2021-04-08 01:38:08

As found on [techxplore]:

Sooo, remember those [previous posts] about Boston Dynamics Spot Mini, and how it could possibly be used as a guide dog? Well a team of researchers at University of California, Berkeley is now doing exactly that. While they originally tried to go with spot mini, it looks as though they've built their own platform, equipped with a human depth sensing camera, lidar, and a leash. They have a video [here] of it in action guiding blindfolded subjects around a curving cardboard pathway to a pre-programmed destination. While it likely requires much more development, it could be interesting to see what they come up with in a few years.

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2021-04-08 01:46:07

As cool as this sounds, I suspect they're going to run into similar problems that self-driving cars have, especially when it comes to street crossings. At least the user will have control of some sort.

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2021-04-08 03:01:29

I wonder how popular this will become, assuming working with the robot dog is similar to working with a real dog. One of the big things people that deter people from getting a guide dog is the responsibility of taking care of it. The trade off, however, is the bond you get with a real guide.
I hesitate to say I don't like the idea of a robotic guide dog. I think it would potentially enable more blind people to travel independently in a different way other than their cane. I'm sure we won't see this mainstreamed for quite some time, but this is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

2021-04-08 03:30:11

They need to make one in a cat shape, and I might try it.

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2021-04-08 03:34:41

Honestly, if I want a guide anything that's electronic, I wouldn't want it to emulate a dog. If I want a guide dog and all the joys that come with it, I'll opt for the real thing, responsibility included. I'm not a handler right now, but am a dog lover, and this doesn't make any sense to me. Let the dogs have that market, and if you want to invent a tool that has the same capabilities to guide in electronic form, there are other designs. But post 3 said it, gues there are people who want a dog without the responsibility.


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2021-04-08 04:38:49

Let the dogs have that market, but those dogs are a massive expense. While this definitely is, by the time it hit production on a massive scale, it might not be nearly as much as a guide dogs because all the software is already written, the manufacturing process is already down to a T, and you don't have to pay puppy raisers and trainers. But even if it isn't, because let's face it, assistive technology is ridiculously expensive, you know what? Blind people can't fuck it up. And so many of them do fuck up their dogs. They don't keep to the program, they let the dog slip at home with structure and discipline and now the dog doesn't work as well. SO they have to retire their dogs early, which means another big ass expense.

Now, of course, not everybody is irresponsible with their dogs. But even if you're a guide dog user and you do everything right, unforeseen health complications could arise, causing your dog to need to be retired early. Or, because the dog is a living creature, it could just decide it doesn't want to work anymore, and you're forced into early retirement.

Yeah, it doesn't match the bond that you get with a dog, but if you want that, get an actual pet. Your guide dog isn't meant to be your pet. Of course, it's hard to maintain that sentiment, and the lines tend to get blurred. I get it, it's a cute furry puppy.

I have my reservations about this robot dog thing too. Why do we need to be walking around with a damn robot to guide us, when we could be implementing technology into a wearable device or a suite of wearables that all work together. But I feel like most people don't really see the 40-60 thousand dollars as an obstacle, because it doesn't have to come out of their pocket.

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2021-04-08 06:12:20

I'd try it for sure! Especially if it can get me around the trash cans and lids thrown across the sidewalk on trash day.

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