2015-04-05 09:08:32

victorazrak wrote:

Has anyone tried this? is it virus free? please lmk

Yep we all have tried this, and this is a virus which goes directly into your brain, and makes you play all day and night, 24/7. You can't stop playing, because the game is damn good. It's addicting. Now you're warned. big_smile

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2015-04-05 09:24:45

connor142 wrote:

hello, I have a Problem with the game. sometimes, the Client loses the Connection to the Server. and when it does, it doesn't try to reconnect. it just disconnects and every Action that is sent to the Server never arrives. please fix this.

Yes, or later It works. I have same problem too, but also, with this speech interuption too.

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2015-04-05 11:04:45


Please make the game as a portable, not installer only.

Please add singleplayer game and some missions.

Thanks, Vojta.

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2015-04-05 11:41:02

This is a great idea with a mission.

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2015-04-05 11:42:38

Also, My problem is explained in post 49.

Music is the language of the universe.

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2015-04-05 12:17:56

First, let me congratulate Sam for what has the potential to be a really awesome game.  I'm looking forward to trying this one out.  Second, programming and coding is hard work in which much patience is required.  Keep up the good work, Sam, and be encouraged.  This is one game's progress I'm excited to follow!  *smile*

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2015-04-05 13:19:47

I will definitely keep an eye on this game, as I really do like it. However, there are still a lot of things that need work. The lag being the most critical, in my opinion, because you fall a lot because the server literally has to process each step along with chat messages etc. The screen reader interrupt shouldn't even be an option. I'm just glad that left and right brackets work to go through the chat buffer as well as the history for other game messages. Once this game is developed further, a guide is really needed on how to create different items because for me at least, it is not intuitive. The rate at which thirst goes up should be lowered. It is ridiculously fast. Also, I can't find any trees with N, anywhere. There obviously are trees somewhere, but I have no idea where. Also, it would be really helpful for new players if there was a system in place to find different areas, such as ones where clay and trees exist, because right now, it is very easy to get lost. I look forward to seeing where this goes in the coming months.

My opinions are my own. I try not to state them as facts and if I'm not sure about something, I do whatever research I can. I feel everyone should consider doing the same.

2015-04-05 13:30:38

This is a great concept! There are the obvious (and previously mentioned) issues but I completely understand that this is an early beta, but I think this can really go far. Keep up the good work! Good luck smile

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2015-04-05 13:32:53

I can not understand a thing. Why some of as need so much a single player feature? In my opinion it is boring play all the day with computer. We need multiplayer games like this.

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2015-04-05 13:55:46

So far I think this game is really good. Keep up the good work Sam. I will say what really irritates me are the people who come on here and Literaly order Sam to fix stuff. I'm not  talking about people saying something like "I've noticed this issue and in my opinion if it were fixed the game may run smoother" I'm talking about the people who say "Sam fix this now"  or suggest something about a half a million times. Guys remember 2 things. 1 This game is free, 2, I'm sure Sam is working as hard as he can so how about we stop complaining and give him our support? Thanks.

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2015-04-05 14:51:11

hi all, Sam, please make this game the offline. severe is bad, thanks!

2015-04-05 15:02:04

Hi all. Wyślij odpowiedź

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2015-04-05 15:27:27

hi all, omar i am not agree with you! sam, don't , please, don't make this game offline. keep upthe online and good work!

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2015-04-05 16:25:49

Hi, we don't say the game should be offline. We say that an offline mode should be added so that in the case there is too much lag we can just play by ourselves.

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2015-04-05 17:03:14

Now I have died. Why? Because lag was so aweful.

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2015-04-05 17:05:30

So, this is a great idea to off-line mode. I support this idea. Also, for practicing too.

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2015-04-05 17:14:42

hi sam i think game is good idea
but... i recommend you
1 please add auto update in options menu
2 please add single player mode to play offline
3 please add text file to explain in game such as how to create things
4 please add radar to check people on maps
5 please add hunt animal to make food if you can make game more real
bug great bug server very lag for me and server error some time
i think game very good but i think server ns studio lag
thank for reading

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2015-04-05 17:35:31

Well done Sam!  big_smile  I can see this game getting very interesting as it continues to grow.

I just gave the game a try but I couldn't find any trees.  I must have traveled in the wrong direction or something, haha.  At first I was able to say hi to someone, but after a few minutes none of my chat messages would go through.  I'd type the message and press enter, but the game seemed to ignore the enter key so it wasn't sending the message.  Each time I'd have to press escape to exit, to get out of the chat dialog.

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2015-04-05 17:38:16

sam, you probably better don't write how to create things, that will be too easy. may be you let us experiment with crafting or as a maximum give some hints) that would be more interesting, what do you think?)

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2015-04-05 17:40:46

hi. now the server is  down

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2015-04-05 18:11:45

Ok, i am only going to say this once, so listen up.
1. Do not, and i mean do not make offline mode. The game is about working together and it would be really boring if it was just you walking around by yourself.
2. Stop reporting lag. We all know, so please, stop saying lag lag lag lag lag lag lag (that is how much its on here) lag lag lag lag lag lag... that seems to be what everyone's talking about. Well, lets forget about the lag; what did you like about the game? I was so excited when i made a tied_ branch! NOt that it was usefull or anything, it was just that i made it
3... i think. Sam, you should ad animals like in pearlous hearts that run around and attack eatch other and act like animals. Some animals that would be cool are: bears, monkeys, and boors. Also, can you make it possible for you to walk into the fire? Also, do not add radar. You should add sometohing like a touch command like the camera because in real life if you were lost and you were blind you wouldn't have radar, you would have to feel in front of you, so maybe add no sound or a woosh sound for if  your touching nothing, and maybe other sounds or just nmothing at all. Sorry people keep writing about the lag. It is very annoying though, but please, that seems to be all people talk about. Stop talking about lag guy, your gonna give sammy a head ache. Oh yeah, and you should make this like minecraft where you can mine for things. Oh yeah, and someone said something about levels and missions. Missions maybe, but that wouldn't be very realistic. Also, please, don't add leveling. It isn't really a pvp game, it is a life symulater where your lost in the whild and have to build your resources. And you can kill people yes, but its not geared for that. Thanks sam, I love this game!

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2015-04-05 18:36:44

it's a beta version. people should have more patience with this guy who make this game.

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2015-04-05 18:51:19

Yes, ofcourse.
Idea is nice and also, I understand of the Aprone's problem. Maybe, this word begining to L.

Music is the language of the universe.

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2015-04-05 18:59:39

Well, we talk about lag because it's too annoying. And yeah, do add offline mode, so that we don't talk about lag and stuff and play by ourselves.

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2015-04-05 20:18:26

remember guys, it's not just about the game, but the creator as well.
If you don't listen, to the creator, that's not good, you see. Sam's already said he is working, on the lag. but still I here:
there's lag. too much lag. lag lag lag lag lag. quite annoying after a while.
So yeah. Just saying if I were the developer or something I'd probably read one post about lag, then skip every other with the word in it... yeah. Especially if I've already addressed the issue. Repeating yourself over and over again is not going to change the situation, or at least not in the way you'd like it to be changed.
  This kind of stuff, right here, is why I won't make a central server for s quad racing.
nonetheless, I kind of agree some offline quests and missions would be good in the mean time, until sam fixes the lag. I don't know, like maybe having to find and build things, and receiving some type of prise at the end that you could use on the next quest, perhaps.
Generally, though, I don't think this should have an actual offline mode. just no. that defeats the purpose.
and I agree with all who support this game. it's truly great! big_smile big_smile big_smile

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