2019-03-24 10:55:56

Hmmm Pragma, when do you finish add new cards to battle mode? If someone is new player, he will have a problem check all cards and set interesting decks.

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2019-03-24 15:07:25

Pragma, if you monitor this topic, you might want to consider adding an online version of the Clandestine Arena game. Players join and then have bots play instead of the players. If you made teams of players, the corresponding bots would be in teams. Players would bet to see which player and/or team would win. The winner would receive some sort of reward. I don't know what you have in mind, but maybe some gems? It would be highly entertaining to watch bots duke it out with each other.

This obviously isn't for everyone, but it would make the game even more fun. I was playing the team bot online battle and came up with this idea.

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2019-03-24 15:48:37

battling with bots that collected from the quest mode
i mean the player will fight with the bots deck, no other decks aloud.
allowing custom battle mottos, that can be difficult to send the file to other players but it can be fun, for example if my deck is a dragon, i might want to play a dragon sound

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2019-03-24 15:50:38

hi joseph, the data exraction error is do to windows defender or some sort
do to its deleting the file as sune as the file arrives to temp folder, maybe thats why its throwing that erro

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2019-03-24 17:12:07

I'd totally be up for taking control of bots.

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2019-03-24 19:17:04

Something tells me I'll be opening a can of worms by suggesting this, but has thought been given to indicating walls/obstacles before you bump into them, much like is done in a game like Paladin of the sky?
Running and bumping hasn't stopped me from unlocking all 230 games, but it has led to some frustrating situations, particularly in south to north runners or when navigating underwater on sidescroller levels.
I would love to be able to run through levels with greater ease and just have them made longer than have to up left up left up left up on a game like Small Car Driver until I find the gap.
Has this been discussed elsewhere and I just missed it in the thread?

2019-03-24 22:51:09

I actually think that wall clivk approach sounds like in planet saga would be helpful. Right now it's like walk walk walk walk thump, turn walk walk walk thump. So it would save a few extra seconds for sure.

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2019-03-25 20:40:28

Yeah, I'd be down for wall alerts. Really annoying to play the games like the laberynth.

Coding is not hard. No, not at all.
What is hard is making code that accepts different and sometimes unexpected types of input and still works.
This is what truly takes a large amount of effort on a developer's part.

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2019-03-26 01:06:52

Pragma, have you thought about adding a visual mode? I know BGT doesn't support visual elements, but you could have the game print text to the title bar. I don't know how useful it would be for the mini game mode, but it would certainly work for the battle mode and might make it easier for sighted people to play the battles and/or read the mini game instructions.

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You may access my NVDA Remote, Three-D Velocity, Sound RTS, and Road to Rage servers by using the address christopherw.me. Road to Rage uses the default 6789 port.

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2019-03-26 02:40:15

Haven't played this game in a while, lots of changes!

Is there more to the quest than the first two areas and what I assume is the castle? I can't find any other paths, but I know there are lots of other bots. Unless you can't unlock all of them?

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2019-03-26 04:17:07 (edited by Glein 2019-03-26 23:50:21)

For now you only can unlock 6 bots

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Although I'm not very play browser games, I love anything that is compelling and has a good story.
Viva Swamp!

2019-03-26 05:22:32

Not a big deal without it but I think it would be very cool if we could write a viewable description for ourselves and have a bunch of custom sounds to choose to play when we come out for battle and when we lose, kinda like how we give our characters voices in swamp.

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2019-03-26 05:47:51

I like the idea of wall sounds, although I wonder if that would cause too many sounds at once to keep track of.

You should've gone for the .net ...

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2019-03-26 05:55:06

@Mitch I think, if the sounds were unobtrusive or even togglable, they could be just part of the experience. I appreciate the tones used in something like Paladin because they're just different hums.

2019-03-26 18:07:24 (edited by serrebi 2019-03-26 18:11:06)

How creative/funny. Hope this isn't just a joke because the blind seem to have 0 productively developed options for having fun with sex in a game. The sighted have millions of options, why can't we have them too?

2019-03-26 18:34:56

it's actually a joke, though i promise, that's the first thing that i'll do if and when i learn bgt, make a sex game, some people got pissed off because of that though some blind people have something against sex.

it's challenge not chalange

2019-03-26 19:05:38


First, it seems that sometimes the save file is corrupted by the game. It's probably better to regularly keep a backup of your save file.

Alireza, I told you on the CP group that I didn't want to have any link with this kind of contents. So you should have removed your message. Crazy Party is made for everyone and I consider that the sexual contents or a discussion about it is perfectly incorrect in this topic. So I think the moderation team should remove the last messages.

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2019-03-26 20:54:45

@pragma i noted that you had nothing to do with this and asked a mod before posting but i'll delete it since you are not okay with it.

it's challenge not chalange

2019-03-26 21:36:10

I would be ok with wall sounds as long as they could be toggled. At this point, I'm so used to the game without them that I think I would find them extremely distracting.

The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's just holding half the amount it can potentially hold.

2019-03-27 00:16:24

Here are a couple more ideas for future updates.

Please add the ability to restart an online session. Right now, I have to close the program and create the server from scratch. If we could either restart the current game or maybe just change the game type without terminating the server, that would be great!

Pressing i should retrieve your public IP address and copy it to the clipboard if you're the server host. This would be very useful when making private servers. You might also consider adding a ban command that bans any connections from the specified IP address from connecting to your servers. The list of IP addresses could be saved in a file in the Crazy Party directory. This would be useful for banning repeated offenders that keep joining your public servers.

Grab my Adventure at C: stages Right here.
You may access my NVDA Remote, Three-D Velocity, Sound RTS, and Road to Rage servers by using the address christopherw.me. Road to Rage uses the default 6789 port.

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2019-03-27 06:48:42

Hay does anyone here know how to contact pragma?
I was working on a pack of music to replace/improve the battle music as well as some of the minigames and title screen music a while back.
Windows cleanup removed said files, so I thought the cause lost until I stumbled on a zip archive of them the other day.
If I could just let Pragma know they exist it would make the crazy party experience better for all.
Note, in most cases these are not new songs, just better; less ear-bleedy versions of the old music.
The title screen song is much different, as it comes from the official version rather than the wii rip.
One last thing, I've redone the music from the first quest map with a higher quality version taken from the hgsshqv2 project, but I lost the pack extracter tool so I can't find the names of the two files in order to insure all the names match up properly for a straight coppy/replace operation.
If anyone still has the exe version of the pack extracter could they either post it here or direct me to the forum topic where it exists?
Failing that; and this is assuming I can get in contact with Pragma, just the file names of said music files would work.
Well here's hoping my "new" music will make it into crazy party someday...


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2019-03-27 10:19:52 (edited by omer 2019-03-27 10:20:16)

can we abel to reload the decks whyle in the deck choosing option, sometimes i make changes using notepad whyle playing in a server, when the next battle starts, the changes that i made wont show up

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2019-03-27 13:26:19 (edited by threeblacknoises 2019-03-27 13:29:27)

I don't think you're supposed to be able to do that mid game.
That's like changing your cards under the table.
You're basically hacking the game at that point, and that's cheating.
A game master wouldn't put up with that in a game shop, so Crazy Party shouldn't either.
Now, if Pragma made it so you could go into the deck manager and edit your decks while waiting on a match, that'd be a different story.

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2019-03-27 20:58:48

I think that's what he means. He isn't trying to edit his decks mid-game so that they actually change in real-time, he's tweaking them so that in the next match, when he chooses it again it'll be different.


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2019-03-27 21:30:57

yeah thats the thing i ment

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