2005-04-28 15:48:25


evry body I have 2 diferent questions:
about the tdl's pro pakej for

developing games:
did any body try the pakej and founed it easy to

and can ya actualy make a game with it with out any knolej of vb or

derkt x or what ever?
and now to my second question:
I downloaded drive

[the bigger vertion with cd quality sound] and unzipped the folder to a

derectory in my computer, but dont know how to run it.
what file do I have

to choos
thanks alot
big y

2005-04-29 17:33:01


believe there should be an icon on your desktop. if not, go to c:\program


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2005-04-30 18:46:33

As for the pro package, no knowledge of vb is needed but you do need some

knowledge of c++ which is altogether a harder language than VB.