2019-02-07 21:37:23

Hi there. Just curious about one thing. In the new beta 10 of the crazy mod, there is a new race called the vermin race. is there a little more information as to how they work, and what to expect from them as far as using strategy? Other than that. Love the mod so far. Good work on it Pragma, and if you need some help with updating or translating the documentation for the new races in the mod, please send me a pm on the forum.

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2019-02-27 02:28:28

Where can I find documentation for this? I have the version included in Sound RTS 1.2 Continuous 12. Is this the latest version?

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2019-03-01 02:37:52

yeah that's what I am wondering myself. I think the documentation hasn't been updated for a while now.

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2019-03-01 07:47:14

YOU GENERATE STUMPS from froot trees, and upgrade them to diffrent trees such as mushroom gallery, twinkling tree and so
then you generate larvas and upgrade them to soldiers
its quite a wierd yeah

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2019-03-05 20:40:12

There was documentation for this at some point, but it's probably very out of date by now. What would you like in documentation? It would be a lot of effort to write manually, but a script that takes some info from the rules and puts it into a document might work.
The vermin is a pretty unconventional race, but they can be fun to play. Basically, you don't build buildings or recruit units like you normally do. Like Omer said, your buildings can generate stumps, which can upgrade into any buildings. And your, I think it's initially called a brooder, can recruit larvae which can upgrade to any units. The fruit trees are your farms, and the carnivore trees are basically like towers. The other buildings are needed to produce certain units. For example, to upgrade your larvae to mosquitoes you need I think a mud room, etc. The only building that has useful abilities is the mushroom gallery, which can do toxic spores that harm units, hallucinogenic spores that make your units invisible, and I can't remember what the other one was called but it heals your units. The mushroom units aren't particularly useful though, and I tend to not really make them. As for the other units, all I can remember is that crabs can attack adjacent squares, and fireflies are very useful when fully upgraded because they can blaze a square which does a lot of damage. Oh and the survival pheromone can bring back dead units, which is very useful if you lost units on your main square.

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2019-03-13 09:18:26

Wow (great information when I'm playing this mod).
Is it still updating or the development is discontinued? Is the developer bizzy, or something?
Sorry for asking those questions, but that mod is so amazing at least for me. I mean, what was the latest update? I know it was the 9 beta 10 update, but don't know the date of it.

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2019-03-14 04:10:28

@electro yes, the latest version is 9b10.
The developer of the mod is pragma pragma; the same guy (or guys) that is working on the crazy party project.
I don't know if pragma will return to this mod at any time, after advance more with the CP, but He never told some thing about that this project is completly avandoned, or in stand by.

Thanks :3

And yes, is the best soundRTS mod that we have! tongue

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2019-03-16 22:17:42 (edited by black_mana 2019-03-16 22:18:11)

is the doc for this mod still their? i want to read it if any one has a link

2019-03-16 22:21:53

no its broken

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