2014-12-23 05:34:04

so i just tried to log on and i got in with m hc character correctly but my normal char , dare devil he logged in on a fort map. it also doesn't allow me to get off of the map threw the war room. i logged out then back in and now it just says i'm at 0, 0 but i can still chat and stuff its very strange. any thoughts aprone? oh and great job with swamp i might actually play a bit now if i can only stop from mudding lol.

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2014-12-23 06:48:27 (edited by mehgcap 2014-12-23 06:49:44)

I got the file downloaded from the Dropbox link. Here, in no particular order, are my observations so far.

1. CTF missions are going to be amazing, but they are currently broken. After each team had a point, things went strange. A player would pick up the flag, go to the home base, and try to drop it, but would only hear "you must find supplies first". That player could be killed and the flag would reset, but no point could be scored after the first one. Again, though, this looks like a wonderful new mission type! [edit] You know, in reading the rules again, I'm wondering if the flag placements had anything to do with it? Would Red not be able to drop because Blue had Red's flag? The message spoken to the flag holder should be updated, but aside from that, this could explain it.

2. Crate missions look incredible - this is the mission menu I've always hoped for! I haven't tried any, but users report lag in missions. I'm really excited to see just how this all works, and I love the new way you can configure things.

3. The pitch shift idea is a good one. The only problem is that weapon impact sounds are affected by the shift, making them sound really strange. Ideally, only steps and growls would change, but impact sounds should not.

4. As with crate missions, the inventory is just how I always hoped, but even better. I love the idea of right/left moving between the categories - much easier than the tree I had in mind.

5. I don't have details, but it seems the fort system is currently broken. My clan doesn't have any forts right now for me to test.

6. I love the idea of using forts to gain experience, and the way the new fort takeover system is set up. Any plans to offer a similar experience drip to non-clan members, or clans who lack a fort? I only ever see one other clan member online when I'm on, and even that is rare. Perhaps a few points every n seconds for as long as you stay on a sub map?

Overall, as I said, this is an incredible update. Thank you so, so much for continuing to work on this and for all your patience and dedication. If I were you, I'd just take the rest of the week and not touch Swamp at all. smile We'll survive, and you've earned a break!

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2014-12-23 08:37:36

Okay, a couple more thoughts on CTF missions. Again, the idea is wonderful, and very exciting. Once it's tweaked, I can see it becoming one of the most popular missions out there for those not trying to level. However...

1. No point can be scored until both flags are in one place. So, Blue not only needs their flag to be home, but they need Red's flag too. Obviously, this is very difficult, especially given point #2 below. I don't know how, but could something be done to make scoring less prone to standoffs?

2. Skill points and levels still matter. You can have one guy guard the flag who has 200 points in health, and nothing anyone else does can hurt him. Or, you can send someone with speed maxed to run, and no one can catch him. You get the idea. Ideally, everyone would be set to the same level and have the same point distribution (perhaps 15 or 20 in speed so you aren't limping along, and that's it). Rely on armor and shields for protection, not huge skill point deposits theater team can't overcome.

3. The goal score should probably be way lower, especially if the other two points aren't able to be addressed. Within five minutes of my second CTF mission, we had a standoff. The Red member who had our flag wouldn't die, despite a grenade, shotgun, and vulcan. Likewise, our guy who had Red's flag was in no danger. To get to 2 or 3 points would have taken forever, but 7?

So, the problem right now is that it's far too easy for teams to get into a situation where the players who have each others' flags can't be killed, and can easily blow away anyone who tries. This locks up the game so no progress can be made. I think removing skill points would be the biggest factor, and may render everything else moot.

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2014-12-23 10:58:35

Good points Mehgcap.  I am unlikely to change the rule about both flags being together before a point can be scored, but I will consider the others.  I don't know if any other audio games have CTF modes, but in mainstream games they've been around for decades.  Without the potential for those stand offs, they would never have been quite as popular, because you could never use offense as a defensive tool to prevent the other team from scoring.

When it comes to time required to reach 7 points, it seems cheap of me to run to this excuse, but I'd wager that practice will change things quite a bit.  Think back to when warehouses were introduced and how far they've come.  I do believe many people can be quoted as saying they were impossible, when talking about the first missions.  After a while those first missions became the "easy" missions, and even had more zombies added.  I'm willing to give the Swamp players the benefit of the doubt... they'll rise to this new challenge.  I've learned not to make anything easier unless I absolutely have to, because I'll just wind up spending time making it harder again in a week.

Now that I'm home from work, I'm digging through a huge pile of bug reports.  I'll see if I can get this fixed up quickly, so people can actually enjoy the update.  smile

- Aprone
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2014-12-23 12:00:18

Well Aprone I think what you have done is really terrible! you evil, evil man! waiting until I've gone to my parents for christmas where my only device is a laptop with a trackpad which doesn't work for Swamp before releasing the update, that is just nasty! you complete grinch you! big_smile.

Ah well, I'll be back at my flat with my desktop in January and will give the thing a try then. I particularly like the sound of difficulty fixing in warehouses. i've not really wanted to try warehouse missions with other people until I've sorted things as a solo, but when I tried the easiest one available I got munched at 4 crates, which was irritating, particularly sinse I had a real stash of weapons even including the vulcan minigun. It'll be nice to turn the zombies down a bit and work up on the mission maps.

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2014-12-23 12:45:41

hi aprone
what about pvp tide?

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2014-12-23 13:36:08

Hi Aprone. first of all I'm very glad to swamp update again. I'm not sure if you know the bg about inventory. I always have the items like this.
M240, you have 3.96831563741501E+20.
lol. perhaps type is wrong!

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2014-12-23 15:16:02

claudiogaranzini wrote:

hi all! Aprone, great update for this fantastic game! There is just a little problem: I've just downloaded the new version from the Sendspace link of a few posts earlier! But as I try to connect to the server, it tells mee I'm not using the same version of the server! I've tried to download the entire game from your links but it simply doesn't download propperly. Aniway, thanks a lot for your supe job of updating this great game! Bye for now! Claudio!

I have had the same issues. I deleted the file, and even tried to start over, but the issue is the same, and when I chack the change log file, it says virsion 3.3. could someone please repost a link, and maybe I can get that one to work.
Thanks guys for any help.
AKA. michael209

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2014-12-23 16:39:16

Thanks for the time you put into making this game! I'll be checking it out shortly, but I have included a link to my server for people to download if the default ones are having issues.
http://carlos1001.com/downloads/games/s … amp3.4.zip when I downloaded it, the tool I used to downloaded logged 3 disconnects from your web server.


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2014-12-23 17:01:40

Hi everyone

Finally finally finally. I am no longer required to keep my mouth shut! big_smile

Except the download issues, and the CTF observations, at least on the forum, everyone seems very happy. This is just incredible. This update took indeed around eight months, and wasn't a walk in the park either. big_smile
Out of personal intrest and because it wasn't mentioned elsewhere, I want to point out a few more additions to the change log:
- I have updated the weaponspecs.txt file: it now includes all the weapons (including title ones), explains all modes and accessories, list the locations of all the ammo and also all the weapons.
- I've added a aArmorspecs.txt file: this file list all pieces of armor, the class they belong too, the possible side effects they have, explains the protection system and explains the special armor.
- I've added Gamekeys.txt: this file is a list of all the possible keystrokes (key combinations) you can use in the game
- I have rewritten the readme.html file. The new readme trys to explain Swamp from A to Z, and tries to bring structure in the overwhelming world of the undead.

Enough renting from this happy tester, since he was part of an amazing team, and could help to shape the update into its current form. A big thanks to Aprone for the endless hours of coding, correcting, compiling new clients etc etc.

Happy holidays, and meet yall on maps1 to 5, submaps 1 to 3, missions or wherever else you pop up.

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2014-12-23 18:13:57

Thanks Critic view, that is some cool news about the udpates and the information, as someone who has not kept uptodate with the swamp releases as other people or been on the game as much (not out of design, just due to me being busy), information is very much appreciated.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

2014-12-23 18:33:11


Thanks for the upgrade, very good job.
It was fun to watch the update grow.

I hope i can interest more Dutch people.
I only know 3, but since playing get more depending on teamplay (i hope to reach HC and title in 2015) there is need for more fellow helping players.

In the last months i noticed more troublemakers and insulting.
That is sad, but i am used to it in the blind community.
Players who want to help others get blamed for unfair gaming and others are bored easely so they are less willing to trade or help otherwise.

Nevertheless Swamp has a nice sideeffect, practising social skills.

Personally i will assist where i can, but have several jobs so only can play if i have the time.


Braillemaster AKA Peter.

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2014-12-23 19:15:02

A little add:

I have download Swamp from the Sendspace-link and when i start, it seems that i have an older version then the server?
The Original download-links do not resume afther 12 percent.

I also test it with a clean folder with Swamp 3.4 in it, result is the same.

What can i do to help?



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2014-12-23 19:32:53

Last update:

It seems that the Sendspace-link contains the previous Swamp-version?
It seems like it when i look in the changefile?

The official links still break the filetransfer afther a certain amount.

Patience needed i guess, no problem.
I have holiday now.



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2014-12-23 20:15:30

Aprone, I see what you're saying regarding CTF difficulty. In fact, I've now participated in a few successful games, though I have no idea how my teammates managed to score so quickly.

Two additional things:

1. Can you explain exactly how scoring, flag returns, etc work? I get that both flags have to be in a team's base to score a point, but when a player dies and the flag they have drops, how does the next player go grab it return it? Say Blue1 has Red's flag and gets killed. Red's flag is now bleeping away in the middle of the map, and Red1 comes along and takes it. From what I've seen, Red's flag is now immediately back in their base, and Red1 has no flag. I thought Red1 would have to make it back to base and drop the flag? Are there any points of scoring that I'm missing? I just got off a game where it seemed most of us were a bit confused, so anything you can offer here would help.

2. You probably know about these, but:
* I was once dumped onto Map 4 after a CTF game ended. I had been on Map 2, and the tracker reported me as on Map 2, but I was actually on 4.
* Sometimes, the death sound plays twice when you get killed.
* Upon returning, everything in your inventory is sometimes multiplied, leaving you with several of each weapon and way more ammo than you had before the CTF mission.
* IMHO, the crib could be larger, taking up the entire inner room of the base.

Thanks again.

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2014-12-23 20:30:57

Wow I am pumped up for this new update, great stuff Sir. I can't wait to check it out.


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2014-12-23 20:38:12

Hi Everyone

As I discovered the need for alternate download links rising, I sat down and met the challenge... For now, sendspace will have to do:

Hope this helps
I will also try to get a torrent going in the not to distant future, so stay close to this topic.

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2014-12-23 20:38:59

What the? says I'm not running the same version as the server.

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2014-12-23 20:49:23

Mehgcap, I'll see if I can clear up the details about CTF.

If a blue player grabs the red flag and starts running, they can be killed and the red flag will drop onto the ground.  If another blue player picks it up, they can continue trying to run it back to their own base.  If, however, a red player touches the red flag first, it is instantly transported back to their base.

In other games there are CTF variations that force players to walk their own flag back to base, but they are a minority.  Most mainstream CTF games have "immediate returns" that allow you to more easily recover your own flag after it has been stolen.

The only flag you will ever have to actually "Carry" somewhere, is the flag owned by the other team.  Your own flag can be returned instantly if you touch it.  I can definitely see how this could be confusing, and I take full responsibility for not explaining it as carefully and as detailed as I probably should have.  I made the mistake of thinking everyone else has had extensive experience playing CTF games.  I need to be careful not to do that in the future.

For players being sent back to the wrong maps, it's something I'm looking in to.  smile  Even though there are a lot of bugs for me to sort out, I'm very very happy to see that CTF is working correctly.  Last night I watched 3 CTF matches being played by people, and they were pretty exciting to watch.  Even with people being so new to them, already I started to see players strategize offenses and defenses.

It brought a great smile to my face to watch Alina climb into one of her base's front towers, and pick off approaching enemy players with her M40!  I believe she had 23 kills that game!  I also watched an attacking player circle around the back of the enemy base before heading in the opposite door, which threw off the 2 men chasing him.  They both went in the first door assuming he'd have done the same, and by the time he was coming in the other door they had turned around and ran back outside.  I even saw a few people hanging out near the cars with chainsaws and flamethrowers, to tear apart anyone trying to run past with their flag.

Like all aspects of Swamp before it, the Swamp community will practice and plan until CTF is an art form.  I truly cannot wait to watch the CTF matches as time goes on.  big_smile

- Aprone
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2014-12-23 21:14:23

Thanks for the months of work on version 3.4
You did not quote a price to play Swamp in multi player mode.
Aprone's Accessible Games Swamp Kaldobsky gamer account,
$24 per year, USD.

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2014-12-23 22:04:02 (edited by SirBadger 2015-01-09 08:12:10)

ok sorry about the mix up guys. here is the correct link for 3.4 and i'll edit the origional post in case anybody tries to use that one as well. again, sorry for any problems caused. *hangs head in shame*.


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2014-12-23 22:14:20

aprone i posted about this last night. and i'm still unable to start with my regular char dare devil. when i log on i'm at 0, 0 and  when i use the /stuck command it says basically error this didn't work try logging out and back in or reloading the map. i've logged in and out several dozen times and no luck and i have no idea what it means by reloading the map. i'm still connected because i can chat and stuff and there are some zombie dying sounds all congregated in one area, but i can't move and i'm stuck at 0, 0.
its very strange because my hc char is fine and can play perfectly with out any issues. could you help me fix this i's so like to play with a normal char and get in on some of the awesome missioning going on with ctf and others. thanks aprone you do an awesome job.

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2014-12-23 22:14:56

Wow! Aprone: Thanks a million times for this huge and great update. This is one of the coolest christmas gifts I've got.

Best regards SLJ.
Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
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2014-12-23 23:15:44

Thanks Aprone, I think I get it noww. I wish more people were on so we could have big matches more often (I was in a ten-epson one today). Also, I'm really glad to see you don't lose gear when you disconnect, and I keep having connection interrupts that last seconds but kill my connection to Swamp, booting me out of the mission. Basically, you rock, and Swamp rocks too!

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2014-12-23 23:23:21

hello all!       i'm telling anytime,            excellent work,          thanks very the aprone!            regards,         darknights

Wish You Best Gaming All!

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