2021-04-08 00:03:54

Hi all,
I just downloaded bluestacks.
But at the moment, I can't really use it. I only can use the ocr function of nvda but that don't really work.
Is there a way to use the program? If so, help would be fine.

Thanks for heping.


2021-04-08 01:03:34

Hello. I remember back in like 2015 or around that, You had to ask a sighted individual to have the required applications installed and enabled (Apps like talk back and the maybe tts of your need). Then You could install other apps and operate the emulator. Although It's worth noting that the installation of applications was not quite straight-forward. For instance I would run an APK installer with bluestacks and press enter and wait a bit until it gets installed. You guessed it, there was no screen reader output for that one. But now I'm sure there's another way to accomplish that with accessibility. Perhaps it can recognize a folder of a storage of some sort and you could just go and drop your APK installers in there and have them installed normally as you would do on a regular android device.

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2021-04-08 01:17:14

Actually, installing apps is fine, you can easily just press enter on the APK file in Windows explorer and it should open and install with Bluestacks. This isn't a problem, you could easily install Talkback, your TTS, with some fiddling around even enable Talkback with the help of NVDA's OCR.
However, from what I saw when trying this recently, in newer versions, Bluestacks no longer has access to Android system settings at all, at least not through it's interface, thus it was basically impossible to enable Talkback.
This might seem strange, but it's actually not, as Bluestack's primary market are gamers, who only need access to installing a game and playing it, thus in newer updates it kept being streamlined more and more and we kind of lost access to it.
If you have a way to do so, you should still be able to install and run an older version, but this is quite out of date nowadays, I don't think it was even on Android 6, which most apps are slowly dropping support for.
You in fact won't even be able to run latest Talkback.

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2021-04-08 09:10:52

Thanks for your answers.
OK. So what should I do now? I don't really know now.