2007-03-19 14:14:54

Even though I'm personally not a golfer myself, I'm absolutely addicted to Jim Kitchen's Golf game. Ever since it first appeared in all it's Dossy Glory, it's provided a way to experience all the ball whacking, club cursing, distance calculating action of a game of golf right on your computer, without having to worry about things like fresh air and exercise!

Jim has just released Version 10 of the game, which has several new features such as improved control of the pitching wedge and irons in sand traps and the speaking of shot distance when you manage to get the ball onto the green. There is also the new Golf Course Maker program which offers more options than ever before when creating your own holes, such as 100 new objects to place beside the course and the ability to write custome descriptions. The game also comes with 242 golf courses for you to try your irons on.

You can find the file, wingolfx.exe, along with many other self-voicing games on Jim Kitchen's website. If you don't have the Microsoft Sapi TTS engine, or don't have all of the voices, Jim Kitchen has been kind enough to add the set up files for those to his site as well, so whatever version of Windows your running, you should have no trouble installing and playing Jim's games.

Happy Golfing!

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