2016-10-31 16:30:47

Can you da languages?

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2016-10-31 18:46:51

I want to add the other languages, but I don't know enough about sapi or c++ to add the languages as sapi voices. For now, you can use the standard eloquence language tags.

2016-10-31 20:09:49

so jake are you saying it still crashes?

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2016-10-31 20:56:31


2016-10-31 21:07:29

Any chance of adding the ability to choose which of the standard Eloquence voices is used? E.G., Reed, Glen, Rocko, Grampa, etc. Sorry if these spellings are off.

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2016-10-31 22:47:21

I want to do that too, but I don't know how.

2016-10-31 23:41:19

I have some Python code to interact with the Eloquence DLL, do you think it'd help? I didn't write it.

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2016-11-01 00:19:42

I don't know. I neede to figure out how languages and voices are structured in sapi.

2016-11-01 01:18:44


As for the crashing:

@Datajake: My progress with it on the slow laptop (the one with 8.1 home) cut out mid-sentence and crashed.

To everyone wondering about crashing: On my windows 8.1 desktop with 12 gb of ram, 64 bit I cannot get it to crash with NVDA at all really. Sometimes it does but it runs for several hours at a time and I can use it instead of the Eloquence driver.
So, this leads me to a conclusion that it may have to do with RAM. Then the latest RS_prerelease insider build (rs_prerelease.14955 32 bit on a vm had major issues too. That vm had 4 gb of ram.



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2016-11-01 19:53:54

I only have 3gigs of ram on this old early 2005 emergency laptop with windows10 pro 64bit and the normal eloquence for NVDA does not crash, just the sapi5 free one. maybe somewhere in an ini file much lower ram has to be specified or something? not sure.

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2016-11-02 14:52:25

@koltinhill, so what ini file do I need so sapi5 free eloquence works correctly and does not crash?

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2016-11-02 21:49:50

I for example for the spanish voices: As you may know, we can add for example "Eloquence Voice name" for example in Lat.Am. Spanish voices: Eloquence José, Eloquence Marisol, Eloquence Panchito, ETC.

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2016-11-16 05:03:24

has the eloquence crashing been fixed yet with sapi5?

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2018-01-05 15:20:22

Bump, would like to know if any updates have been made to this, particularly for the crashing issue.

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2018-01-05 15:43:30

Yeah, that would be nice. I paid for Code Factory's Eloquence for Windows, so I have a legitimate license to use it, I'd just prefer not to have to deal with the piece of crap DRM they and Nuance put on it.

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2018-01-06 04:53:14

Does anyone know how to get these sorts of sapi voices to show up and stay in the TTS settings list on windows 7 64bit? I use the run command C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Speech\SpeechUX\sapi.cpl, and that makes my tts voices show up temporarily, but they dont' stick, and I can't use them for narrator, only MS anna shows up. I do have a copy of codefactory's eloquence but it sucks to the point I don't use it.

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2018-01-06 05:36:55

i bought another eloquence sapi5 license. but their drm is still stupid and I'd rather use a stable sapi5 eloquence without the stupid drm tied to it.

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2018-01-06 20:53:48

datajake, I noticed a while ago that you deleted the binaries for your sapi5 eloquence.

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2018-01-07 20:40:05

I'm not surprised, it had a nasty habit of crashing.

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2019-06-21 13:13:55

I managed to build the eci.ini file. I can now choose the voice as a default in the 32 bit speech control panel, but as soon as I start fiddeling with the rate in NVDA, it crashes. It hasn't crashed JAWS however, but it pauses between words, a JAWS behaviour I have experienced once before, when I got a Microsoft Server voice to work with SAPI5. But that doesn't really matter since JAWS has it's own stable Eloquence in place.

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2019-06-24 01:34:10

@91 and 92 what is bad about the codefactory eloquence and its drm?
Just wanting to know.

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2019-06-24 06:23:09 (edited by Slender 2019-06-24 06:29:09)

From what I've heard, mainly the need to phone home every month to validate your license, and if the validation fails you get a "please register this product" message, as well as a three computer limit which could be very easy to trigger if you forget to deactivate your license somewhere.

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2019-06-28 03:41:42

one question. what is a drm?

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2019-06-28 06:33:32

Digital Rights Management.

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2019-06-29 17:40:53

DRM is digital rights management, any technique for insuring software or content can only be used under a restricted set of circumstances, to try to prevent piracy. E.G. you can only install this software on three computers, you can only play this music on a device which is signed in to your account, etc.

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