2017-04-20 09:49:55

hi again,
i didn't join its mailing list, but i might send my suggestions to dev
i've sent my suggestions to the previouse topic, but something like FMC is useful which is exist on airplanes
eaven on tower, we have ground, clearance, etc
and freequencees are fixed on airports
also having ILS makes the game more realistic
(which requires more radios like nav1 and nav2)
and, i'm really intrested on the update to see what happened

bitcoin address: 1LyQ3hziMC2DTnCtgM3V1zfuZ73P3CYT9P

2017-04-20 11:38:54

to subscribe to the mailing list:
1. Send a blank email to [email protected] You should receive a confermation email. If you don't get this try taking the + sign out.
2. When you get the confirmation email, simply reply to it, leaving the subject and body as it is.
You will then receive a further email with instructions.
To mail the list once you have subscribed just send an email to:
[email protected]
Also, for the person who said they couldn't move the plane and stuff, try changing the voice to the sappy one as for some reason some screen readers don't work with eurofly. My NVDA doesn't work for example even though I've tried everything.

2017-04-20 11:40:34

to those who want to send in suggestions, yes that would be great. He doesn't always reply but hopefully he's reading them and will put them into future versions. I have said before this game is good, but it has a lot of potencial if the dev wanted to make it more realistic.

2017-04-20 14:34:42

Did anyone experience the weird behavior of eurofly in windows 10. I'm using windows 10 home, 64 bit. Eurofly starts normally. I begin a flight. Then, at some point, it keeps popping some error and runtime error windows. Problem is that those windows keep coming, it's not one window which comes, but many of them. Whenever I try to copy the text of the error, another window comes, nvda interrupts reading previous window. I'm unable to hear what is wrong, because those windows come very fast. It doesn't happen always, but last few days, I can't fly a flight without this error. After I press enter on ok button in several of those windows, eurofly simply closes.

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2017-04-20 18:50:37

thx for the help so far,

I now have the aircraft in the air, only problem I have now is navigation. I got to 2k away from the airport but I don't know how to ask for landing clearance, then before I knew it I was 3k then 4k and so on away from my destination. in task 1 is there any steering involved? or is it just a straight line?

I tried to find info in the documents to eurofly but could not find it, if anyone could help me get of task 1 I would appreciate it, lol

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2017-04-20 19:14:48

I will shortly be doing a tutorial on everything, but until then when you here you are 2K away from the airport, do F1 and you will hear the landing clearance. Sometimes they may not give you clearance because the airport is too busy with other planes, in which case you can either move away and come back in or simply press F1 again which requests clearance again. If you just want to land then keep pressing till you get clearance, then flaps and gear down, nose to about -12 and you'll touchdown.

2017-04-20 22:04:10

thanks DJ,
got that nailed down now, just a couple of more questions, if I am designated say runway 2, what is the procedure to get on the correct runway, 
also how do you get the tower to repeat the squark number, I seem to miss it a lot and when I am trying to stay on course or the right altitude sometimes I can't get it bang on its like 1 degree out all the time.

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2017-04-20 23:21:43

Did anyone ever noticed popup windows in eurofly with runtime errors? My game starts normally, I begin flying, and during flight, sometimes, popup windows start occurring, and if I close it with emter, game stops.

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2017-04-20 23:46:27

To get on the right runway, set everything up and then move down the taxi way. You will here runways beeping with an audio name on the left or right depending on where they are, that's if you're using headphones of course. Slow right down when you here the sound for that runway loud in one ear, let's say it's the left, and then do control left arrow to turn onto that runway. You will hear the runway moving until you ligne up with it and then you will get a ding to say you are straight on it. Assuming you still have long enough left on your clearance, then you can just take off normally from that point.
As for repeating commands, it's the space bar. press it to have the last ATC instruction repeated.
With things being a little out with altitude and navigation... yep that's annoying many people I think. It's partly because of the joystick support they added, it's more sensitive for those who use a joystick. I think their may be a way to change that in some config file so it doesn't use the joystick mode, i'll look into that for you. As you advance through the game though, you will fly more advanced aircraft and they will have some auto systems so you don't have to handle altitude and navigation by hand, although as their isn't much more to do in the game when in flight at the minute that can get a bit boring.

To the person who said about the runtimes, well I really don't know. Never experienced that problem myself, all I can suggest is uninstalling the game and reinstalling. If that doesn't work then ask the DEV, although I doubt he will reply sadly as he doesn't always do so.

2017-04-20 23:54:58 (edited by Jeffb 2017-04-21 00:39:13)

@kristijan the error reports I've only seen 1 so far after landing and going to the parked position. It wouldn't give me a task complete message. I did finally get it too but not sure what was up. I haven't seen any since then though. You can also do shift T to get the number read aloud. Someone else mentioned the joystick thing on page9. What you do is open the configuration file and after the joystick set it to 0 instead of 1.

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2017-04-21 00:37:02 (edited by Jeffb 2017-04-21 02:45:40)

Anyone have tips on how to avoid Austria? I tried to avoid it but some how still maneged to go into it's airspace.

Kingdom of Loathing name JB77

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2017-04-21 02:14:37

thanks a lot guys for the help got 2 more questions though,

I just got on a level where I need to go from the Czech republic to stragonice in a L600, only its really weird, when I set up the plane a compass starts going around NE, N, NW etc its like the plane is on a turntable,  I keep crashing off the runway, is that a bug?

anyway I gave up so started to free fly only how do I change the start airport,  its default is stuck on Bratislava.

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2017-04-21 02:40:35

Try changing the destanation airport by hitting control f8. Once you find stragonice hit space to set it as your destanation.

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2017-04-21 08:16:22

The error you are getting is because you are either.
1.  exiting your screenreader and restarting it or it crashed.
or 2.  the soundcard went nuts, or you changed settings like effects, eurofly is really sensitive to the soundcard.
If you start a game you may want to do it without extra stuff or unnecessary stuff connected or in fact anything distracting or changing thing and then it works.
Nvda is fine but sadly the game may loose sapi half way and loose status windows and such in it then it comes back.
Its not sapi going I have checked its just the game seems to half loose focus on it for whatever reason.
I can see why it would loose the card if the card dropped and if your screen reader accessed things depending on how things handled maybe but who knows.
Oh I have subscribed the list.
for those who want an easy way to handle it
I know this because I am on several groups addresses and the format is groups.io/g/groupname.

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2017-04-21 16:36:13

I still can't figure out how to avoid Austria's airspace on my way to Prague-Ruzyně. Task20 any help would be great!

Kingdom of Loathing name JB77

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2017-04-21 20:31:23

Hi Jeff,

I think theres an audio description on the game description on how to avoid air spaces done by Andreas London.

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2017-04-21 22:15:35

sorry about the double post but was wondering if yo you could turn a couple of sounds off.
the first is the radio in the cockpit, there is a load of foreign voices going off all the time and I find its very distracting.

also during the flight there is an incessant beeping that goes off constantly, its like I left my seat belt off or something.

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2017-04-21 23:31:46

Hi do you have a link to that? That would really help.

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2017-04-21 23:39:26

hi, here is the best method for avoiding countries. Use the letter J to find what country is in front of you. If it's the one you have to avoid then use u and I to see what's on the left and right of you and move across until that country is in front instead of the one you need to avoid. Keep checking to the left and right to make sure the country you need to avoid isn't getting closer. When it moves right off or goes completely, you can move back into ligne with your destination.
As for the person who asked for those hotkeys to turn down some volumes, sorry I forget what they are. Take a look at the hotkeys document on the website, or it may be in the helpful tips. There are quite a few volumes you can turn down to make evering just right for you.

I think someone also asked about how to set your start point of a flight. You will notice in tasks you are always positioned at the correct airport, but in free flight you are in Bratislava. To start from a different point, find the airport in the list and simply press enter on it. This has to be whilst on the ground with everything in the plane off and doors closed.
Hope this helps, Declan.

2017-04-21 23:42:45

Awesome thank you!!

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2017-04-22 11:30:19

thanks Declan,I don't know what the constant beeping is during flight in order to turn it off, also are the foreign voices on the radio dispatches?

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2017-04-22 11:57:10

ok, so there could be quite a few reasons why it's beeping.
It could be because you have audio navigation on, which is a basic mode of navigation in cat 1 aircraft. It means you will hear a beeping where your destination is relative to the aircraft, for example if the destination is to the left you would hear it to the left side. This is helpful during turns but not for the entire flight, try alt N to turn it off.
If that doesn't work, there are 2 more things. The game by default beeps when you are close to a capital city or an airport. If it is this, then do control C and control B to turn those off, that's if the audio navigation thing doesn't work.
I also found how to stop the nose moving so much. Find the eurofly.ini file in the eurofly folder, it may take a bit of finding, and then where it says joystick change the 1 to a 0. That should fix it.

2017-04-22 19:23:26

thanks for all this help, its really made a difference.

for some reason though the sound does not seem to adjust using ctrl page up etc, does anyone no if I can effect it by the config file? the main thing for me now is to stop the foreign guys talking over the radio.

thanks again guys you have all been great and patient with my questions.

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2017-04-22 19:44:03

this may help, here is a list of all volume commands.
engine volume is shift and home to turn them up and control plus home to turn them down.
you can turn the volume of the music up and down with shift F12 for up and control F12 for down. F12 on it's own switches the music off.
You can change the volume of other planes around you with shift page up for up and control page up for down.
You can regulate the volume of other transmiters with shift plus page down for up and control plus page down for down.
shift plus end turns the airport sound up and control end turns it down.
hope that helped, Declan.

2017-04-22 22:15:30

You can also open the config file and adjust the volume there. To get rid of the walky talky chatter you will probably have to replace the sound itself.

Kingdom of Loathing name JB77

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