2018-12-19 02:37:04

Here are this week’s new free tracks. They are all from my Funny pages:

CHEESY SCIENCE (Looping) - Classic 50s sound…conjures up cardboard sets, blinking lights and extra cheese. Good for satire.

DO IT (Looping) – “This is your conscience speaking…” in humorous hip-hop style.

THE ASTRONOMY CLUB (Looping) – Somehow these kids always seemed to have a lovable goofiness about them. I was never in the astronomy club, but probably should have been…I love all things having to do with space (and certainly qualified as far as the goofy factor was concerned!)

THE DRUNK PELICAN DUET (Looping) – This is what happens when 1) you hire a couple of pelicans to play drums and accordion outside your dockside restaurant, and 2) you let them drink before the gig.

PLASTERED BY LUNCH TIME (Looping) – They stumble out of the bar, their bellies sloshing with beer, and head back to work…if they can find their way back to work…lol.

Enjoy…and have a good week!

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2018-12-26 01:46:45

Happy Holidays Everyone! This week’s new free tracks are ready:

On my Introspective / Emotions page:

“Autumn Changes_Looping”

On my Positive/ Upbeat page:

“Pelican Bay” (Looping)

On my Quiet / Peaceful / Mellow page:

“Pond at Twilight” (Looping)

And on my Technology 2 page:

“Industries in Orbit” (Looping)

“Ominous Technology” (Looping)

Enjoy…and have a Happy New Year!

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2019-01-02 15:02:35

Happy New Year! Here are a bunch of brand new free tracks to kick off 2019:

On my Chiptunes 2 page:

“The 8-Bit Circus” (Standard and Looping)
“Pixel Spies” (Looping)

On my Funny 5 page:

“The Return of Caped Crusader Cat” (Standard and Looping)

And on my Puzzle Music 4 page:

“Building Stuff” (Looping)
“Dreaming of the 8-Bit Days” (Looping)

I’m also working on original game art that will be free to use with attribution…(sprites, backgrounds, etc.) I’ll be opening those pages soon.

In the meantime, I hope some of my tracks are helpful!

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2019-01-09 15:20:49

Greetings! Here are this week’s band new free tracks:

On my Action 3 page:

“Boss Battle” (Standard and Looping)

On my Chiptunes 2 page:

“8-Bit Espionage” (Standard and Looping)
“The Arcade Detective” (Standard and Looping)

On my Funny 5 page:

“Space Fleet Rejects” (Standard and Looping)

On My Positive / Upbeat Page:

“Bouncing Around Pixel Town” (Standard and Looping)

On my Puzzle Music 4 page:

“Of Puzzles and Treasure” (Standard and Looping)
“Chillin’ with My Puzzles” (Standard and Looping)

On my Sci-Fi 3 page:

“Urban Sci-Fi Heroes” (Looping)

And on my Techno page:

“Neon Runner” (Standard and Looping)

Have a good week!

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Today 03:36:50

Hey everyone, here are this week’s band new free tracks:

On my Funny 5 page:

“Lola Pixel” (Standard and Looping)
“Monster Jive” (Standard and Looping)
“Monsters, P.I.” (Standard)

On my Funny 6 page:

“It’s a Mad Mad Mad Game World” (Standard and Looping)
“The Monkey Island Band Plays Again” (Standard and Looping)

And on my Positive/Upbeat page:

“Hand in Hand in Pixel Land” (Standard and Looping)

Have a good week!

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