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If someone gets band though, does that block access to the forum as a whole? I mean, couldn't they access the forum without logging in? Like, I could log out now for instance, and still access the forum, granted I couldn't reply, but reading posts yes, or does banning someone block this from happening too?

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2021-03-11 21:40:34

I should clarify. Yes, it is possible for him to just view the forum, not post there, without actually having an account.
What I find unlikely is the speed. He knew within three or four hours that Jasmin got banned. This means he has enough presence of mind to be visiting the forum even though he doesn't have an account. He didn't find out sixteen hours later, or five days, or five weeks. He found out only a few hours after we did it.
What this tells me is that he's paying a lot of attention to a place he's been banned from, repeatedly. That, or he had access to the account, tried to use it, realized he was banned and then commented on it on his YouTube video.

Remember, I'm willing to admit we might be wrong, but there needs to be evidence here, since I think the red flags are too numerous and too clear. I don't normally like stitching together circumstantial evidence, but in this case, I think the exception is reasonable.

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2021-03-11 23:29:04

statement ?, here you go!
print('hello wourld')

Inspector, you've obviously learned too much about me. I can't have that. Not even in my death

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2021-03-11 23:53:34

@54 what was the point of that?

2021-03-12 00:10:32

That’s not funny

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2021-03-12 00:46:18

When banned from the forum you can't even access the database, so being banned from the forum is a complete neuscence

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