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Use this as a reference guide. This aims to supplement the documentation you have read so far. Of course, I will keep updating it as game changes or as I see additions to become relevant

Prior recquirements:
This game is still a beta. Be patient as there are things that have not being fully implemented and there is an interest on improving server stability, which is for the most part being done brilliantly. Though the game is fully playable as is, there is something that could benefit you in the future. There is a basic copying system described under keystrokes, but since it is limitted you can probably want to do the following now. Its good for those of you using NVDA to get the clip copy add on installed. Support on other screen readers and sapi will be coming in the future. Copying text in the game is almost a necessary thing to do, especially when you need to pass on status or coordinates to other players.

Tab: Get information about other players that are logged in.  Currently shows names of people, and where those people are located in the game's world, including yourself.
Slash: Out of character chat channel.  You can type your message in the box that comes up, and then press enter... or escape to cancel. You can ask for help right away, but please read this first, I promise I will not make it boring!
The L key will have some policies or rules of the game. Trust me that if there were people who would behave regularly like any decent space and normal civilian would do us would not have to implement them. For the most part, behaving like a normal, and sane person will never get you into any trouble and that is one of the beautiful things on the dmnb community, all players are helpful and willing to well, play. Read them to have a laugh or two at the silly things people have done so that when you are probably in a good state of mental bliss or insanity you will refrain from doing them. And yes, that includes spamming via any method, whether it be user names, or ship names or chats or private messages or any other ways people have found to disrupt or annoy other people, also includes harassment. Because I don't really want to center too much in this point, I suggest you read them now and familiarize with them and their terms before moving on.
C: Shows you your current coordinates on the x-y-z grid that makes up the map of the area you are currently in.  The first number is X, and is your position left to right, with left being a lower value, and right being a higher value'.  The second number is Y, and is your position front to back, with forward being a higher value, and backward being a lower value'.  The third number is Z, and is your position up and down, with higher being a higher value, and lower being a lower value'.  Moving in a Corresponding direction will change these numbers accordingly, though the only way to move up and down is with a turbo car, a turbo lift and a tram at this time. Oh, and hand held teleporters but more of that in a minute. Oh yes, and keep in mind that there is always the possibility of negative numbers.
F: Resyncs your character’s current position with the server in the event that it forgets and you end up somewhere strange or stuck to a certain place. It happens rarely or if you are on a very slow connection, but still it can come in handy.
D: Finds and displays objects around you.  It shows all of the nearby consoles, doors, turbo lifts, turbo car, trams and docked ships in your area that you are an owner on.
Enter: An all-purpose activation key for interacting with various objects in the game.  Works on doors, lifts, ship's hatches, consoles, terminals, inventory items, and console menu items, as well as a way to select options in the main menu.
Z: Checks how many credits you have on hand.  Credits are the game's currency and you can buy several things with them.
G: Pull up the Global galactic network market menu.  This is a market that can be accessed anywhere for now, and is the only way to buy or sell ships, sign onto bounties, request cargo for delivery, ETC. Do note that you must be inside a space station or planet to do any of those actions, except for refueling or reloading warheads which you must do while you are inside the ship.
H: Checks your character's health
I: Opens your inventory
E: Emotes an action, visible to those you are 10 scares away from you. For example you type e, then write jumps up and down. And it will show as, UltraLeetJ jumps up and down.
S: Says a message and people up to 10 squares can see it.
O: Adjusts in game player options. Here it is advised you protect your character with a password.
n: you can read the galactic news by pressing this key.
B. Allows you to build on planets you own.
V. repeats the line of text you just Heard, or the last event in the game.
Space bar: Punches people in ground combat where ground combat is allowed. You will get a message when it isn't. Don't get excited punching people, each punch causes from 5 up to 20 damage and killing others from punching alone is frowned upon, unless you are explicitly fighting on ground combat. You can restore your health by buying med Kitts.
Left and right brackets. Move you backwards and forwards in the chat and general channels.
Comma and period. Move you backwards or forwards on name events and game information.
Shift plus those keys: Take you to the top and bottom of the buffers, the bottom contains the most recent items. For events as well as for chat
f1. Opens the dmnb manual
f2: opens several mini tutorials, I recommend you read them all before asking any questions.
Also, type slash help when you are in the chat prompt, one word, no spaces. It will list useful slash chat commands you can use.
dash: lowers ambiance sounds.
Equals: does the exact opposite of that. tongue
left control plus c: copies a chat message to the clipboard. Note, that this only Works for events or chats received that you can review with the right and left bracket keys.
When you board the ship you always will be at coordinates 0 0 0. Pressing enter on this very moment and at this very same place will take you out of the ship, assuming you are docked at a planet, moon, station, asteroid, etc. at this time it would be good to press d, and explore. You will notice there are consoles all around, so better be careful and pay attention to which of them does what. Pulled from the read me, here they are, all of them, with some added by me, use this as reference:
Sensors: Gives a list of stationary and moving objects that are in range of your sensor array and lets you choose which one you want more information about, they only work in space, and if you choose to scan something, it will give you it's current speed and precise location. You can also probe an area of space for planets or minerals, and explore star charts, which is the really huge panoramic map of the systems that we have discovered so far. You can also name a planet that you have discovered if you are orbiting it, or a star System. Just don't be silly with the spam or ridiculous names, pliz. And also, tips for naming things. just make sure the names you give to ships, planets, starsystems, etc.  are not the same as existing ones, otherwise a horrible horrible system error gets spawned, and we will have to keep on restarting the server. not good for all of us, including yourself.
Cargo: Lets you transfer any cargo you may be carrying to a planet or station.
This includes minerals mined from asteroids.
Autopilot: Allows you to navigate hands free to a specific set of coordinates in space, letting you enter the values for X, Y, and Z, one at a time, with the possibility of negative numbers. You can also select a destination within your sensor array, or use a set of previously stored points in the waypoint manager. From the waypoint manager you can add, go to, or delete them. Note that you must be in orbit of the current object you want to set as a waypoint. And also a tip, leaving blank a coordinate will take it as 0. This is useful for instance, if you want to fly to coordinates 20 0 20 where sygnis Alfa is, you would first type 20, then press enter, then press enter without typing anything and then type 20 again and your Y coordinate will be 0. Lastly, and in this new version you can follow an enemy or a friendly ship depending on the situation you are in, it’s useful and interesting in combat situations.
Note! sometimes, pressing enter on sensors or on this console will not give you a list  of nearby items. And what you need to know in that case is that probably there is too large of a list for the server to transmit, in which case you will need to go to engineering and lower your sensor power to detect less items.
Make sure that autopilot is set to on via the ship's helm console and before laying in your coordinates, allow a second after each coordinate is entered to make sure the server got it correctly otherwise you could make a mistake'.  When moving to a set of coordinates that you want to dock on, but you can't even though your stopped, check status and if one of your coordinates is off by one, turn off autopilot, set speed to 10, let it accelerate, then turn autopilot back on and when it stops, try docking again'.  This annoying bug is currently being called manual orbital positioning or some equally silly thing...  Which, just between me and you...  Is just an overly positive scuse'. tongue
Status: Spits out a long stream of non interactible         information about Current speed, Max speed, Heading, Autopilot Mode, Available Cargo Space, Hull integrity (or strength), and Engine class and efficiency.
NOte! if you press enter on a console and nothing happens, press f to sync your positions with the server and then try again. Happens if your internet connection is not very good or sometimes at random but not often.
Helm: Gives you options for changing your engine speed up to the max that your ship allows, docking and undocking from a planet, station, stellar body such as an asteroid or another ship's docking bay, toggling autopilot mode on and off, and choosing a heading for using manual navigation to move through space in a specific direction, using the degrees on a compass as a guide.
When using manual pilot, remember that, 0 is East, 45 is Southeast, 90 is South, 135 is Southwest, 180 is West, 225 is Northwest, 270 is North and 315 is Northeast.  At this time you can't go up and down using headings but you can choose to initiate the climbing program, or ship descent program or level the ship at a specific coordinate. You can also enter wormholes from if you are orbiting one. Wormholes to save you googling time for those you don't know, are tunnels that can connect distant places. You can lastly, activate or deactivate the ship's shields form here.
Rift drive: Present on some of the newer and more expensive ships, this one is like a turbo boost for your engines and will allow you to get to places quicker. You need to be travelling at light speed (1000) or above in order to be able to engage it. It will take the coordinates from your autopilot's destination and make one long boost towards them, approximating their location so you can travel to distant places much quicker.
Fusion drive: This console has two options. The first one allows you to make a fusion jump, (more of this in a moment) and the second one allows you to enter the coordinates for making the fusion jump. Depending on the fusion range you have (check status for that) you can make precise jumps as long as the coordinates you enter do not exceed the range you have available to you. The fusion jump can be made in any direction, positive or negative, as long as you are within range. If you input coordinates which get out of your fusion range and then press enter on the fusion jump option, you will be alerted to that, and nothing will happen. You don't need to be moving for the fusion jump to work. This is useful for escaping or getting out of danger fast, although the rift drive is also a good option for that.
Asteroid Mining: You can activate the ships mining machinery from here to start mining minerals from an asteroid if you are currently orbiting one. You can turn apu off and the activity will still continue. It will stop when you ask the console to stop it or when you are full on cargo, or when the asteroid gets destroyed. You can also disconnect from the game and asteroid mining will continue.
Remember that you can't find asteroids at negative coordinates but there are some at around 4000 4000 4000. Just get to those coordinates and scan some on your autopilot's sensors destination.
Collection beam: Only on the giant firestar planet cracker ship, this one allows you to collect very large asteroids for processing into your ship's asteroid processing bay and you must be orbiting them. You can press enter more than once if there are many asteroids around.
Asteroid processor: This console allows you to process asteroids that are already on your ship, they must be one million cargo or more. You will get some interesting materials out of them you can use in future versions of the game. Currently you can use some of them for building a very basic, and glitchy custom starship and also for building teleporter outposts and shipyards on planets you discover, for more info read the building guide posted on this forum. For using this console you need to drill them into place first, using drilling tatters. Bought at Cronos station. You find the asteroid on the deck for processing, and put a drilling tether one square  in front, another one square at the back, another one square to the left, and another one square to the right of the asteroid and then you can use the console to start processing. You can turn apu off, and the processing will continue. You can leave the processing deck and the processing notifications will stop, but there is no way to really know when processing has finished, for now.
Gravity tatters 1 through 4: present on the g51 and the firestar ships, this one allows you to stabilize the ship around gravity tatters to start planet cracking operations.
Gravity field generation and stabilizer: This one allows you to crack the planets you have discovered or the ones that have resources. It will create asteroids, some of them very large, that you can then process with the firestar planet cracker. The generation as opposed to the stabilizer will allow you to crack minerals out of the planets you discover and of course you will get paid for both of these activities.
Alert: it allows you to sound the ships claxons as a warning to the crew of imminent danger, and then stop them when the danger has passed, assuming someone is still around to stop them afterwards... oh and yes. it will sound automatically when you are being attacked.
This console is limited to battlecruisers right now, and people will most likely burn you at the stake for doing this too much for no reason, so just be aware of that.
Turret: This is the turbo laser control station, meant for repelling and or destroying enemy spacecraft.
After choosing your target in the list that comes up when you use this console, you can type in the amount of times to fire, which will determine the damage inflicted on the other vessel.  You may need to do this more than once depending on the ship you’re firing at and their shield strength. Each shot causes about 40 damage and the max rounds you can fire at the same time is 20. This one is useful for taking out the enemies’ engines and power systems down before they can even have a chance to escape and it will work as long as they don't have shields on them, otherwise it can be a slow process depending on the shield strength of the ship, since when shooting these you are effectively weakening their shields. You have to be in near proximity for this one to work properly, the most you can get away with them is 20 coordinates away form your enemy in whichever direction you choose.
Warheads: This one allows you to launch missiles at a specific target, only present in ships meant for battling. Do note, that missiles are a bit slow and they can take some time to hit. If you are not close to an enemy ship this can be a good weapon, but note that missiles can be avoided or outran by your enemies as well as by your ship. The closer they are the more damage they can cause, up to 1000 per shot. Now, shields will also block them  just as they block turretts, but its still best you try to have someone maneuver away while they chase you.
Plasma cannons. Only available in the new redesigned corvette ship, or federation or custom ships, they can cause up to 8000 damage, but they will need to recharge  just like turrets and they also work if you are close to the enemy.
Component jammer: Only present on nevman battlecruisers, it is intended to jam components on enemy ships, though its not implemented currently.
And finally, for fighting you have phased beams. These are like turrets on steroids. They cause almost twice the damage that turrets do and will take a bit of time to fire, but if you have them, they are more preferable than just using the turrets. They dont need recharging
Communications: present on some of the ships, they will allow you to well, duh, communicate between your ship and another allied ship, or a ship nearby, although the general channel, using the backslash key,  and the P key will communicate your messages. the general channel is used for in character roleplaying chat and the p key communicates over the ships Public address or P.a. system, useful when you bring a crew with you or if you are all together exploring a planet or in a space station. Those two are better than the communications console that is falling quickly out of favor.
Engineering: This one is important! It allows you to turn your apu or main secondary power unit on or off. If it is off you will firstly save up fuel and secondly all consoles except for status, black box and security will be disabled. You can also allocate power to only sensors at this time, between 1 and the maximum array that you currently have. Engineering also allows you to repair any damaged components you might have broken, now including hull strenth usually as a result of an enemy attacking a vital part of your ship. When items are damaged, after attempting some of them on helm,  you will be informed and thus then presented with a list of the damaged components at engineering. You need to press enter on the ones you want to get repaired, only once and one at a time. They will eventually finish repairing. If you press enter more than once or in another item while a repair is in progress, well that repair in progress will simply be cancelled.
Black box: Used for storing memos or passing messages to other crew members later on. You can add, view and delete entries from here.
Security: Here you control who gets access to your ship. You can add, view and remove personnel from here, but you can only add and remove players when they are online.
Teleporter console: Has the power to teleport you from a ship or station or planet to another object in space, such as another ship, or a space station or planet and this is useful if you have a big ship that cannot dock inside a planet or a station. This one is only installed in a few select ships and stations, and it too allows you to teleport to a set of coordinates on that same ship, planet or station you're on.
A note about turbo lifts.
Turbo lifts are one way to change your Z coordinate and move up and down in the game.
To use a turbo lift, stand right on it and press enter.  On battlecruisers, that's around 20, 90, and your Z coordinate doesn't matter for these because they are all interconnected.
You'll get a list of options, these are decks that you can move to, just pick one, wait, and when the turbo lift stops, (you will hear when it does) you are then free to explore that new deck.
Turbo cars are the same, but sometimes there is more than one and they can change your x and Y coordinates as you take them.
Trams are the newest of the installments for changing your z coordinate. They are like mini ships inside other ships. To call them you press enter where they normally would be, for example 0, 0 1 and wait for it to come. Right now the only way of knowing when they get there is by using your d key every few seconds to see if they are there. When the tram is there for you, you can board it just like you would board a ship and at 30, 30 there is a console that lets you select the deck you want to go to. Once you select the deck the tram will take you there and then when you hear it slow down you can get out of it.
Warning! a present bug will not allow you to call trams on the entrance deck of ships. So its best you buy a hand held teleporter to save yourself from those awkward situations.

Slot machines: Yes, currently we have a game of slot machines in dmnb that works like the rock paper and scissors game. There are three possibilities: if you get all three objects being different, you get 5000 credits taken away from you. If you get two objects that are the same and one different, you tie and earn 5000 credits. If you get all three items to be exactly the same you get a 51000 credits jackpot!
Air defender: this is another interactive mini game that might perhaps never be implemented, so don't ask for its functionality. Currently it does absolutely nothing.
Galactic network terminal: Not a console per se, but still found on some ships and especially on stations, these are the bending machines of our universe. You can get different items depending on the places you are on. There are also the mission terminals, on which you can assign missions to your ships. I will explain them in a bit, after I explain all of the items you can buy and find in the dmnb universe.

But first, here are the current places of interest for any serious officer or pilot wishing to get around the dmnb universe:
Sygnis alpha: The planet where we all start, or the one where we go after dying, located at flight coordinates 20, 0 20.
Earth: Our current planet, full of people but without any possibility of having anything that is worthwhile to discover, for now. Located at 0, -100, 0
Hinderion station: The main station with the most useful content. Here you can buy many goodies like teleporters, dark matter crystals, a message board reader for forum posting on dmnb, a life scanner, a mineral scanner, asteroid tatters and have either a colony supply delivery or a derelight mission assigned to your ships. Located at 0, 0, 0
Cronos station: Here you can get drilling tatters and artefact detectors, and I believe you can also get missions here, and a space suit. Located at 0, 0, 20
Federation space hq: This space station is still under construction, but you can buy a few interesting goodies in here that will serve you well in the future as your character and the game progresses. You can dock here if your ship is low on fuel though. Located at 2000, 2000, 2000.
Bakuan 5: Moving much much further into deep space is this wonderful windy, an sandy planet, which is where you upgrade the capabilities of your ships. Right now you can upgrade your ship acceleration time, your sensor array (up to 500000 squared coordinates), and your fusion range (up to 400000). Located at 550000, 550000, 550000.
Synac: This obscure and strange planet only serves for you to buy gravity tatters.  Located at triple 600000.
Metroplex: Ah, this is the battling station. But it’s also the one where we all party and drink beer in the dmnb universe. You can buy med Kitts, and beer from here. You can also engage in ground combat here. And also, you can assign a patrolling mission. Located at coordinates 0, 1000000 0. If you notice, there is a wormhole that connects from here to sygnis Alfa and vice versa.

Now, onto the items you can buy:
Hand held teleporters. These things are handy little pieces of technology and you would not roam the streets or the universe rather, without one. You can link them to any ships you own and teleport there when you are in danger or too far away. You can use these to teleport into coordinates inside planets, stations or on ships you own. Just like on anything you could enter coordinates, pressing enter on the prompts will take 0 as the default value. Buy them soon!
Dark matter crystals: These are little rocks you should have at your disposal. They are useful when you run out of fuel. Note, that using only one of them inside a ship that has ran out of fuel will actually use all the ones you have so the more you have the more fuel will come to your ship. However, you should of course use them in emergency cases. Each of them gives you 600 fuel in case you were wondering.
Life scanner: This one will tell you exactly where each player is, including yourself if you all happen to be within the same station, ship, asteroid, moon, or planet.
Med kit: Restores your health by 5 to 7% when used. Buy many of them if you plan to be in ground combat situations.
Mineral scanner: allows you to scan the planet for minerals. You can use this to find out which mineral pockets are really worth it for asteroid generation after you mine the planet.
Artefact detector: allows you to find metals, rocks, iron, and valuable metal (this one you get only by processing asteroids) for future use. You simply walk over to them or teleport over to them and pick them all up automatically.
Gravity tatters: used for planet cracking operations.
Asteroid tatters: Used for hauling asteroids. You dock on an asteroid and then put one to the left and another one to the right of your ship once you are inside the asteroid.
Message board reader: allows you to post and read messages on the galactic forum.
Can of beer and Pepsi, spacesuit: right now, they do nothing but they will come in handy later on.

Missions. Each one is probably self-explanatory, will be brief here:

Colony supply delivery. This one allows you to fly a ship sometimes into deep space and deliver the cargo there. They certainly pay more than just carrying cargo from one place to another.
Derelight. You need to travel far into deep space, and salvage some items that are part of an extremely broken malfunctioning ships. You can take those items with you, but the catch is that as soon as you take the last item, the derelight's hull will begin to collapse You will have at most! one minute to escape from the derelight. So better teleport to your ship and fly fast, away from it, otherwise the explosion will take you and your ship with it and you are just space dust and will die epickly.

Patrol: on this one you will get paid for taking off annoying pirates that destroy the resources we currently have. Its recommended to do it with a crew while someone can do navigation, others can fire happily away at your enemies. When in battle it is good if you can lower the volumen that dmbn uses, from the control panel of Windows as battles can get pretty loud and that usually takes away concentration, and concentration is the last thing you want to loose when in battle.

Do note that from time to time, the federation and other colonies will need to recruit servants or officers aboard. This is your chance to experience something new and exciting, and it will also get you higher in the ranks and you will be considered for other missions or other events later on. Its a good opportunity to be able to also sharpen any battling or navigational  zkillz you may have.

Oh yeah, and if you die, well tough luck. Your credits and inventory will be gone, but your ships will not, except if you died on one that was destroyed you will lose that one.

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