2016-05-08 21:32:30

i waited for that so long! thanks for your greate work soundmud!

flawless victory!

2016-05-09 00:46:39

Finally released
I'm so happy.
Do not know when crazymod update

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2016-05-09 01:39:03

I honestly didn't think you were working on Sound RTS anymore. Well done for continuing the work. I'll be giving it a look soon, since I did enjoy playing that game.

This site's drama(s) needs major popcorn!

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2016-05-09 02:23:09

First of all, thanks soundMud for the new features present in the alpha10 version. All of them looks very amazing, and definitelly it will change various thinks on the current game style :3

Well, about the things that are discussing on this thread...

Oops, I forget that i've answer all of this things on the pass xdddd. I put them in spoiler for better.
Respect teh diplomacy, I thinks that you can use or not in battles, but before the match starts, the creator can set the diplomacy on or off. Is not confortable play a free for all match, and see how your oponents ally against you only for destroy you, because they fear you. But, when you have set it on, the main options that you have concidered (use console is  the best option for it) is ally x, unalli x (try to aboid underscores, please. camelCase is better) give x of y to z, shareVision, unshareVision, shareUnit sunshareUnits, and. hmmmm. etc.
But, the allies is instantly accepted and efective for the both players? Or if player 1 allies with 2, only 2 is ally of 1, but not 1 of 2? Ofcourse if players 2 allies with 1, the allianse will be complete.

This is a thing that is important and you have to concider when macking the commands.

About the groups... well, all of the cheats are completely blocked in multiplayer mode. For that, all keys that active some cheat (all map vision, etc) you can transform it in to console commands.

In starcraft, the keys to group units are 1 to 0, but in this game 1 to 4 is for complete, halph, divide by 3, or quarter the selected group. VieViewing this situation, move 1-4 keys, to f1-f4 keys, and use 1-0 keys to have groups. Groups of units, or buildings.

For example, the zergs in starcraft usually groups its hacheries in key0 to can train some zergs units the fastest possible.
In soundrts case, you can your important buildings to get the same effect, and the first keys for other things.
Respecting the movement, hmmmm. the group share its orders, only when are gived to them as a group. For example if you have a group with 3 knights and 3 priest, you set a group with them in 1.
next, you command to them move to square x, pressing 1 (to select teh group) and next set the command.
But, when the group reach the selected square, you want to give only to the priest a order to retreat. If you select the priest with teir key and command them to abandon the square, the knights doun't follow these priest. But the group in one, continue formed.
If after the combat, without reagrouping the group, you press 1 ang give a order to move to x, the group reagrupes, and next go to the objective.

It looks hard to program, but not impossible.

I am only trying to copy the group feature of sc2 tongue

Respecting the translating the console... ¡noooooo! ¡its a bad idea!
Sorry for the non-english-speaker (english is not my native languaje) but at i know, every console of every system, have its commands on english. Translate the commands can be a real pain in the ass. For the coders, for the translator,and for the players.

For Aramir, yes, you can add any amount of resourses that you want to a mod that e youtyou create.
Of course, if you add new resourses, you have to update  the maps for your mov, and the cost of every object in the game to be concordable with you rules, but you can.
On the spanish side, we have a experimental modification of crazy mod, that adds metal, stone and leater to the resourses.


Well, thats is all for now. Thanks for the new version. Keep doing the amazin work!

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2016-05-09 09:45:14

thanks for the cool game
is there any new sound packs out there?

don't wish to become like the oceans, flowers, sun. oceans will dry out, flowers will die, and the sun will vanish. be yourself and nothing and no one else and hope for a better tomorrow.

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2016-05-09 21:34:42

The revision 1 of SoundRTS 1.2 alpha 10 is available. This version is totally compatible with 1.2 alpha 10.

The only change is: recallable control groups
Control + 6, 7, 8 or 9: sets group 6, 7, 8 or 9 with the currently controlled units (or buildings)
Shift + 6, 7, 8 or 9: extends group 6, 7, 8 or 9 with the currently controlled units (or buildings)
6, 7, 8 or 9: recalls group 6, 7, 8 or 9

Available at:

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2016-05-10 01:31:14

hi Soundmud
This can play a multi line combat
thank you

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2016-05-10 01:47:20 (edited by 拓海 2016-05-10 01:52:04)

Refueling soundmud
Continued development
Do not participate in the game can also watch other people's game on the server
Do not participate in the game can also watch other people's game on the server

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2016-05-10 02:16:31 (edited by electro 2016-05-10 02:17:24)

拓海: I think that you are speaking in a walkie talkie?
Oops, sorry
Soundmud, I waited and I'm so happy now! Let's play!

Well, just my electronic part, if you need it. If you like my posts, thumbs up to me. I'm just happy for being here! Oh yeah yeah.

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2016-05-10 03:37:50

Hi Soundmud!
First of all thank you thank you thank you for continuing work on my favorite audiogame of all time! The new features are realy great!
I got two questions:
1. Will groups move at the same speed and take the same way to a target?
2. This is the most important question:
Can you use for example shift 6 to build formations? For example give the first position to 10 knights and select 20 archers by pressing shift 6 who will follow behind them? So knights would take the primary attack and got suported from the archers? Or to send the more powerfull units in front and the weaker behind them so that they will be more safe?

Thumbs up

2016-05-10 16:42:03

Units selected by a group move exactly as usual. Groups are just a way to quickly switch control between different groups. Personally I usually don't use this feature because I find tedious to have to set groups for every game, but it seems to be a standard feature that can be used to coordinate various types of units more efficiently.

Note that formations exist in Warcraft 3 but not in Starcraft 2. Supreme Commander has it too. I'm not sure if formations are linked to a group or to a "move" order.

On the other hand, I have been thinking about making a group smarter, or maybe allowing some kind of assistants to avoid some micromanagement. I don't know yet.

Maybe commanders and administrators could be part of the world. You would name them, maybe they would have various bonus or personality (prudent, tactician, economist, siege, defense) and they would make lots of interesting noises while coordinating their troops. Even if it doesn't suit the players because it removes to much of micromanagement, at least it could make a more interesting AI.

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2016-05-10 18:31:19

I downloaded Alpha 10 of SoundRTS 1.2 and I updated the Italian translation of UI and manual. Here's link to download:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/145 … ian-UI.zip
Please insert this on next builds.


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2016-05-11 16:44:29

I have a suggestion
Can you allow the priest's treatment to be extended to the adjacent square?

Thumbs up

2016-05-11 21:01:35

I'll think about it. The aura effects could be centered around the priest's sub-square, or just have the shape of a circle with an arbitrary range. Or maybe the priest should autocast healing spells which would have a range and would cost mana.

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2016-05-11 22:01:45

Hello, soundMud. about the aura effects, I think that the best option is the shape of a circle. If you think of have a real aura effect, of course.
For example, in starcraft2, the medibacks (healing ship of terran) use the third option. When a damaged unit is on it range, and it have mana to cast the recovery spell, it recovery the points of the unit on their spell range.

But the idea of the circle looks better, in my opinion.

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2016-05-11 22:08:08

Hi Soundmud!
What about an option for autoregain of HP? For example Paladins and dragons could regain 5 hp in 30 seconds. Hope you know what i mean.

Thumbs up +1

2016-05-12 06:40:51

ello, soundMud!

Well, a few issues that I've encountered on the last version... Well, exactly aren't issues, but some suggestions and request tongue

First, can change the default key for zoom mode, to another more accessible key?

I know that I can change it on the bindings.txt, but the default key needs be more friendly. For example, replace the ctrl+space key for first person mode, to the zoom mode, and f8 for first person mode. And, currently for exit the zoom mode, you have to press escape. Put the same combination that can active the mode, deactivate it.

2. When you have a gate in a path or bridge, you can't navigate with the arrows to the near cell. You have to use ctrl+arrow, like if don't exist a path to travel. I understand this behavior when you block the path with a building or a wall, but the gate (or blocking unit) they let ally units pass trough them (that works) and because that, your navigation controls have to works normally; but currently, when you have a gate or ally unit, you ave to use no collision navigation commands.

On the last two versions (1.2a10 and 1.2a10r1 the )shortcuts menu isn't working. I checked the bindings.txt and the styles.txt, and the shortcut menu is assigned to alt+a, and all the units and buildings have their respective shortcut atribute on styles.txt. But, on game, when you have selected any unit or building, and you press alt+a, doesn't occur nothing. The estrange is, if you press alt+a, but you don't have selected any unit or building (or previously you have cancelled your selection) the error beebs sounds, indicating that ing that you can't open shortcut menu tor nothing xd.

Next, currently in the mods or soundpack menu, you can only select one mod and one soundpack at a time.
¿What appends if you want select two soundpacks or two mods? For example, one mod that adds one race, but the other modify and improve the previous changes, or two soundpacks hmmm.

instead of have a select menu, you can change the displayed options for a checkbox items for set all of mods or soundpacks that the user wants. If the mods or soundpacks have inconsistency, that isn't a problem of the manager,   is ap problm of the selection that the user puts.
A, currently, is impossible know what is the selected mod. If you change the selection menu for a checkbox menu is easy know what is active or whitch not, but currently you can´t know it.

And for the last, but not less important, is that with the last versions of jaws (15,16,17) they don't work with the game. Aparently, you have to update the jwapy.dll used on the soundrts. Whe n ou focus soundrts with these versions of jaws, the game uses api instead of detect jaws.

And... well, that is all. thanks for the new group feature, is very, but very useful.

¡see ya

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2016-05-12 15:24:13 (edited by SoundMUD 2016-05-12 15:28:56)

1. Yes, why not? Not many players are using immersive mode, I guess.

2. OK, I think I will fix gates navigation collision.

3. This shortcuts issue is a bug, I take note.

4. I won't change this for now. Note that you still can open the ini file and edit mods=..., and now soundpacks=.... Your favorite soundpacks configuration won't be changed if you select another mod.

5. Did replacing the dll work? Maybe I'll have to use another library.

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2016-05-13 00:19:36 (edited by sanslash332 2016-05-13 00:21:48)

eYey, is time for answers xd:

1. In my case, I don't activate the first mode in any situation xd

2. Okidoki, :3

3. Yep, and it is very rare, because in the previews version it works properly. Did you touch the shortcut code for this build?

3. A, of course. If you want change the options using the classic method editing the ini fail it works. I says that not for me, but ffor the noobs players xd.

5. I have to test it.

But if you want,  try use trough ctypes the universal_acces library (it is in c)
I've used it on others pygames project, and works nice.


edit: another option for change the current library, is the famous accessible output2. This is only for python. I suppose that works fine for soundrts.

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2016-05-13 00:27:14

Cool to see that you are working on this great game again. It would be also great if you could add more optional sound packs into next versions, like the blitzkrieg soundpack I read about here in the forum, wich should be a great mod as well.

Thumbs up

2016-05-13 05:20:19

Hello soundmud, a new few issues for the new version xd. With massive changes, massive issues appears

Well. I tried to apply this mod https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/845 … %201.0.rar to the last version (1.2a10r1) but, some changes that works in the 1.2a9, in this version don't take any effect.

The first and more important, is that the new resource deposits, don't appear in the maps, including when you define it explicitly on a map. Instead of appear the defined deposit (cantera, or mina_de_metal on this mod) a empty meadow appear.

Of course, the mod is active when I tested it.
The other problem is, that the names of the new resources don't appear in the game. All new resources have a key assigned to review how many you have for that, but instead of say "Hundred of metal" Its only say "Hundred". And this same occur when you ear the cost a unit that includes cost for the new resources.

The last, some less important of the previous things, is that the mod adds some extra voices for the units, but apparently the active soundpack is rewriting these changes that are included by the mod.
When you select the option any soundpack, the game loads a default soundpack? Or simply loads the data of the mod, and ignore any extra soundpack. And ¿how do you identify a mod of a soundpack?

During the apply of this mod, I Think that currently, you can't identify if a map requires a specific mod. Can you put if a mod is loaded, the maps that are loaded are the maps settled in /mods/currentmod/multi/ instead of /multi/.
With that, you can have various maps for your differents mods. For example, you can have  the basic js maps for play in vanilla mode, and you can have a modified js maps in /mods/mymod/multi/ only for play with that mod.

With that, you can't load a map that isn't designed for your active mod.
Or another option, is put a line on the map  that says
mods_required <insertRequiredModsHere>

Well. this is the little bug that i Find. I can't load properly a mod with new resources in the new update tongue

¡thanks for all!b

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2016-05-14 18:06:51

Here are some incomplete replies.

About the overreacting units in chapter 8, after some experiments I have noticed that the problem could be solved by lowering the archers range to less than a third of a square, instead of half a square. Maybe I will just restore the ranges to SoundRTS 1.1 values.

About fantasi mod, you need to declare every resource in the map (mine, etc). Moreover, it seems that style.txt is missing the description of the mine, etc. Check jl4 map.

Thumbs up

2016-05-14 19:17:54

O, thanks soundMud, i found what is the error in the mod.

The modder, includes the definition of the resources and their extraction places out of the mod, placing it on the main rules and main style.txt.

But... ¿not is supposed if you define something in style.txt, and you don't overwrite it in your mod file, the first definition keeps active in your mod?

For example:
You define in the main style.txt the extraction place for the new resource, but in the style.txt of the mod you don't define that. The extraction place must be keep defined. At least on the previous version, this works fine.
On the new version, the mod overwrites completely the settings defined in vanilla?
Previously you can overwrite all things using the clear word, but it applies only for rules... Or if you use in rules, it applies for style too.

And... I can't understand the bug in chapter 8 tat you are saying. ¿What change you will rollback? The range system? Or only the range values for the archers in vanilla.

Well, that is all. I tell to the modder of fantasy move all definitions of mod in to the mod for works properly with a10r1 :3

Thanks for all!

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2016-05-15 01:04:26

OK, I didn't realize that the main style.txt has been modified. It's not recommended. Anyway, it's strange that the definition in the main style.txt seems to disappear. I'll try to check the code about that.

About chapter 8, if you attack b1 with the archers, they can do that from a1 because their range is big, so it causes the necromancer and the footmen to attack b1 too, and they usually don't do that in chapter 8.

I don't know yet what will change. Probably the value of the range for archers as a first step.

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2016-05-15 13:07:16

Please make sounrts accessible with jaws 17. why are you not using accessible output? i'm testing somethings with pygame and accessible_output2 and works perfectly!

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