2021-04-03 09:34:06

Since I am leaving this forum, my signature may not be enough to spread these around anymore. So, since I still care about this game far more than I should, here they are, to be set in stone (until this site goes down for good):
I have written a couple short guides for a game called Code 7, which you can find on Steam, itch.io and Humble Bundle. There isn't much, really. Some troubleshooting to help you get around the bugs that haven't been fixed yet, a guide for changing your TTS voice, tips for the camera puzzle and the solutions for all the Muffin levels. A guide on piloting the flying station will hopefully be added ... someday.
Since this forum has no real spoiler tag system and copy-pasting all of these would make the whole thing hard to search through, I shall post a link to the folder on Nextcloud where you can find all the guides as txt files. I will leave it to the staff to decide if this still qualifies to be in the Articles Room that way.
If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask them on Goodwolf Studio's official Discord server.
Remember: (c)heck everything. This is the closest to a cheat code I can offer.
Good luck, hackers! smile

I join the ranks of those that have decided to leave this forum. Time will tell if I will be successful.
Curious about the Code 7 stuff that used to be here? https://forum.audiogames.net/topic/4010 … or-code-7/
Don't forget to be awesome.

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