are from a point, typing ftl then a space then the name will show the results so you can see the distance, the galactic core has a sector name of "0x0", so typing "ftl 0x0" would give you the distance to the core. Moreover you can also set waypoints and get the distance relative from these by typing "waypoint 1 distance" where the number is the waypoint number in your computer. As far as I know all mission locations have a distance, if you have come across that haven't, I can certainly add it.

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2018-09-20 19:21:31

so what happens then if you try to go beyond the centre? also, going back to charging your ship for a moment, will it only recharge if it is idle? or will it still recharge if you are mining for example. it's a shame that the engineering skill can't help with recharging to some degree. what about exploring planets, do you need any equipment to do this? i've been thinking about giving that a go but not sure if i can do it at my level or not.

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2018-09-21 17:28:55

Hi darren, nobody has made it to the centre, so it will be up to you to find out if you wish.

Your ship will charge whenever it is in open space, so it will recharge while mining, yes. You don't need any equipment to explore a planet, you can land on any planet that doesn't have a shield and begin exploring it.

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2018-09-21 20:34:00

ok cool. i would like to make a mining suggestion, maybe it could be implemented based on skills, but how about the ability to choose what you mine? for example, if you're mining an area that has multiple types of commodity, you could choose to mine 1 commodity over another?

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2018-09-22 07:27:22

Hi Darren,

There is an exotic piece of mining equipment that can do just this, it’s actually on sale at the mechanical fleet right now, however it’s expensive. Of course like all ports in the game, it can also be crafted if you can figure out the recipe.

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2018-09-22 10:46:52

oh i see, lol my bad.

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2018-09-22 18:56:38

with planetary exploration, once you click explore does it do it all for you?

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2018-09-22 18:58:10

Hi Darren, yes, it's an idle activity.

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