2016-07-01 05:11:08

Hi guys, I reasonly download this game latest version but the cheat didn't work, do you know why, or there are a new cheat?

2016-07-05 09:27:07

What cheat are you trying to enter?

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2016-07-06 14:53:13

Are there cheats in this game?

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2018-10-18 04:25:11

please could someone give me all the cheetcodes for operation blacksquare game?

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2018-10-18 07:47:53

I had no idea there were cheats for this. Then again I found it a bit hard to complete. But sounds and music and the rest are just epic!

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2018-10-18 17:40:18

please could someone provide me with the whole list of cheet codes for the latest version of operation blacksquare game. as I am in an urgent need of it. and also please discribe what does each and every cheetcode do

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2018-10-19 17:56:05

hello I am proud to announce that I have finally succeded in getting the cheetcodes for operation blacksquare game. and I have personally tested all those codes and they are working perfectly. if anyone wants I can share that word document with you which has all the cheetcodes for this game operation blacksquare.

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2018-10-21 15:02:40

yaa i am also looking for them

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2018-10-21 15:21:39

could anyone of you here tell me which is the defalt key of doom for blacksquare game? according to the guide it is the deleate key, but the deleate key is used to enter the cheetcodes.
please someone help. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.
means I am there in a difficult situation.

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2018-10-21 15:32:46

hmmm. can someonegive me the download link for this game?  thanks.
What. were you expecting me to say something at the end of this post? Well, i got nothing.

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2018-10-21 16:43:03

well, I have played this game before. din't know there were cheats though. how can I get them. and for the person who was asking for the download link, just search for it on google.

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2018-10-21 17:12:08

the ultemet of doom means cheat codes
and aryamansingh please from were can i get cheet codes for this game?

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2018-10-22 13:49:06

I have them all, if you wish I can email you the document just give me your email address.
and by the word the ultimate key of doom, I heard that in the intro that we can blow the whole building at once and this is what I wanted to ask that is there a keystroke to do this? and also, I wanted to ask that in slots 1, 3, 4, 5, and six I have guns but in slot two I have nothing. could you please tell me which weapon I am suppose to have in the second slot? and also tell me where could I get the weapon.
also, I had one more question is it possible to snatch enemy's guns?

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2018-10-22 14:37:16

it is the fists
and my email is
[email protected]

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2018-10-24 11:56:08

is anyone ellse who wants the cheets?

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2018-10-24 16:10:04

I would like to grab the cheats. why don't you just post them here.

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2018-10-24 20:00:54

correct, why is it so hard to post them here?

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2018-10-29 08:19:44

@17, @16, i totally agree with you.

flawless victory!

2018-12-07 01:54:23

I have all the cheats, and I shal list them here.
press the delete key to access the cheats imput menue.

            Me Nu Wanna Die! Life energy set to 100,000
            Medkits! I need medkits over here! Hello? 10 health packs received
            Kill'em, kill'em now! All enemies on the map disappear
            Gimme that! Collect all items on the card, including MG
            Me want me MG! Machine gun received
            Time to pwn! -> Get the sniper rifle! Sniper rifle
            Ammo! I needs ammo! 20 ammo loading strips (clips) received
            Grenades, sir, I need grenades! 100 grenades received
            I'm bored! Throw grenades very fast

            Can I be level 1? In Mission 1 jump
            Me wanna be Level 2! In Mission 2 Jump
            Jump in the fire! In Mission 3
            Can me get pwnt? Jump into Mission 4
            Me wanna run! Jump into mission 5
            Get me out here, jump to the end

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