2021-04-05 21:49:51

hello everyone!
Here is the procedure associated with recharging diamonts on Misty World. Many people have wrote E-Mails to me asking why, how, when and where. This topic is here to answer these questions and make stuff clearer for you.
0. In order to charge, you need to send me the given amount on the following PayPal E-Mail address
nuno69a at gmail dot com.
In the PayPal message, please write me your E-Mail address so I can "locate" you easier.
1. I am an intermediate between you and the game. I do not generate any diamonts by myself.
2. After I receive your money, your diamonts will arrive in 72 hours at most.
3. The number of diamonts you receive is dependant on the following
A: Amount of money you send me, of course.
B: The course between the American Dollar and the Chinese Yuan.
C: Any in-game promotions which might be in progress...
4. I do take 5 dollar provision from every transaction. This is because I need to handle the money and so I was always losing on the transfers. I feel like a fucking thief doing that, but I have no other way. I can assure you that I never earned, earn nor want to earn anything on helping you charge for the game. Because of this policy, it is recommendedt o either charge more but less often, or gather a group of friends and send me one big transfer instead.
5. Transfers of more than 450 dollars will be split and you will receive each part of your diamonts on the following days.
Thank you and happy gaming,

I am a ripoff of my mother,
and my mother is a ripoff of my grandmother.
We're all bitching about game clones,
and by generations of generations, we're based off stolen code.