2016-10-23 21:13:57


You  are right that this is piracy, no matter how other people, like garrett, might try to justify their stealing, with claims that it isn't piracy. It doesn't matter when this version was created, Nuance acquired it from somebody, who either was the original developer, or somebody that acquired it from its developer. It has never been free or abandoned, so any use without a properly acquired license is stealing and thus piracy.

I'm using this package with a clear conscience because I did buy and use, until now, the Code Factory version of Eloquence, so I have a legitimate license to use it. All this package does for me is allow me to use it without Code Factory's DRM, which I normally wouldn't have a problem with except that it was a slow piece of crap.

As far as I can tell, it depends on what it is that is being offered. If I were to offer a cracked or purchased version of a game, you can be pretty sure that my message would be immediately deleted and I'd be banned. But I've seen Eloquence pirated here a number of times with no consequences to the person doing it. . I've also seen a purchased version of Pure Basic pirated too, again there were no consequences for the pirater. So I guess that as long as it isn't an audio game from a member of these forums, no problem, pirate away!

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2016-10-23 21:50:25

I was thinking the same thing, it seems that this place is slowly turning into a pirate free forum. The next step is for admins to allow pirated games and that's it.
my conscience is clear aswell, usually I pay only for the things that I think are worth it, some software have such ridiculous prices that it would take me an year just for a license. And then I should work an other year just to buy the update which is clear and utter robbing.

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2016-10-23 21:54:36

@datajake1999: I know you can do temporary changes, but I'm looking for a way to have it come up with a certain voice with certain parameters by default, like the Code Factory version can. Do you think the source code would help here and if so, how was it compiled?

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2016-10-23 22:35:05

I am using NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA)
Version: try-comPortNoFriendly-13645,a24d1787
  and it crashes frequently. however, if i use with jim kitchens games and other stuff it works ok or seems to so this may be an nvda try build issue.

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2016-10-23 23:08:01

Anyone know how to reregister sapi5 dll so I can use these engines again?

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2016-10-23 23:24:19

For those who are so into antipiracy stuff, just don't comment on these threads. Ever used Mush-Z? Ever played Japanese games? Ever played Beatstar or Rythem Rage? Well guess what. Those have pirated sounds. So come off your high horse and return to Earth for a little while.

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2016-10-23 23:40:41

I found microsoft visual c++ 6 and a serial number for it. I installed it on my windows xp machine and tried compiling it with no luck. I also installed the microsoft speech sdk 5.1. When I asked the developer of this sapi5 eloquence library if I needed anything else to build this, he said he didn't know.

2016-10-23 23:47:22 (edited by Figment 2016-10-23 23:57:42)


Even though they were very expensive, I paid for JAWS and Open Book because they work extremely well for me and are more than worth the price paid. If I couldn't afford them, I'd have looked for an alternative solution. I would not have pirated them no matter how much I might have wanted them.


If I were an NVDA user, I'd first buy Code Factory's Eloquence to get a legitimate license, then use the Eloquence add-on that Datajake1999 has made available in other threads on these forums. Then use SAPI only for programs that need it.


In June of last year, I downloaded this file from Jim Kitchen's web site. It was described as being able to fix SAPI.


Warning: Use at your own risk! I have never used it, so I can't vouch for whether it works or not. Also, consider that for whatever reason, it was removed from the site quite a while ago.

If you try it, I hope it helps.

Don't tell me what to do or not do! I don't go around telling people not to pirate software, it's there choice, and I respect that. I choose not to be a theif and pay for the software I use, it's my choice, please respect that. I will post when and where I want to, and you have no right to tell me to do otherwise.

I just object to people trying to claim that what they are doing isn't pirating software when they and everyone else knows that it is.

And, no I don't use that program or play any of those games.

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2016-10-24 01:06:42

I think what has happened is that the sapi5 dll has become unregistered somehow.

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2016-10-24 01:16:34

mastodont, this place isn't exactly pirate-free. Technically with software, if a company were to look at this forum, such as, oh, let's say Adobe or one of the others, and saw tons of cracks to their software, this site could get in legal trouble, so it really can't be allowed on here. For the record, this site does appear on the top of the search result lists quite a bit, so keep that in mind. And yes, it's true that this free sapi5 eloquence package is piracy. Not pirating the code factory version, because that version had nothing to do with the free package, but using the Eloquence dll without paying "royalties" to Nuance, whom owns it. Nuance wracks in way too much cash that they seem to turn a semi-blind eye to this whole thing. For example, they were enraged at the multitude of cracked android eloquence apk's floating around, but pinned the blame, or at least part of it, on code factory for not having a strong drm system. Same for Vocalizer for Nvda. But then again, couldn't the controversy go far beyond that? It was said that when jailbroken, using other voices with your devices, like the Tom voice, was illegal. So couldn't using Siri voices for nvda be considered illegal as well? And what about those Nuance ports of Loquendo and Svox voices that made it to the mac, but not nvda? A lot of unanswered questions, you could pretty much gets lost in the noise if using a free eloquence package, for example, just as long as there's a source for cash somewhere. It's almost like Microsoft. They hate piracy yet learn to semi-embrace it, i e, they could care less if you're running a pirated windows since they have billions of paying customers as it is. None of this makes the piracy justified, or right, just stating points that this is not completely a yes or no question, due to there not being much transparency when it comes to the tts corporations. Sure, there's a crap ton of information if you look in the right places, like the history of the acquisitions and what became of them, but what about now? Why do some companies get new Vocalizer Voices before others? Why has the trend been continuing for so long where Apple, of all companies, gets all the new voices, apart from the fact that they've struck a partnership? What about Code Factory, who managed to get Richie, an Indian English voice, into Vocalizer for sapi5? See how it is?

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2016-10-24 02:20:42

Well, if anyone wants to explore the installation directory, it's located at:

Also at a guess, I believe it uses "ttseng.dll" to output, so you can explore that as well.

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2016-10-24 03:53:53

hey just to let you all know this sapi5 eloquence crashes my NVDA and if you try using it with jaws it will crash jaws and you gotta run NVDA then find jaws in the system tray and reset your jaws profile back to jaws eloquence and (not) sapi5 eloquence. also I got reports win10 narrator does not see this eloquence.

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2016-10-24 04:13:13

Since JAWS comes with Eloquence, why would you want to switch to the SAPI version?

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2016-10-24 04:26:13

I am interested in the source code. I am not a programmer but maybe can take a look anyway and try and figure out why it is not completely stable and is crashing with jaws and screen readers.

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2016-10-24 04:27:48

@figment just to try it or test it out. that's all. and found it crashes.

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2016-10-24 07:08:35

seriously, thanks for this big_smile

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2016-10-24 09:49:55

wow yeah, it crashes

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2016-10-24 16:02:05

with windows 10 64 bit, I managed to make the sapi5 eloquence crash in speech control panel. if you choose eloquence and test the voice after it is done reading the stop button just stays there. if you hit the stop button the whole sapi5 tts control panel crashes.

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2016-10-24 16:09:32

In Windows 7 Home Premium x86, I haven't had it crash on me yet, but then I've only just set it up and set the speaking rate. I will try it with some games that use SAPI a little later today, and report back with my results. I'm not going to even think about altering my JAWS set up, it's working great, and if it isn't broke, don't fix it!

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2016-10-24 17:51:34

I tried it with manamon and some other games where you can select your sapi, and it works. Trying to select it as the main voice from the control panel, however, doesn't work and just crashes it. Will probably just uninstall it, was only curius and can get free and legal voices anyway.

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2016-10-24 18:03:51

The SAPI driver for Jaws is extremely buggy. I'd advise people not to use SAPI with JFW. The last time I tried using that was with the Neo Speech voices with different versions of Jaws like 11, 12 and 14. ON all those versions, the screen reader constantly crashed. Unless FS has actually improved there buggy SAPI driver, you are better off just using the integrated Eloquence or Vocalizer drivers.

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2016-10-24 18:13:27

Apparently they have, I'm running JAWS 17 and a while ago I was experimenting with a number of legally free SAPI voices to see if any of them were any good, and had no problems with JAWS crashing while using SaPI, though I do agree that you are just better off using the integrated Eloquence unless you simply don't like the voice.

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2016-10-24 18:26:10

JAWS works reasonably well with Sappi 5 voices, In my memory, there is not a time when Sappi5 crashed itself, or made JAWS crash.

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2016-10-24 18:30:04

I have jaws version 14, and while sapi does work (tested with dectalk) it's very slow responding. So don't recommend it unless someone posted a eloquence crashword and you need to get around it or something.

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2016-10-24 18:55:42

same thing, I tested it with NVDA and it nearly crashed it.

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