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Hi guys,
So I'm helping to monitor a Discord server, but one of the ideas we passed was to have a role that everyone new would be assigned by default, that would limit them to only one text channel. In that channel, they would authorise themselves. What's the easiest way to go about limiting a role to have access to a single channel, and how can I make that the default role for users who join the server?
Also, is there a way to move a channel from one
Finally, what does the Passthrough option mean for permissions?

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I have no idea what the passthrough option does, but I can say that if you organize your channels by categories you will be able to limit access to those categories based on role. Just go to the category setting and click restrict category or whatever it says. It won't be too hard to find.
You can also sync the channels within the category or have the channels set differently permission wise, so that works too if you want.

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