2021-03-30 22:37:32

I hear the BGT morners cry:

What are we going to do without easy-to-manage copy protection?
Not to worry.

Why roll your own when it's been done?

Some of you may remember ARmadilo being talked about. ANd accessible, it was. But there were a few problems:

  • it's kind of a dead product now, unfortunately

  • Numerous Windows 1- issues

  • Obfuscation posed a problem on the front-end as well as for end-users with slower machines.

Unfortunately a lot of the non-SAS solutions have astronomical pricing, and are often sketchy themselves (PELock, Themida, you name it). And roling your own can be a good idea if you know what you're doing, but that's not for everyone, especially if you just want to get your product out and fend off casual piracy. As such,


This is a hardware-verification activation system that is different from many others. none of this product ID crap or any high-maintenance work is required. Just a product key with asymmetric cryptography and server verification to insure a match, rather than some hiden ok file hiding in plain site. What's more you can limit the amount of activations to prevent casual piracy, but also allow customers to deactivate. There are also measures in place to prevent a Windows reinstallation, ram upgrade, or device driver installation from toasting your license (here'm looking at you, JAWS!). Fuzzy matching will allow you to reactivate without having to worry about running out of activations. You are also able to have legitimate trialware (something BGT never really had in place) and offer trial extension keys for expired trials, which could be a great idea if, say, you're running or endorsing a giveaway and want to give everyone a chance to try the game one more time.


Standard Windows form/wizard dialogues for activation. Need I say more? This thing is ridiculously accessible and lightweight for a modern drm package.


The solo package is $12 a month for a single project, 300 activations, and some great tech support (even by phone!). And if you run out of your 300 activations, i.e. if your games sells well, it will upgrade to the $32 3 project plan with 1200 activations.

What's this about the dev admitting that every software is crackable

It's called a developer who's honest about their product. The simple fact is that a license system, even a good one, is no match for a cracker who means business. But let's be honest, have audiogames ever really attracted the pro-cracker field? And no I'm not talking script kiddies here, those are the kind of people a licensing system like this will prevent. THere are plenty of measures in place to make it literally impossible to just share a license or use a pre-cooked cracking mechanism.

Where to buy

right here

I'm the only adventure at c: master hahahaha I have unlocked just about everything!

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2021-03-31 09:36:26

Website unavailable, connection refused. lol.

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2021-03-31 10:01:26

For me it worked. Maybe you hijacked it? Lol!

I am a ripoff of my mother,
and my mother is a ripoff of my grandmother.
We're all bitching about game clones,
and by generations of generations, we're based off stolen code.

2021-03-31 16:44:09

That's odd. Working for me over here. Guess they'll have to put that it may not be Hijacker-proof. Lol!

I'm the only adventure at c: master hahahaha I have unlocked just about everything!

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2021-03-31 17:40:15

Thing is, it still doesn't, lol. Maybe its something with my ISP. I might give it a try via VPN later.

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