2021-04-01 20:01:23

JaceK wrote:

is there a way I can add my own games, shorrt of being a paytrion and paying to get to the source code?

Sure, just install the games with the same format used by audiogame-manager. Make the wine bottle in ~/.local, install the game there, and add the launcher information to your ~/.config/storm-games/audiogame-manager/games.conf file.

There are three fields in the launcher. First is the wine bottle name, with spaces replaced by dash and all words in lower case. So, My Awesome Game becomes my-awesome-game. Second is the Windows path to the game, for example c:\Program Files\My Awesome Game.exe. Third is the name as displayed in the menu. In the example thus far, it would be My Awesome Game. Each field is separated by the pipe character, |.

To directly answer your question, no one should be forced to become a Patron. I know what it is like to not be able to spare a single dollar a month for anything. In fact, I'm pretty much in that condition at the moment. Being a Patron is only for people who can spare the money and choose freely to do so. The perks Patrons get are mostly conveniences. Audiogame-manager doesn't do anything that you cannot research and do on your own; the program only makes it convenient and easy to do.

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2021-04-03 18:20:39

Hello. Does someone tried the audiogame manager for mac? I can't manage installing and setting it. I need some assistance.

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