2021-04-14 18:16:24

@Trajectory: Not surprised.
The nice thing is that it's all Webdav, so you technically could mount it in explorer, but try telling people (minus the admins) who aren't familiar with that to just set up a network drive through webdav and you suddenly have more explaining to do than if you just had them try their best with working around the client. I figure including a webdav endpoint directly is the reason we haven't seen an actual third party Nextcloud desktop client, given there isn't an incentive for one. Good thing most of the adminning is done serverside anyway. The Nextcloud client team has a nasty habit of ignoring even mainstream users anyway, as there are a ton of critical components missing, i.e. group folder sync, that have gone unanswered.

I'm the only adventure at c: master hahahaha I have unlocked just about everything!

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