2021-03-31 19:07:47

Hello everyone. Recently, the forum has been acting rather strange, and we have no idea when its gonna die. The most important thing, at least to me is the large collection of games that we have. It would be a massive shame if all the effort that Dark, Pittermach, sorry if I mispelt that, and the other lot of staff's effort wer just to go down the tubes.

So, My thought, would be to have some people, manually go into the database, and copy the entries, from the links, to the text and even who added it to their favourites. The intension here, is if the horrible did ever happen, at least we can rebuild the audiogame database in a relatively quick fashion. I'm thinking possibly github, because I believe  you can do open sourced articles/books on there, so it would be easy to contribute, or even possibly set up a discord or something, so it can be easilly accessed if the forum did go down. Thoughts? I know its pretty basic, but it can be done. 16 people would just need to do fifty entries and its more or less finished.

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2021-03-31 20:12:54

That could take a while.

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2021-03-31 23:05:30

Yeah, and for the most rudimentary reimplementation? Nah, that's not gonna happen, not by this site's quality standards at least.
1. We're already able to clone the database, that's not the problem.
2. There's a lot of custom php code that goes into the ease of navigation for this site, folks. To be fair, this architecture by today's standards would absolutely not be done for free, we're talking several hundreds of dollars at the low-end for implementation alone. This is not economical in the web design biz anymore, which is why you'll see many deploying a cms and coding within that environment rather than custom-coding their entire infrastructure. Would this site do well on a cms? Drupal if nothing else. Most certainly not Wordpress, not with the myriad internet connections people have, from great to absolute shit.

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2021-04-03 03:56:23

It wouldn't have to be done by hand, but I think most would agree that there probably should be a backup of the database somewhere just in case. (and there likely already is)

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2021-04-03 05:12:12

Yeah, I'm quite certain there's already a backup somewhere, or one can be made, it's just a matter of re-hosting it. Besides, making a script to scrape all the content wouldn't be hard if we really needed to.

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