2014-06-21 05:03:00

Hello! i don't know if this is in the right thread, tell me if it's not. But, where can I find pithon? Do you need to download it?

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2014-06-21 08:18:58

what version?
2.7 or 3.3?
type in google:
download python
download python 2.7
download python 3.3

it will install in your c drive.

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2014-06-21 19:27:41

For windows:
Here is the python 2.7 installer
You want the x86 version always.
In order to add python to the path do:

hit start menu
hit c till you hear "computer"
right click on computer
arrow up once to properties and hit enter
tab till you hear "advanced system settings" or something to that effect (it may be just advanced)
Then tab till you hear "environment variables" and hit enter
Tab 4 times till you hear system variables.
arrow down till you hear "path" as the first word. For me it is 8 down arrow presses. It is not pathext so make sure you just hear "path".
make sure your cursor is on "path" and then tab twice to edit or just hit alt+i.
You will now hear that a lot of characters are selected.
warning warning warning!!!
do not erase these! if you do hit escape and hit alt+i again.
instead hit right arrow to get to the end of the very long string of paths.
check if there is a semicolon ";" at the end and if there is not add one. From the last character of the path before (it could be a letter or a backslash) you want to type:
then hit enter. Tab to OK, hit enter, and then tab to OK again and hit enter.
To check if it worked hit start and type "command prompt" without the quotes. Hit enter and type "python" without the quotes. If it says something like "active python 2.7.7..." then you installed it right. type ctrl z and hit enter to get out of the interactive python session and type "cd my_programming_files\python" without the quotes to go into the folder called my_programming_files then into the folder called python.
To run a script type:
python ex1.py

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2014-06-21 22:53:22

I haven't even bothered setting the path. I just install it and cd to c:\python27, and associate .py files with python so I can run them directly.

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