2017-02-20 21:47:53

What is the experience like for those blind folk here who've attempted to stream live gameplay or use Twitch?

My current game has a streamer mode for the blind so that they can have graphics for sighted people to keep up with the action with accessibility features intact (most times the graphics are turned off to speed up processing); I was curious to know what the streaming experience is like for you all smile

I personally use OpenBroadcaster software, it's free and connects to twitch easily, and it also produces video files so I could upload later.

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Braillemon last release(stable): https://www.dropbox.com/s/v4n08tale65w8 … 0.zip?dl=1

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2017-02-20 22:15:41

I have some streams on youtube made in Polish language from games like Shank or Karateka, I dont like twith interface so I never tried to stream anythink.
I like youtube, because you can send video from your streams as a letsplay after finishing streaming, but I have heared that twith doesnt have that possibility.

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2017-02-21 01:16:31

I know people use restream to stream to both twitch and ytgaming, twitch works fine if you're blind, just gotta set it up.

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2017-02-21 02:58:44

Once I can get some friends over to help set it up, I might begin streaming Rock Band 4 and showcasing my ineptitude big_smile. But I think that Twitch streaming is pretty fun and seems to be a worthwhile adventure.

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2017-02-21 03:44:45

I have used OBS, but not OBS studio. I have a twitch account mainly for watching streams, not streaming myself thought I might consider it. I don't know the skinny on OBS studio accessibility.

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2017-02-21 08:12:08

I've streamed on twitch a few times. It's not too hard to do. I also know of a few other blind people who do the same.

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2017-02-21 11:21:18

I'll fill everyone in on what I know of OBS Studio's accessibility at the current time.  Last time I used it, it was absolutely abysmal.  But I also think it's written in Java, though I can't be sure.  Basically, it could be improved and hopefully will be in the future, but seems like the devs want to get features up and running first and then maybe introduce accessibility in full?

OBS classic is fine with NVDA, but Studio has so many new improvements that I'd like to get working with it, but unfortunately, as I say, there's a large number of unlabeled and inaccessible parts of the program from what I saw last time I used it.

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2017-02-21 11:57:50

If I remember correctly, joefoegames made a Review of OBS Studio on Youtube. It looked pretty accessible then. I can't give you a link right now, but I am sure, you will find it, if you Google it.
However, is there a way, to handle the Chat on Twitch? I know, that a lot of sighted People are using a plugin for Chrome. Does anyone know, if that is accessible?

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2017-02-21 15:51:47

Streaming on Twitch is great! I stream any chance I get.

As for my experience, I am still using OBS classic, as I've been hearing mixed reviews of OBS studio. Twitch is pretty easy to set up. There is a guide on the Twitch page that shows you how to set up your stream based on the software you use.

One thing I've done to work around keeping with the chat is to set my screen reader to a different sound card so that it doesn't come out on the stream. Then I use MIRC, which surprisingly is accessible with NVDA. once I connect to my channel, through MIRC, NVDA will read the chat in real time like in online audio games. Only thing is, you have to have NVDA focused on the MIRC window, otherwise it does not read the chat messages.

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2017-02-21 17:30:43

This might also help.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/106 … notes.html

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2017-02-21 17:41:13

twich is good, i don't like to youtube stream platform.

If that's helpfull, why don't you press Thumbs up?

2017-02-21 17:42:16

i m watching to video on youtube only.

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2017-02-22 18:08:57

hello! i am blind streamer and i  do streams accessible games for sighted people. link on my channel

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2017-02-22 18:12:06

i try to find and show different playable games for us. and i create   scripts for games for adoptation for us. for example, now we created scripts for  star wars empire at war and lord of the rings battle for middle earth 2. and more and more games in project.

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2017-02-22 18:31:29

Interesting. I thought of streaming BK3 playthroughs at one point, then decided against it. Who knows, i might do it at some point.

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2017-03-25 22:31:18

this is all interesting information, I am planning to start a streamed Pathfinder Game sometime this summer, and you have all given me some good information to have before i get started.

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2018-12-03 17:17:02

I know this is an older topic, but I've been looking for a way to stream to YouTube accessibly. I've heard that OBS studio is not as accessible as the now deprecated OBS classic. Good thing is that they are both open source so people can take existing code and make it accessible. More accessible.

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2018-12-04 11:13:35 (edited by Orin 2018-12-04 11:24:06)

OBS Studio is doable. I have been using it for quite a while now.

It could be a lot more accessible though. It is way more accessible than it used to be.

As far as my streams, I just did one last night. I stream and record in OBS, and then upload the resulting video file OBS creates to Youtube.

One thing OBS Studio allows you to do is make specific audio sources that can be controlled independently of game audio. I set up something similar to Liam last night. I'm not sure what his setup is, but I tried to replicate it with what I had. I made a file containing my voice saying that the stream will start soon, followed by a few tracks of music. Since I don't have the handy dandy Stream Deck, I set up these scenes with hotkeys. This could be refered to as the pre-stream. The one thing I have yet to verify is how my text source of Stream is starting soon is appearing. My go-to solution to fix video hickups if there is either no video or video not sized right, is to transform the source in question to both fit the screen and center to screen. That seems to fix most things, since we can't drag it around and resize manually.

After setting up scenes with sources to do specific things at certain times, I now know why Liam, among others, has the Stream Deck. Now, I have to remember each and every hotkey I made to control scenes, not to mention that there's the microphone and game/desktop audio keys to control those as well. With the stream deck, I could take those four actions to hide my audio music source, hide the text source onscreen, and show the game source and unmute the mic. I could program all of that into one single button.

I knew about scene colections, but I never took advantage of them until yesterday. I created one for Flight Simulator, with my Streamlabs overlays, scenes for Prepar 3D and ProjectFly. My console one, on the other hand, I'll just duplicate this collection, remove the P3D and ProjectFly scenes, and replace them both with a scene that contains my Elgato capture card as a source.

I could duplicate it yet again and make a Steam collection for things like Skullgirls, etc.

The interface could do with some more accessibility, E.G. labeling the checkboxes for whether a source is hidden or shown and what the source actually is. If we want to be serious and use OBS Studio like a lot of the top streamers do, this is a necessity.

Long post but hope it helps someone. We need more blind streamers to join us, even if you play audio games. No need to pay for hosting; Youtube will host it. You can't archive your VODs forever on Twitch unless you're a partner though with a recurring viewership. I certainly don't have that on Twitch yet. I think because most of my followers are blind and people think Twitch is inaccessible. Some parts of managing setup is, E.G. extensions, panels etc, but the viewing experience is accessible enough. Someone from the flight simulation community came in last night and said hi and gave a quick follow, so that was nice. Almost immediately after FSX Pilot stopped controlling
my plane during approach and well, I couldn't impress that viewer. Hopefully he'll come back next time!

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2018-12-04 16:04:45

Hey orin.
Thanks much for the valuable information.
Since you mentioned the elgato capture card, I'm wondering which model are you using?
I'm thinking of getting one and I'm not sure which one to pick.
Thanks much.
Best regards.

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2018-12-04 17:58:31

Hi Orin.
Thanks a lot for all this very informative information. I might stream some gameplays in the future. I don't know yet.

Best regards SLJ.
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Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D

2018-12-04 20:42:23

ryok wrote:

Hey orin.
Thanks much for the valuable information.
Since you mentioned the elgato capture card, I'm wondering which model are you using?
I'm thinking of getting one and I'm not sure which one to pick.
Thanks much.
Best regards.

I'd probably get the HD 60 S, even if you happen to have a PCI slot on your computer. The HD 60 S is the most compatible with most computers, using USB instead. It's what I ended up getting.

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2018-12-05 17:26:13

@Orin thanks much! I really appreciate it.

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