2007-01-11 19:17:57


I'm at the start of making a fantasy boardgame. In this game sound will be very important and detailed. The sound will be an extension to the game. I'm looking for information from which I can learn what it takes to make this game accessible for the visually impaired. I know this is a forum for videogames but maybe someone can direct me to another site or forum.

Thank you

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2007-01-11 19:53:20

you say this is a forum for video games? that's an understatement. this forum is for audio games, programming games (if anything comes up) and any other accessible game for the blind and visually impared. try www.blindprogramming.com (i don't know if i spelt that right), that's the only place i can think of right now.
good luck in making the "fantasy boardgame". i'm sure it'll be good when it's released. unfortunately i do not know about programing, which is why i suggested the website above. if i knew i'd share my info with you. if you need anymore help just ask.

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2007-01-11 20:02:54

Sorry about the "video games"-comment. I copy-pasted that text from my post on the forum of http://www.game-accessibility.com. They told me to come here.

Actually, I'm not only looking for programming-tips or programmers (that will be a later step). I'm also looking for tips and know-how on how to develope 'board-games' that would aslo be accessible to the visually impared.

Any tips regarding board-games?

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2007-01-11 22:02:12

Quote Richard on the games-accessibility forum (just to transfer relevant information to this forum)


We (Sander and I of AudioGames.net) are also present here so you can use either forum. Check out some resources for audio game design here: http://www.audiogames.net/page.php?pagefile=articles

What can I help you with?



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2012-01-19 07:14:28 (edited by Alexander_john 2012-01-23 09:44:05)

  Can any one tell me what is the difference between audio game base ?
And video game base?
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2012-01-19 10:26:55

Wasaia, first off, welcome to the forum!  big_smile

Will your "board game" be a computer game or an actual physical board with cards and or pieces to play with?  Because some computer games are made in a style normally experienced with actual physical board games, "board game" is actually considered a computer game genre.  This is making it harder for us to know how best to help you.  It would be easier once we knew for sure what you were referring to.

- Aprone
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2012-04-06 06:30:12

Ahem, not trying to be a back seat driver, but maybe you should've put this in general game discussion?

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