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Hi everyone.
I was going to post this a few days ago but my computer kept acting up and then of course Danny had to mess me up by posting beta 4 lol.

Keyboard commands:
Up and down arrows: Move you through menus or climb up and ladders if your near one. Pressing control with up and down arrows will let you walk up and down ladders quickly.
Left and right arrows: walk left and right. Pressing control with left and right arrows will help you walk faster.
Enter: activates menu items, picks up items, activates computer consoles.
Shift: Activates auto-aiming mode.
Shift plus control: fires your selected weapon.
Shift plus t: Activates the tractor beam.
Shift plus j: Activates jet pack.
1 2 and 3: Selects a weapon.
Q: Uses a medkit if you have one.
X: check how many upgrade components you have.
Z: check how many credits you have.


First go to the main menu select new game and select what slot you want to save it in.
Level 1:
You will hear a ship taking off and crashing this is the nova 4. Now walk to the right and open your first door. Keep walking right and then you will get a message that you need to get a battery to open the next door. Walk right until you find a ladder walk up it and go left. When you hear a beeping sound walk to the left and grab the battery. Take it back down the ladder walk to the door open your inventory and select the battery to fix the door.
Now open the door walk through it then go through another door.
Now activate the console then run for your life.
Once you hear the alarm stop run to the right and take the cargo lift up then walk to the left and get the tractr beam. Now walk right and install the fuel rods. Once you hear a beeping sound stand right where you are don't try centering the sound. Press shift plus t to pull the first fuel rod into place. You will have to do this about 3 or 4 times.
Now walk right until you get the jet pack and install it from your inventory. Now keep walking right until you find the console to fly the ship. Use up arrow to speed up the ship, use down arrow to slow down, and use left and right arrows to move left and right. While your flying you will hear a fast beeping sound these are astroids move left and right to stay away from them.
Once you have passed your last astroid you will land walk left to the bridge. Before you can get there you will be attacked by your first enemy. Run to the right press shift plus control plus right arrow to run to the right and shoot at the same time. Once the enemy is dead walk left to thecargo lift take it back down then walk to the right to 200-0 and press enter to take the elevator. Now level 1 is complete.
Oh and i forgot one thing there are hacking stations throughout the game just press enter on one and copy the clicks. This will get you extra credit and other cool stuff just explore to find them.

Level 2:
Now walk to the right and go through a couple of doors. You will be attacked by several enemies just run to the left and shoot until there all dead.
Sometime after that there will be a structural failure press shift plus j to jump over it. After this you might be attacked by enemies run and shoot just make sure you don't run into the failure you passed over.
Now walk to the right until you find the battery and tractor it into place. Once you've done that walk to the right until you find the console activate it then take the cargo lift down into the shuttle hanger and board the shuttle. Push up arrow to speed up and down arrow to slow the shuttle down. After a few minutes tjhe shuddle will be ready to dock slow it down to 10 and check your speed by pressing x.
Now walk right until you hear an exploding sound and you will be attacked by a few enemies. Once they are dead walk to the right so you cann replace the genwerators. Along the way you will be attacked by a tentacle just quickly to kill it. Now tractor the generators into place just like you did with the fuel rods before. When you repair the second and third generator you will be attacked by enemies just run and shoot. Go right and activate the console.
Now head to the tram system to repair it. You will come across a tentacle press enter to kill it. Now fix the power car system tractor the broken cars out of the way when  there in the right position you will a clicking banging sound stop the tractor beam. A new power car will bebgenerated tractor that into place.
Now go right until you find the databoard then walk left until you come down a ladder walk left and insert the databoard in the console. Now go back to where you were and tractor the fuel car into place. Then go back to the same console and activate it again. A tram will appear take it then get to the fuse generator and tractor the fuses into place. Now walk right until you come to a door now level 2 is complete.
Now walk until you come to a cargo lift take it up find the battery and tractor it until you hear clicking then you can let go of it. Tractor the second one into place then take the second cargo lift down. Get to the structural failure pull the first lever using the tractor beam then jump over the failure  then pull the second lever.  The failure is gone so walk gback to the bridge and level 3 is done.

Level 4
Now just walk around then take the shuttle at 0:0 down to indirian 9.

Level 5

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