2021-04-03 20:08:48

Hi, in its database entry at least, all crypt shifter links seem to be broken. This includes the url as well as the two ich links.

I used to be a knee like you, then I took an adventurer in the arrow.

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2021-04-08 12:31:28

@Conor, unfortunately I'm having trouble with Crypt shyfter , since when I look on google, I find several sites listing single entries in the series, but nobody selling the hole collection.

there is a self published book on goodreads and amazon under the same title, but what the current status is I don't know, it's doubly odd, since not too long ago the games were available on their own website and there was even work on a new rpg in the series, then suddenly all development stopped and the collection was being sold by someone who made erotic text adventures, now, other than a few sites like newgrounds hosting online playable versions of one or two of the free games, I have no idea what's happening with them, indeed, I'm not even sure which games are, or are not free at this point in time, especially because I personally bought the hole collection as a job lot on itch.io.

I'll remove the links and set license to unknown just for clarity's sake, but I will admit the hole situation with the crypt shyfter series is confusing, since even if kungfu space barbarian isn't making further games in the series, I'm not sure why they wouldn't be available, or why the lady who was selling them stopped doing so, or even why the games that used to be free, aren't still free.

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