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Hi Guys.
Sorry for making 2 topics but my computer was acting crazy so I thought I'd just post what I have. Now let's see we left off on level 5.
Level 5:
Go into the colony and find glimmer of hope. Take the cargo lift down then tractor the battery to 0-0 to activate the elevator. Then press enter as fast as you can then board the elevator then go to the cargo lift to enter glimmer of hope. Walk to the left and press enter on the turbolift and select the command and entrance deck which acts as the bridge of the ship. You can take the turbolift around the ship to explore it.
Now take the cargolift to the docking bay and exit glimmer of hope. Take the cargo lift to the lower level of the colony. You will meet a man and he will take you to where you can get a gravity jammer part. Once you've got the part run for your life back to the ship and head onto destiny station. Take the turbolift to the bridge and you will land at destiny station. I would suggest visiting the supply deck and order as many items as you need from the galactic terminal network. Now take the turbolift to the docking bay and exit glimmer of hope. You only have a few minutes of air so move quickly. Walk to the right press enter on the hacking station and copy the tones then run to the next hacking station and use that too. Then run until you get to the entrance to destiny station. Get to a ladder climb it use the hacking station and go through the door. Fight a monster keep walking until you find another ladder and walk down it. You will come upon an upgrade system you should really use it. Walk to the right until you come upon a group of enemies use your rifle since that would be your best option. Run and shoot until there all dead but remember these enemies are extremely fast and powerfull so stay out of there way. Once there dead walk through the door.
The game ends here for now. Again sorry about double posting like this. I hope these articles help new players get into playing death match.

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