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This topic replaces all previous topics for Remnant, as well as all previous download links.

Hay all.
Threeblacknoises here, with the final release of Remnant, my stage for VGStorm.com's game adventure at C.
Remnant is an absolutely massive 3-chapter campaign taking place after the full game of adventure at C.
The download link is below.
Last updated; February 11, 2019.
https://agarchive.net/games/vg/adventur … ant3.0.zip
File size: 234 MB
And if you don't yet have adventure at C, get it from
Or if that doesn't work...
https://www.agarchive.net/games/vg/adve … at%20c.zip
file size: 183 MB
while you wait for the download(s) to finish, why not check out the details of Remnant below.

Over 12 levels; many of them enterlinked.
You'll jump in and out of cirtain levels to get to an ultimate objective.
Over 40 custom viruses.
More than 6 boss fights; some with multiple phases.
Completely customised soundtrack.
More than 8 customised walking surfaces.
Lots of puzzles to solve.
Uses all features of the stage builder.
Includes some real human voice acting.
Features Aaron baker, the voice of the main character of adventure at C.
Ability to start from chapter 2 or 3 if the need arises.
For more details, check the Remnant readme file included with the stage.
Note: It is recommended that you finish the entirety of Adventure at C before starting remnant, but the stage isn't unplayable before that point, just much harder than normal.
Speaking of harder than normal, it has come to my attention that people are starting remnant without checking the difficulty mod setting in adventure at c.
Please disable the difficulty mod before starting remnannt, or you're going to have a vary hard time.
at the most, a difficulty mod of 2 can be used.
Anything beyond that will make Remnant unplayable.
If you're starting remnant for the first time, please do yourself a favor and start without a difficulty mod.

Contence of the Remnant zip archive:
A stages folder containing the entire Remnant stage.
Remnant readme.txt
A file containing details about the stage, recommendations for running it, as well as Composer and sound designer credits and changelog.
a vary rough hent sheet for Remnant.
Stage builder Manual.txt
An off-line copy of my in-depth guide on how to create stages like this one.
Path of Truth.ogg
An audio recording of one of the levels.
It's here so I can prove that it can be completed.
AAC Changelog.txt and AAC readme.txt
Updated documentation for Adventure At C.
It was supposed to be included with the next release of Adventure At C, but the current version is the final version, so I've included it here instead.
If you're new to Adventure At C, please consider reading this over the included readme file found in the game's zip archive, as many key strokes, along with missk info has been moved out of the changelog an included in the Readme file.
Contents of the Adventure at c zip archive:
This is the main game.
You only need to run this file to play the game, and nothing is instaled on your hard drive except for your save data and user settings.
documentation for the game.
A stages folder containing two sample stages created by aaron baker.

Things missing from this release:
The rest of aaron Baker's voice acting.

August 23, 2018
Final version.
Replaced that God oful espeak voice for the helpful program with a human voice.
Added voiced intro!
Added voiced credits! Finally!
Made some other mostly small edditions and corrections.
December 22, 2016.
The final release of remnant, as I've given up on the final voice acting ever being recorded.
Enjoy this for what it is.
All remaining update notes can be found in the Remnant Readme file.
June 27, 2016.
I removed some placeholder assets and replaced them with the final voice acting for said sequences.
Thanks goes to Oriol Gómez for the new voice acting.
Still hoping Mr. aaron baker can do his lines...
September 18, 2016
A new update has gone live!
This update adds chapter bumpers as well as increases the volume level  of two sounds.
It also corrects some spelling errors in the cheetsheet file, as well as updates the readme file.
Everyone needs to download remnant again, as some files have been added and removed as a result of adding the chapter bumpers.
It needant be said that your stages folder needs to be refreshed to take advantage of the new update.
September 19, 2016
Yeah, I know, two updates in less than a day?
Well, it turns out that I accidently removed the end-of-level messages while adding in the chapter bumpers.
Normally I wouldn't make a major update for this, but the end-of-level message also flushes some of the memory used by the stage builder, so I made a major update so Remnant will work better.
Also, I added the proper intro for chapter 2.
The old text was still their and being read, even though I'd already produced the .ogg file back in June.
So, I added it.
(Sigh( Hopefully, this will be the end of the dev; that's me; braking his own stages...
October 4, 2016
Made the disclaimer that speaks at the start of the stage; as well as repeats of it when starting at chapters 2 or 3; skippable.
October 8, 2016
Added some health items to a cirtain stage to make it easier to complete.

Please post any suggestions/comments here, as this topic will forever be the one place to go to regarding remnant.
I hope you enjoy Remnant.
Well that's all for now.

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2015-10-02 12:37:19

what an awesome game

Wish You Best Gaming All!

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2015-10-04 19:58:24

hey threeblacknoises, is this the final release of remnant chapter 3?
is the post game content not going to be released?

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2015-10-05 05:48:19

Hay Nick,
This is not the final release of remnant, as I will be producing the post game content. I've Just taken a short brake to let ideas and things settle so I can be shure that the post game will go as I wish.
I'd like to point out that I'll be releasing the post game content through tinnyupload.com as well as updating the full release of Remnant.
I'll post here with more details as soon as I have them.

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2015-10-08 20:25:48

hey threeblacknoises, can you tell me what the post game content has?
I'd like to have a walkthrough for each one when you've uploaded it to tinnyupload.com.
what's in the post game content?

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2015-10-09 00:42:07

Hay Nick.
I'm not going to directly say what the post-game content relates to, but if you've finished Remnant as it stands at this time, you might have a clue as to the last thing MC must do after the true death of Remnant.
As for a walkthrough, I'm not really sure if it will require one or not.
I don't have a design for the levels in my head or anything, it's just going to kind of come together as I go.
Now that the bulk of Remnant is done, this is mostly going to be me just having fun with the stage builder, so there's no telling what I might come up with.
I will go ahead and say that there won't be any new viruses created for this new content, nor will it be based off any existing IP or game.
All music will be taken from opengameare.org, and all sounds will be taken from existing assets I've already used in remnant; unless, of course; I change my mind later.
If I feel a walkthrough is needed, I'll try and PM it to you once the post-game stuff is released.
If I take a few days to get it to you; or forget to get it to you; don't be to surprised.
Just send me a friendly post or PM and I'll get on it.
If; however; you manage to get through the content without a walkthrough, do Pm or post here to; just so I'll know if it's playable without said walkthrough.
Of course, any bugs or other feebback is also welcome to.
Well, later!

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2015-10-09 17:07:56

Can you upload the post game here? I want to play it.

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2015-10-09 17:29:06

I'll upload it whenever it's done.
Building a stage in AAC is not an over-night process; especially if you want your stage to be a good one.
This one is multy-part to, so it will take some time.

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2015-10-13 17:51:24

hey threeblacknoises, is the post game content taking a long time to get finished?

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2015-10-13 20:36:31 (edited by threeblacknoises 2015-10-18 23:11:26)

Hay Nick.
The content won't take to much time to finish, assuming I can get time with zero destractions so I can make the content the best it can be.
so far, I haven't had much luck getting said time, but I should have some this week end.
I'll keep you posted.
As for production values; at least for now, I'm going to have to resort to using sapi spoken text until I get that magic e-mail from Aaron Baker saying he can do the lines.
I'm also back to using crappy sapi speach to build these stages, so yeah.
Edit: finished all music, ambiance, and tile placement for all levels within the post game.
Also Added final boss and tested it.
Going to type up the final scrip and send it to Aaron baker.
After all that, it's just a matter of inporting any viruses I wish to and assembling the levels.
Not going to give a release date yet...

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2015-10-26 05:02:17

hey threeblacknoises, are you still working on the post game content, or has it been taking a long time?
I really want to see what it has in store for me When I download it.

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2015-10-26 11:59:40

Hay Nick.
I'm almost done with said content.
as of this time:
All levels framework is done
All music ambiance inserted
Most sceens have a temp framework done
final boss done
Script done and submitted to Aaron baker.
He has replied to me saying that he's really busy at the moment, but he'll get the lines done when he can.
Construction on the final levels shouldn't take to much longer, as it's just tossing stuff in to them.
I'd really like to release this once mr. Baker records his lines, as I feel that eloquence will just hinder the experience more than help it.
However, I guess I can PM you a temp version of the post game once it's done so you can check it out.
who knows, you might find a bug or two as well and make the final release of Remnant that much better.
And, if it turns out you need a walkthrough, I can get on that while I wait for mr. Baker to do his thing.

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2015-10-27 23:40:06

hey threeblacknoises, I would like a walkthrough of the post game content while you wait for mr. baker to record his lines.
When you do a walkthrough, add spoilers in each section so that I don't get frustrated, especially with the boss's etc.

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2015-10-28 15:41:05

Hay Nick.
I'll see what I can do about a walkthrough, but I'm hoping one won't be needed.
However, as level creation is sort of a random process, you never know.
I just did all of the updates for all the other chapters last night to give chapter 1 and the first sceen of chapter 2 a closer feel that's more in line with the recent chapters.
Helpfull Program; as he's now billed in the credits; now has a consistent voice throughout the adventure, and all of the SAPI text based storyline from the first chapter is now gone and replaced with recordings that allow the background sounds from the hubb to be present during story sceens as well.
This was planned for sometime now, and it's now out of the way, so that's a load off.
I just finished all of the bridging material that connects chaptewr 3 to the post game, so levels are really all that's left now.
I'm hoping I'll at least have one or two of them done by the end of the weekend.
I've also added a fair use disclaimer to the start of all chapters, as it's looking like a full version of remnant will finally see the light of day.
Don't worry though, the disclaimer will only play at the start of whatever chapter you first start from, so you won't have it popping up during chapter transitions.
I'll post here in this post once I have more info about the progress of the post game.

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2015-10-29 18:47:15

hey threeblacknoises,
When the post game content is finished, should I redownload remnant since all of the chapters that you worked on had no Voice recordings except the one where I fight remnant himself did?
I would like to give the post game content a test drive so that I can see What I think.
would I encounter a bug in the post game content until it's finished by the end of the weekend?

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2015-10-29 19:18:26 (edited by threeblacknoises 2015-11-02 14:00:00)

Hay Nick.
At this time, the version of remnant you downloaded is fine, as mr. Baker doesn't know when he'll be able to record his lines.
As for your other question...
If you're asking if the post game is playable now? Then no.
By the end of the weekend, maybe.
And, you can defanatly give the content a test drive.
As soon as I have something playable, I'll post it on tinyupload and PM you a link so you can download it.
I'll also post here so you know that the link is in your Pm inbox.
As for progress at this time, all before, and
A little more than a third of level 1 is done, but I also had to update a stage from chapter 2 with a small edition to improve emersion somewhat.
I took a short brake to jump on here and see what I could see.
Now back to work...
Edit: Really have to get to bed.
As for remnant.
So close to being done.
If only I hadn't run into a few snags with the stage builder...
Hopefully I'll have something in about a day or so.
I'm more than two thirds finished with level three, so it shouldn't be to much longer.
Good night...
Edit 2: finally finished.
Due to the stupid time change, my body woke early today, so I finished it.
The link is in your PM inbox.

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2015-11-02 16:12:55

hey threeblacknoises, is the post game content not completed?
I'd really like to check it out.

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2015-11-02 16:48:30 (edited by threeblacknoises 2015-11-02 16:50:56)

Hay Nick.
The content should be in your PM inbox at this vary moment!
All is playable, but the final boss is not included.
I'd like to release that with the final version of Remnant.
Please read all of the PM, as it contains details regarding a few strange bugs in adventure at C the have made the post game play kind of weirdly toward the end of level three.
FYI, in the future, if I say I'll post with updates in a post, please check that post periodically, as that's where the updates will be.
They'll be listed as edit, Edit 2, and so on.
You can see this in my previous post.
Please give feedback, as it will help me finalise this part of Remnant.

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2015-11-10 08:36:54

OK, so I'm having a real problem in the first mario stage. I can't make the jump after the platform to save my life. Is there a trick to it?

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2015-11-10 13:05:04 (edited by threeblacknoises 2015-11-10 13:49:34)

Hay stirlock.
I checked out your problem, and have made adjustments for it in the final release of Remnant.
Until that time, check your Pm inbox for a little secret to the Mario level that will help you out in the meantime.

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2015-11-10 16:09:06

Hmm, I think you misunderstood. I'm talking about the part where you have a platform right after the set of spikes. There's a pit after jumping onto the platform still but moving as fast as I possibly can in the air still results in falling to my death.

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2015-11-10 16:39:36 (edited by threeblacknoises 2015-11-10 16:42:16)

Hay stirlock.
I should have been more clear.
That area is the one I made adjustments to.
It turns out it's one tile to wide after that platform to make a standard jump.
I've fixed this, but it's not in the download link yet.
Please check your PM inbox for a solution to your problem for now.
If you still want to finish the entire level, I can put the updated stg file on tinnyupload tonight.
and no, the solution I refer to is not a link to the next stage.

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2015-11-10 18:41:46

Yeah, I did figure that out, haha. It was pretty neat.

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2015-11-10 19:39:27

Well, seems like I may have found another impossible jump, this time in the metroid stage. right after the second platform, after the checkpoint, I hear an item far off to my right but there doesn't seem to be any way to jump without dying.

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2015-11-10 19:48:15

Also for reference, the platform with the jump I'm talking about is at location 128

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