2019-01-03 21:22:25 (edited by SoundMUD 2019-01-03 21:23:02)

The AI changed. If I remember correctly, the "attack" command will do nothing if the AI is already in constant attacks mode. If the AI estimates that it isn't strong enough, it won't attack. This was used to prevent the AI from doing stupid things, but the result is not necessarily fun. Maybe I should add an "audacity" parameter to the AI. The AI might need a complete rewrite anyway.

The server also needs port 80 to talk with the metaserver, that's all.
For the moment, this forum topic, the soundrtschat mailing list, and the development blog are the places with the latest news.

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2019-01-04 03:15:30

As far as I know, Port 80 or 8080 are standard webpage ports, so it should be able to reach the metaserver. I saw that others can log into my server from outside. I checked in User/tmp/server.log and found an IP there I did not recognise as South African, so other users can connect to me, but with the SoundRTS client, if I say, choose a server from a list, I only see my server, nobody else, even if it says 1 of 12 servers uses a compatible version.
In my humble opinion, there should be 12 servers using this version because it's the latest, but SoundRTS client lists only mine, Being CanineKingdom at

To know, and not to do, is not to know.

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2019-01-04 04:41:25

In my opinion, this feature of build any building on exits, is a good feature; is a thing of your hability to aboid build things on wrong places, but as @拓 海 said, is funny (and useful in various situations) build buildings on exists.

Examples are for defending yourself, block some paths with useful things more than a wall, or block the enemy entry with a training building, so you can create soldiers directli into the enemy square and the oponent can't move with confort because your disturbing building in the exit.

@Tablen are you sure that is other server online on the moment that you're checking the server list?

Is very frequentli that only one (or anione) server is online; and consider that only servers with the same configuration in mods that your client, appear on the list.

If you're playing with a vanilla soundrts, the servers that are configured with crazy mod doesn't appear in your list, inclusive if both are using the same version.

So today, if you want a good match in soundrts, you have to talk before in other chats or sytes with people to meet at soundrts; isn't a lot of people playing the game, or finding online matchs.

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2019-01-04 05:09:08

I guess I get the point about building things on paths. Soundmud's idea of only allowing buildings on exits of squares with at least one meadow seems like a good compromise. That way you can still defend yourself with farms etc but we can still create squares you can only pass through but not build on.

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2019-01-04 12:46:19

Ah, thanks. That might be my problem. I'm using Crazymod as a mod, and my own custom soundpack as a soundpack. That's probably why soundrts does not see the other servers. Configuration differences, as you say.

To know, and not to do, is not to know.

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2019-01-05 05:42:01

@soundmud can see if is possible, add arrow navigation between water squares please?

Currently if you want move between water squares, you've use the ctrl+arrow navigation; technically water with water is a correct path; only for a kind of units, but is a valid path. smile

A, and a small question about style files.

You put a def ford thing on the styles, and says that ground type is water; but in sea, or ocean don't ave that settings.

What is the difference?

the ford terrain automatically is a water square, and in sea / ocean you have to set it manually on the map file?

And the highground types (ground, air and water) currently are hardcoded? or are you planing in to paramiticing them.


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2019-01-05 06:44:28 (edited by Chris 2019-01-05 06:45:31)

How do you configure the server for a specific mod and/or soundpack? Do you have to modify the mod= and soundpack= lines? What happens if players aren't using that particular soundpack or mod? Does the server work with anythingi f you leave those lines blank after the equals sign?

I just ran the server executable on my VPS in wine. The only thing I changed is the name. Is it possible to use different versions to connect to a server or must the server match the game version?

Grab my Adventure at C: stages Right here.
You may access my NVDA Remote, Three-D Velocity, Sound RTS, and Road to Rage servers by using the address christopherw.me. Road to Rage uses the default 6789 port.

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2019-01-05 07:04:42

The player's game version must be the same, otherwise the server cannot be found.

Chris wrote:

How do you configure the server for a specific mod and/or soundpack? Do you have to modify the mod= and soundpack= lines? What happens if players aren't using that particular soundpack or mod? Does the server work with anythingi f you leave those lines blank after the equals sign?

I just ran the server executable on my VPS in wine. The only thing I changed is the name. Is it possible to use different versions to connect to a server or must the server match the game version?

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2019-01-05 18:09:45

@Tablen @Chris
A recent server (1.2-c12 for example) can host different mods by default. 1.2-a9 servers cannot. 1.1.1 servers cannot.
Check the metaserver, relatively human readable (use control+u on Firefox for better readability):
The versions mentioned are, currently:

A version followed by a long string contains a hash of the mod combination allowed by the server.

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2019-01-05 18:30:25

Yes. After all, even if the currently controlled unit is ground-only, the cursor should always move freely from water to water. That probably won't be confusing. I'll try.

A ford is shallow water, a place where you can cross a river without a bridge. It's not a water square. It's a ground square, with half speed and "water" footstep sounds. The ground (which just determines footstep sounds) is "water".

At the moment high_ground is just for plateaus. I'm not sure if it works with water (probably not). It doesn't work with air. Several levels might be interesting in the future. I could probably add "no_air" squares that would block air units.

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2019-01-06 07:26:53

Agreed with normal arrow navigation from one water square to another, but keeping the boundaries between land and water squares. I see if there is a path into a water square units can walk onto it and will all die. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a square both land and water units could cross. The reason being I was thinking of making rivers, but with no way to cross them it would just divide your land into separate areas with land units not able to reach each other. So if you could have some kind of big bridge that land units could cross but that water units could still pass, it would be convenient for this.
Another thing, I wanted to ask about armour. I thought it might help to overcome the disadvantage of close range units, but it doesn't seem to work the way I thought it did. I thought the armour value gets subtracted from the damage of every individual attack. But when I send 10 closer range units to attack 50 further ranged units, they still all die before reaching them, even when their armour values are higher than the damage inflicted by the further range units. So how does armour work then? Does it only subtract that value from the damage taken at a particular instance, so when more than one unit hits that unit at the same time the armour value is only subtracted once rather than for each attack?

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2019-01-06 13:17:44

Now, even with exports, ships can't land.
According to this principle, we can limit the ground units from entering the river.
In this way, there is no need to draw boundaries between land and river.
Then you can try to add a function, which is to establish a path, the path belongs to the building class, and will not be attacked by water.
Farmers can establish this route at the exit of land and rivers and can be used as a bridge.
Every time a bridge is built, the ground unit can advance to a square, so players need to build more bridges to form a complete road.
The enemy can of course destroy the road.
Maybe this idea is not mature enough.
But even the walls and gate can be designed, so I believe that one day, players can build their own bridges and roads.

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2019-01-06 17:34:27

I take note about boats sailing under big bridges. I may need to create an "under-bridge" square. I don't know.

In rules.parameters there is a parameter called "minimal_damage" with a default value of .17 . Set it to 0 if you want heavily armored units to be eventually invincible. Or lower "minimal_damage".

I take note about building bridges and roads.

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2019-01-06 18:08:50

Strengthen this feature first.
The function of adjusting the speed within the map can be refined to each unit.
It would be nice if cover could be refined to each unit.
For example, crazymod:
The archer and the musketeer's cover are definitely different.

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2019-01-07 05:18:06

@soundmud, thanks for your aclarations about ford.

So, I misspelled a word; I didn't want ask to you about the highgrounds: I want to ask to you about airground_types. If are you planing to parametizing them, or only have them harcoded.

Ground, air, water, etc

The idea of "non-air" squares are really awesome, for create strech mountain paths, or high mountains that any can't pass between them, or caves where only grounded units can pass. sounds a good idea.

About the big bridges sounds good, but... the easy mode, is enable the option of have a square with two airgrounds types, (water and ground) instead of create a sub-square; this second option make harder the problem, because probabli move to you of have a 3d  map with a squares with three coordinates and that solution sounds very complicated.

About bridges and roads... is a idea that you've to think slowly...

The purpose of a bridge is simple, but... ¿how it will works? it blocks the water course and impide the pass of the water units turning the water square into a ground square? or...

O, i have it!

If you add a skill that enable the modification the airground of an square (with a range deppending the configuration) a bridge is only a building, with a gate skill, that change (or simply add) the airground type of the connecting squares with the ground.

With that, you kill two (or more) things with one shot.

Add bridges, and add a skill that
can modify with adding, removing, or totalli changing the airground type of a square, of range of squares.

With that you can add infested airgrounds, add some skills that for example add  mud airground to a square slowering enemi units, etc.
taking the problem for that angle will be a interesting option.

Well, thanks for all soundmud.


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2019-01-08 08:13:07

peasants building paths and bridges might be an interesting idea.
I wanted to ask about key bindings. I made a bindings file with only one key per unit to test if it works out. I created 20 different groups assigned to different keys, and then assigned units in styles to some of them. But the keys with groups not assigned in styles seem to control the last selected units rather than do nothing. Also, pressing s or ctrl s to control all soldiers doesn't work, and I did do #define SOLDIER followed by all the different groups. Is it because not all of those groups are assigned in styles?

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2019-01-08 18:15:46

Maybe there is an unusual error message in "user/tmp/client.log" that would help.
Eventually post (or PM) the key bindings file.

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2019-01-09 06:02:25

I don't see any relevant errors in the client log. Here is the bindings file:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/h3tszb0v87ih1 … s.txt?dl=1

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2019-01-09 08:03:30

Turns out copying and pasting the lines for s and ctrl s to select all soldiers to the new bindings file fixed it. Maybe it's because the original one still uses that file's definition for SOLDIER. The other issue, where unassigned key groups end up selecting random things, is not really much of a problem, just strange.

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2019-01-09 21:14:13

Define wouldn't overwrite the previous define. It will be fixed.
The other issue will be fixed too.

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2019-01-10 07:00:01

Can you think if is possible create a shortcut for fast building selection?

Like the alt+a menu for make actions with units or buildings, but in this case (mod key)+w plus a letter, you can select fastli a kind of building.

Is for lategame; when you have various types of building, you waste some time pressing various times the w key for find the building that you want.

With the units you don't have this problem, because you can assign a soldier to a key group; and If you modify the bindings files and style file, i think that you can do the same for the buildings, but... the keyboard isn't to large to have that amount of keys xd.

So the fast shortcut menu for select a building, is a good idea. alt+w sounds good, but the problem is used by select next idle building" that is a vital shortcut.

and ctrl+w is used by select next building, including that buildings that don't have actions... Isn't vital, but is used in some cases.

So, have in mind please if is a wanted feature.

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2019-01-11 20:33:58 (edited by SoundMUD 2019-01-11 20:36:02)

SoundRTS 1.2 continuous 12 is available.

The file is there: (Windows only)
http://jlpo.free.fr/soundrts/continuous … indows.zip

Changes from 1.2 continuous 11:

Map editor (experimental):
-  usage explained in the map making manual

Dynamic forests:
- _meadows, _forest and _dense_forest (3 woods or more) terrains are dynamically selected during the game
- two _dense_forest squares won't have a path until one of them turns into a forest (and if no height difference between the squares)
- new map: jl8 (forest map: the players cannot attack each other until a path is cut into the dense forest)

Other changes:
- units that move at a specific speed on a specific terrain (speed_on_terrain keyword) (example: necromancer, zombie and skeleton are unaffected by marsh and ford)
- squares available for water and ground (example: big_bridge)
- squares that air units cannot pass (mountain for example) (no_air keyword)
- interface: moving from a water square to another water square won't require control + arrows
- bug fixed: in bindings.txt defines couldn't be redefined

Minor changes:
- bindings: if the keyboard type doesn't exist in style.txt, no unit will be selected
- various bug fixes

For a Linux server this file might help:
http://jlpo.free.fr/soundrts/continuous … .2-c12.zip

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2019-01-12 01:06:57 (edited by 拓海 2019-01-12 05:17:07)

Sometimes the units on the square will be inexplicably stuck.
No action can be taken, such as not moving, not adding to a group.
Can only be transported.
You can experiment with the fourth chapter of the campaign.
When the priest resurrected the b1 square knight, add the knight and priest to the group and go to c1.
After that, six knights were killed.
Then the priest resurrected six knights again.
At this point, the Cavaliers who were resurrected were stuck and could not do anything.
In addition, when transporting in a boat, you can only select the unload after the boat has been to the designated location. You can not select the destination first, then find the unload and press Enter, the operation is invalid.

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2019-01-12 02:10:21

speed_on_terrain how to use?
Is it speed_on_terrain 0.5 knight mountain?

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2019-01-12 02:13:48 (edited by Kyleman123 2019-01-12 02:18:08)

so are these changes making it to the github? I have made a fork of the repo and would like to do many things including, adding new and better campaigns; adding missions or challenges similar to end games for chess; building out a proper AI backed by a state machine, behavioral trees, and some actual decision making; as well as generally helping to clean up the code and maybe helping it move to python3.

see my commits here

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